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Authors note

 Just before you begin, I'd like to tell you something. These books are different to the others. They are going to be in the point of view of Miriap, Ponte, Klyo and Mary.

If you're like me, your favourite character isn't actually in the Gang. Mine is Miriap, as I loved building her character in Arvid's book in the first series. Though she wasn't in most of the books, she'll always hold a special place in my heart. It was for this reason that I decided to take a leap of faith and try to write as the Representatives not in the Gang. These books will be a little boring, but I hope you still enjoy.


Aria Sienna ❤️

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 A year ago, before the war and the keys and the Tornado and everything, I swam this path to Ritual. Now I was doing it again. The swirling blue water glistened past my sleek tail, tugging gently on the key strung on a chain around my neck. The diamond reflected little rainbows on the dancing water. Swaying grass lined the broad Startrail River, the deep green of it complimenting the clearness of the river itself perfectly. I dove underwater, playing with all the little fish.

My gills were continuously pumping air through my lungs, even underwater. I could breathe on land, but if I stayed out of water for too long my skin would dry out and I would die of dehydration.

I couldn't wait to see and talk to Saoni again. I had heard about both of the times she fell out of the sky, but I wanted to see if she was hurt. I knew she could deal with pain, as she had turned up at Ritual many times, bones broken and laughing with Goizu or Arvid or anyone else about journeys they had gone on. I hadn't told anyone, but I was secretly in love with the pegasus. It would be weird, seeing as I'm a mermaid and stuff, but I could picture it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a lesbian. I'm actually bisexual. I didn't even know if Saoni is straight or not, but I knew that if I tried hard enough, and obliterated anyone who stood in my way, I could earn her heart.

I was actually going to get her alone and confess to her when I arrived, and before I knew it, the small island of Ritual appeared on the horizon. I saw Saoni flying in with Arvid and was suddenly jealous of the meek griffin. How come he got to spend so much time with Saoni? They had hours upon hours to talk to each other, and I didn't even have half that time. I swam quickly up the river to where she landed. Arvid and her were silently smiling and just looking at each other. My soul burned at seeing my future falling for a feeble creature as insignificant as Arvid. I'd get him, but for now...

"Saoni?" She looked up. "Oh, uh, hi Miriap! How you doing?"

"Well, thanks, Senpai - I mean - Saoni."

She looked at me weirdly. "Umm, okay then! See you later!"

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you." I glanced nervously at Arvid. "Alone."

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 Saoni watched as Arvid walked away, his lion tail twitching nervously. He... he must like my Senpai! Well, I'd have to fix that later.

"Well, Saoni... I think you're really pretty." She was visibly sweating now, her glossy coat shining with little drops of condensation. "Umm... thanks?" Was I being a little straightforward? No, I was doing okay, I thought. "Well, uhh, Sen - Saoni, I really like you."

"Uhh - I - I didn't know you were into girls."

"No, I'm bi."

"Oh, okay then."

Things just got awkward then. She nodded and looked away, and I just stared after her. "So... do you like me back?" She winced as if someone had pinched her. "Umm... well... I don't really like you, but..." she glanced over at Arvid. Of course! Of course, the one who was nearly crushed by a statue liked her. Of course, the one who she had shared pain with. Of course, the only one other than me who she stood a chance with.

I felt my eyes clouding over, and I made a desperate attempt to stop it, to look less desperate. "Oh, okay then... But... are you straight or bi like me?"

"Umm, definitely straight. Definitely."

I sighed and swam a bit around the island. She was out of my league.

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