Rainbow Tears


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Chapter 1

My name is Jessica. I'm a normal girl, in a not-so-normal world. I live with my three best friends; Tailah, Nick and Pat. They're interesting housemates, and I would wonder why it's so strange if we weren't magic-borne.

Our powers aren't particularly useful, they're just cool. Tailah can extend her arms and other limbs however she likes, and she's the ulitimate couch potato. Nick can change his eye and hair colour. Pat can amplify or minimise his voice to such volumes that the world can hear you, or nobody can. And I cry rainbow tears.

Apparently these are of high value. Because right now we are being hunted by an evil wizard, intent on taking us and extracting our powers from our veins. Right now we were staying in an abandoned little shack in the woods.

"Hey Jess," Pat said from the other side of the rotted coffee table, "how do you reckon this power extraction thing works?"

I sighed. "I am honestly clueless. How will he actually put these to use?" He looked at me, intrigued. I could practically hear the cogs in his brain ticking. "Maybe they have hidden uses," he whispered. "For example, your tears are pretty cool. All chromey and rainbow and stuff, and always in little beads. Could they be a secret ingredient for a potion of some sorts?"

I laughed and said no more. Rain trickled down the window for the fourth time of all five nights we had been in this house. Tailah and nick were nowhere to be seen, probably kissing in their bedroom. Did I mention that they were boyfriend and girlfriend?

Lightning shook the earth as I made my way to the pantry. There was nine tins of baked beans, some lettuce, and one thick leg of ham in our mini-fridge. It wasn't plugged in, but the fridge was small enough and had enough cool air in it to take it with us.

The lack of provisions meant that we'd have to come out of hiding soon enough.

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Authors note

 Hi there,

This book is going to be a collaboration with Clo_xxx, so every second chapter, including the next one, will be written by her! She's a talented author, and I'm so happy to be able to do this with her.

How it's going to work is I will write every first chapter and she will write every second one. This will go on until chapter ten or we decide it needs to. Each chapter shouldn't be too long. If anyone else would like to try out this fun challenge, find yourself a partner and get writing!!!

Thanks and keep on reading!

Aria Sienna Xx❤️

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Chapter 3

  I put my face in my palm and sighed. I could see little rainbow beads of water splashing on the floor. "Come on, don't cry!" Pat urged. "We need to find Nick and Tailah."

"Y-you're right," I sobbed. I was a big softie. I picked up the box gingerly and left the note to glide to the wet ground outside, soaking up water until it was just a soggy little piece of mush.

The box was intricate and cool. It had a little lid with gems in it and the rest was bronze, tarnished, and had strange patterns and markings on it. Pat saw my hesitation and snatched it from me, ripping the lid open.

There were two necklaces inside. One was red and gold, the other was black steel and... rainbow chrome?

"Should we... put them on?" I gulped. Pat nodded and took the red one. We slipped them around our necks in unison and then...

I screamed. Heart-stopping pain urged through me. It only lasted a second before my vision cleared. For some reason, I felt different; more powerful, more graceful, more incredible than before.

I looked up at Pat and gasped. His veins were sticking out and pulsing blue light. He looked like a cool warrior from the fantasy fictions I used to read! I put my hands in my hair and noticed it felt softer. I took a strand of it between my fingers and cried out in shock. "It's... it's rainbow! Like my tears!" 

"Yeah," Pat responded. "But that's not the only thing that's changed. You have WINGS."

I put my head over my shoulder, and sure enough, there were giant, white wings. "Wait... I'm an anime character!"

Pat laughed before speaking solemnly. "Why would he give us these? They just enhanced our powers and gave us new ones so..."


"Maybe... he wants to see how we use them. You know, like play a little game with us. If we win, we get Nick and Tailah back. If we loose-"

"We die." I finished. "Right then, let's go."

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