Fantasia: Tsubi Halls


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The poem

I had seen Saoni marvel at the statue, and Klyo walk up to her and whisper something in her ear. As we walked in and beheld the keyhole, something happened. Something strange, something miraculous. I looked around and made eye contact with Junke. His eyes were glowing ruby red. "Goizu?" He said. "Your eyes... they're yellow!" Arvid, Glycon, Saoni and Klyo all had the same thing happen to them, their eyes glowing white, black, purple and deep blue. My vision blurred and then flashed. I let out a cry and heard the others give a similar reaction. When I looked up, I saw writing scrawled on the wall. It's seemed like the second line to some poem. It was written in the same pure citrine colour as my eyes. 

Suddenly a voice boomed out. It was a feminine one, and I knew it, but it had changed. This was Saoni's voice, but it was filled with power and strength. It said a single word, then faded. I nearly died of shock when my own voice spoke with the same power. That was followed by Glycon, Arvid, Junke, Klyo, and the more distant sounding voices of Mary, Miriap and Ponte.

I realised that I had said the line that had appeared on the wall, and the other eight ones had appeared as they were spoken. These formed a stanza of a poem.


A twisting storm of chaos

With never moving arms,

An ever expanding eye

Could cause imperative harm.

As the night sky swells past the Stronghold,

The world will meet its doom

The eye of the tornado

Will be Fantasia's final tomb.

As our eyes faded back to their normal colour, we all stood in shock. What did this mean? Where would we find the key? And most importantly... how long did we have?

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Return to Tsubi Halls

 As I pushed the oars of the Tsubi Queen, I pondered the poem. Where would we find the key, and how would we know when we needed to return? I suppose, I thought, we need to get back to the Stronghold with the key before the Tornado reaches it. I'll look with the rest of the gang if I can't find it in Tsubi.

As I rowed up to the bank in front of the Tsubi entrance, I squinted into the horizon. As the representative, I was part of the Kings royal party, and had access to everywhere in the city. We had agreed to only tell the ruler of our kingdoms what happened. It appeared that the king himself had come to greet me.

He seemed to be rushing. Something was amiss, or very important. I could see no guards, which surprised me. As I got off the boat, he ran to me, panting for breath. "Come quick. Pant pant. Golden light- pant pant - like a citrine crysta-" 

He didn't have time to finish. I rushed past him all the way to Tsubi. As I ran through the entrance I beheld something incredible. There was a key, floating in the air above the throne in the centre of the room. It was made of gold with a citrine lump at the end. As the king came up beside me, he panted, "do you know what it is? Was it mentioned at the meeting?"

I looked him in the eyes. "Yes. And I know just what we need to do."

With this, I requested for messengers to send notes to Equesta, Ferustyne (where the message would be told to Arvid) and Drakaupi. Each note read,

This is strange. A key was found in the city. It can't be the only key as it is small and was found easily. Let's meet at Forgothi, the fourth mountain of the Tsubi range. 


I hoped that this would get the message through and that they would all come as soon as they got the message. "Let's hope that they have keys too," I whispered to myself. "Or Fantasia's fate will be sealed."

I looked at the colourful array of letters and spied one of each colour arranged in a row. Red, white, black, purple. And I wondered... how were the others doing?

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