A Little About Me 😁


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Obviously about me, duh!

 I am a pre- tween I have a very socialized life. I love making new friends but I can sometimes be dramatic. I get really good grades in school. 

I'm 10 and for my 10th birthday party I had 2 party's.

1. Roller skating

2. Friendship factory.

 You can make fun bracelets and make your own Diys. 

Diy= Do it your self

It was actually really fun and I really enjoyed it. I am in 4th grade and I have dramatic friends and ones who are really extra with unnecessary stuff. I have very annoying friends but hey, I gotta deal with stuff I can't deal with. I have this cool comback, it's: why u all up in the coolade and u don't know that flavor?.

I just love that comback.  I love watching scary movies, but not too scary. I have 3 dogs: Zoey,Goat,and Bear. Note: they aren't really a goat and a bear it's just their names. Lol.

I hope u enjoyed his short but cool story. Thanks for reading!


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