Midnight Magic


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Midnight Magic

 This is a memory.

A memory of that one night that I was left alone with my thoughts, and nothing else. Just me, myself and I. 

I'm still confused. And I still don't know what I'm doing with my life. But still, those few moments were perfection.

So what was happening was it was hot. It was summer. I had walked to the park and now I didn't want to go back for fear of melting on the hot black Tarmac of the suburbs I walked through. So I waited. I waited until it was dark. The I began to go back. The mozzies were bugging me (no pun intended) and so to ignore them I began to think. 

What might my friends be doing? Who can I really trust? When will this end? Where was my wallet? Why did I choose to tell him? How was it possible to think all this at the same time?

But I didn't know. So I sifted through all the possible answers in my head until I got home. This actually made me more confused, and that confusion never drifted away. I'm still puzzled, and still working myself out. I'm only a kid, after all.

But I still have things to worry about.

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