Tales Of Artiako


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One: The Sea Dragon

 Artiako was a god. The only god. She stared down at her barren planet and thought that it needed life. So she gave herself a mortal form, and as she plunged onto the earth's surface, she created dents in the outer crust. These formed river beds, ocean floors, mountains, and volcanoes. She decided that something was missing, so she added life. Another god, except mortal. She stood there, staring at a pile of rocks. "These rocks,"she said, "are to become the first living thing." So she shaped them and added a single drop of moisture, part of her soul. The only drop of water in the whole world soon turned a pile of rocks into a beautiful dragon, her name being Atlanta, the sea dragon. Except in that small drop of her soul there was a risk.

Artiako had lost her immortality.

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