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The First Time

I looked at Onix smiling at her phone her pale skin sparkling in the moon light. Her hair pitch black, her orbs aqua and emerald colored, her stiches on her hand, her red/orange headphones as she bobbed her head to the beat.

I looked at my own pale hands and felt my long black hair. I looked to see my reflection in the mirror on the roof. My dull green orbs staring back at me. I sighed about to walk away when I heard her. “Gerard what’s up?” she questioned me knowing me I probably would talk to her, but I stood there like I didn’t hear her and walked away. I can’t let her see me like this.

I ran to my room and opened the door slamming it shut behind me. My tears ran down my face like a river of sadness. I splashed water on my face looking in the mirror and I smiled. Your fine Gerard just go to bed you’ll be fine right?

“GERARD ARTHUR WAY OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!” I heard Mikey yell. I sighed and opened the door to see the band standing in front of me and Onix being backup vocals was also there. “Why did you ignore Onix?” Frank asked me. “I didn’t hear her.” I lied. “You’re lying to us, what’s going on?” Onix worriedly asked.

I looked at her with that smile she knew so well. “Oh my gosh Lindsey didn’t work out.” She said hugging me as I cried in her shoulder. Mikey joined in then Bob then Ray and Frank. Onix giggled and then we released each other as giggled. “Can I talk to Gerard for a moment alone?” Frank chuckled and whispered in my ear. “Get some.” that made me blush a dark crimson.

They went away giggling. I looked at Onix as she turned me around she was strong for someone that was 5’4. “Gee what happened?” She asked me. “We were at that fancy restraint you like and she saw someone but she said she would remember me.” I said as Onix hugged me. “You will be fine without her.” She smiled at me with her caring smile.

She looked at me. “I made the next song it’s called ‘Teenagers’.” She smiled. “Get some sleep I have to take my pills and do the same.” She said walking off. I smiled at her as she walked off.

Why is it always her that caught my attention that was what I want to know out of all the girls why her. I went in my room and saw our pictures together. “Onixia what are you doing to me.” I said looking at her picture. Setting it down and falling asleep.

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Three Cheers

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