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I looked at my phone screen everyone adoring another route with MC. I said looking to my screen thinking of the last route. The Saeran route. I sighed the last route she did was the 707 route and after she restarted he came to me and went to V’s route. The first route she did was my route and she started over and went to my brother Yoosung’s route. I didn’t cry I never did when that happened. The one thing I couldn’t understand was why she chose my first. I hack into her phone and saw she had a boyfriend and she also hated girls which broke my heart. I guess this MC was different than any other MC before her and soon she would delete us and we go on to our next MC and everyone start a new life and I would remember every MC all my heart breaks repeating. This always happens same story every time. Except our last MC she was dying and she went on my route and she whispered to the screen. “I love you Onix I always will.” and I cried I heard her last and only me.

This time I wouldn’t forget that MC. I looked at my ceiling. “Who’s Luciel Choi?” I spoke to myself “He’s 707.” I said mimicking V and boom I was right she hadn’t said that hopping for Saeran to answer it. I looked at my phone. 616 entered the chat room. It displayed and I did my line. ‘Who joined the chat room Luciel?’ I typed. ‘I don’t know some girl, but she pressed a link getting her into the rfa.’ He typed I sighed I remember every route, but the thing I don’t understand is why besides when a MC choses my route I like Luciel.

I smiled Saeran route not a Luciel route. I gasped “Yoosung!” I yelled as he ran into my room. “What’s up Lucy?” he asked and “Yoosung can we go to Luciel’s house now?” I asked he pushed me on the shoulder “Can you get changed first he’s my friend!” He said I groaned and showed him out. I got dressed in a black my chemical romance crop top black shorts and one purple and one black knee high converse.


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Tears He Cries For Her

   I looked at my phone. 'Of course he's blowing up my phone.' I thought. See message after message after the 616. I sighed as Yoosung dropped me off. I stood at the door and was about to knock the door flung open to reveal a crying Saeyoung. "Oh, Saeyoung." I said putting a hand on his cheek. I walked in and he sat across from me in his living room. I went to hug him. He laid his head on my chest and he put his arms around my waist breaking down in tears. "Lucinda!" He said as I sighed. I felt his tears through my shirt. "I know it hurts Saeyoung. It does every time." I said kissing the top of his head.

"Lucinda why did she do this? Why is she doing this." He asked as I pet his red hair. "She's our Mc." I spoke softly. "You should know it works like clockwork, Saeyoung. "Lucy..." "Seven..." I said he sat up and I put a hand on his cheek. "It's going to be Okay...remember our last Mc? She chose you which made you happy." I said and he laughed smiling. "There's that smile I adore." "She went to you last." He said. "The Mc I'll never forget." I said softly.

"Lucinda, why does it have to be like this, let's run away from here (Bulletproof Heart by MCR inspired that line~NTG)." Saeyoung said softly. "You know we can't." I spoke. "Lucy...Is this our destiny?" (Again MCR) Saeyoung grabbed my hands then hugged me. "Thanks Lucy. You should leave and get us some chips and Dr.Pepper." He said pushing me out. "What was that for?"

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