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C-0: Copyright

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Published in 2019 by Tablo Publishing.

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C-1: Sweater Weather

I felt my hands being held by my twin brother. "We'll be okay right, Trin?" I heard him say. "Gray. We can't do this." I said as our little brothers were chasing after each other playing tag running in circles around us. "Look, we've made it 13 years to meet our real dad. We can do this." He said his smile and green eyes told me to not worry. My hazels eyes responded with an okay. "Boys front and center." I said and our little brothers stop. Jay held my hand and Mickey locked arms with Gray. "Blue Jay wanna ring the door bell?" He smiled big and nodded. I gave him a piggy back ride to the door bell. He pressed and started to giggle excited I put him down giving him a nuggie in the process messing up his blonde hair. No body came. "Your turn Mickey." Jay said. "Grayson Nathan I told you it was a bad idea." "Shut up Trinity Nell!" "Your turn Gray." Mickey spoke softly. Gray pushed it. "Your turn Onyx." My eyes widened. I went to the door bell I sighed and rang it. It opened. "Who are you kids!? The guy asked. "Gray he looks exactly like you." I said moving to the side and Gray looked up. "What are you guys doing? Come in." He said and we all went in. He sat down and we sat across from him. "Hey where's that bitch Jeffery?!" We covered Mickey and Jay's ears. Mickey stared at her. "I don't know go back to bed and hopefully he'll kill ya Jane." We heard the guy say. She growled and went away. "Don't get your hopes up Mickey. She likes girls." The guy spoke. "How did you know my name?" He smiled at Micky. "Grayson, Onyxia, Jayson, and Mickey Woods. I am Liu Woods. I am your dad!"



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