Snow White Poem


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Snow White

    The frame of a mirror,

A sight for sore eyes,

The queen waits patiently,

Lurking evil in disguise.

A princess with fair skin,

Hair black as midnight,

The queens evil tricks

May just end her life.

A butcher is ordered

To take her to death,

To watch the poor princess

Breathe her final breaths.

But he has not the heart

To do such a feat,

He kills a lamb instead

And lets Snow White run free.

Seven dwarves arrive home,

Put their tools back in place,

See the princess asleep,

A wide smile on her face.

She is sleeping soundly,

Safety at last in her reach,

With the dwarves watching over her

She continues to sleep.

The queen finally hears

That the girl is alive,

She strides 'crosss the room

Anger clear in her stride.

With her trust in others

Slipping away like sand

She decides to take things

Into her own, deadly hands.

Dressed as an old woman,

She slinks up the porch

Of the dwarves house, in darkness;

She needed a torch.

Snow White answers the door,

Torchlight glints off the skin

Of an apple, bright red

In the palm of the Queen.

As she runs through the woods,

The queen listens to the din,

Of the poor dwarves crying,

Her mouth stretched in a grin.

For as Snow White was fair,

With a heart pure as gold,

Nobody could save her

From a person this cold.

The prince of a far kingdom

Looks over the grave

Of a beautiful princess,

Of whom none could save.

Her glass coffin glints

In the light of the sun

'I must try,' the prince thought,

'To save her...' it was done.

No matter how hard the dwarves tried

They couldn't stop

The prince as he removed

The coffins glass top.

Love is what pulls him,

To Snow White's soft lips

And as any prince would,

He wakes her with a kiss.

As the apple piece falls 

From her lips, she's astounded

To find herself safe,

By the dwarves she's surrounded.

But a prince is there too,

A kind hand on her cheek,

And he smiles, a kind smile 

That stayed with her for weeks.

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