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Memory Lane

 Mum and Dad met when they were ten years old. They used to call each other Serena and Ash, just like Bonnie and Clemont still do. I was ten, and the professor had offered me to pick a starter Pokemon. Mum had chosen Fennekin, and when he was in Kalos Dad had a Froakie. I had something else, though. Being a girl, I wanted a Fennekin like Mum. But they had no Fennekins, no Froakies, and not even a Chespin. I was devastated. So, as he had promised, the professer gave me a starter. But not a normal one.

"This is Eevee. She will be your partner. Take good care of her, Rachel." I watched disdainfully as she walked over to me. I flicked my long, black hair in annoyance. But in her eyes I could see my own, their cerulean blue sparkle catching perfectly on the reflective surface. My heart softened a bit, catching me off guard. Dad and Mum looked me in the eyes, their faces beaming. They had their arms around each other, and I raced in and gave them both hugs that nearly toppled them over. We stood there as a family for quite a while, hugging each other to the full extent of our abilities. 

As I walked off with Lucia, Mum's freind Shauna's daughter, we both waved goodbye to our parents. Lucia's Fletchling, who her mum had caught for her, sat perched on her shoulder, wiggling his tail occasionally. Eevee was walking behind us, appearing upset that I hadn't fully accepted her. I was deep in my own thoughts when two boys walked in front of us. I looked behind me in a panic to see if Mum and Dad were there still there, but they were long gone. Eevee walked to my feet, seeming to brace for me to kick her away. But these kids looked like bad news, so I picked her up and held her in my arms. It was at this moment I knew that Eevee was my best friend, and that it wasn't professor Sycamore's fault that I didn't have a Fennekin, but the choice was all up to fate. I held her tighter to my chest. 

"Nice Pokemon!" one of the boys teased. "Wanna battle? See who wins?" I was still having trouble deciding when Lucia stepped forward, Fletchling squawking wildly. The boy grinned and sent out his Pokemon. I held out my Pokedex. "Talonflame, the scorching Pokemon and the final evolved form of Fletchling. Talonflame can swoop at intense speeds when attacking. During very heated battles, Talonflame's wings can give off embers as it flies." I had a vivid memory of when Dad told me how his Fletchling evolved when battling a Talonflame. Maybe Lucia's Fletchling would evolve during this battle!

The battle began with a spot on Peck from Fletchling. A Brave Bird was executed by the Talonflame who had embers rolling off of its wings and leaving a trail of smoke in the sky. Fletchling dodged, and went in for a Wing Attack. "Now, Talonflame, use Overheat!" Oh no. It was all a ploy to draw Fletchling in. He wasn't evolving this time. As Fletchling fell to the ground, he looked at me and said, "okay, girly, you next! I hope that Eevee is ready to be roasted!"

Eevee looked up at me and nuzzled my face, making the fear flood out of me in long waves that radiated onto the opponent. He was becoming increasingly nervous, I could tell. We stepped up to our places. The sun began to set behind me, shining its rays onto me, followed by Eevee. As the suns last rays hit her, she turned towards me, and in great, bounding leaps, jumped into my arms. I watched in shock as her outline began to change. She started to glow blue. The outline of an Espeon began to form. But just as soon as it had started, it stopped. She began to change into an Umbreon, but stopped again. Then she began to evolve into an Eeveelution I had never seen before. Stepping out of the light and into my shadow, Eevee made a purring sound in her throat. I was reminded then of how my mums Eevee had evolved. But this was not at all like a Sylveon.

"Eevee," I said. "What are you?"

(Sorry bout the cliffhanger. Another shoutout to Max for inspiring me to write fanfics. Go and read his fanfic, Our Meteor, but if you don't support the Amour shipping, stay away. That would have been good advice for my fanfics too.)

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Horizeon and the miracle of sunset

 (I thought I was finished, but nope! Here is a short description of Rachel's new Eeveelution, Horizeon, the sunset Pokemon.)

The professor was stunned. Mostly that Fletchling made it out of that battle alive, but also that a sunset had unlocked a completely new and rare Eeveelution. We had called it Horizeon, after the thin line of land that separates night and day. She was also a new type, Light, which no one had seen before. She had just learned the move Sunset Miracle, as I had named it. It was sort of like Moon Blast except there was a Moon and a sun that the power was drawn from.

Anyway, Horizeon was beautiful. Her ruddy, dark orange coat was striped in some places, like a tiger. On her forehead was a sun, a gorgeous yellow colour like her stripes to compliment the perfect imperfection of the rest of her. Her back had a line of fluff leading down to her tail where it branched off and made the long tail look like a pillow. The back and insides of her ears were super furry, giving the aspect of a poorly made children's toy, the fluff sticking out in adorable, tiny clumps. She was perfect, and I don't know how to describe her new shift in manners. She was attentive and very friendly, and she didn't mind being pushed out of the way if she knew you wanted alone time. She became part of me that sunset, as the strongest friendship bond was the only thing, I discovered, that could get you a Horizeon. 

(You guys already read the shoutout, so I have no need to repeat it. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it very much!)

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