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Day 1

We will just start with the characters in a non descript room with five simple chairs and see what happens from there.

Miyako looked around at her friends. Though they were friends more due to proximity and background than truly chosen friends. Most of them grew up together as kids. They all hadn't had a normal past, even though the strangest part of it ended before their fifth birthdays. Heading quickly toward their twenties had finally freed them from the clutches of their parents.

Except Kasumi of course. She probably had the most normal upbringing. Two loving parents who had always been there for her. None of that broken twisted stuff the others had to deal with. She had a chance for a normal life. Faith just had a different opinion. This had mostly to do with Damien, who had an interesting story all his own, but had stumbled into Kasumi's life. This had changed both their lives forever.

Ayuka fiddled with her hands and tried not to look up at the rest of them. She was the youngest of them, though only by a few months from Miyako. This was probably the reason they were best friends. Everyone else was two years older than they were. Ayuka had been raised by her mom, with some help from her uncle. Her dad was out of the picture, that is to say, he was with his own family. Ayuka glanced at Matsu and Damien. Her half brothers, not entirely by chance. Her mom never wanted to talk about it though.

Much like Ayuka, Matsu was also raised by his mom. There had been a father, though not his biological one. He disappeared when Matsu was only ten. After that it had been just him and his mom. They never had a great relationship though, and Matsu was glad he was now building his own life.

And then of course the final half sibling, Damien. The one lucky enough to be raised by both his biological parents. Not that he views it as lucky. Even before Damien's memories reach, his life had been chaos, and dangerous. His parents are the leaders of a fearsome gang in Tokyo. Of course the idea was that he was going to take over eventually, so he was trained for that. That all changed when he met Kasumi. His father and her father didn't quite see eye to eye. So when Damien wanted to be friends with Kasumi, his father immediately told him to stay away from her. Having the defiant nature of his father Damien didn't listen. As Kasumi and Damien grew closer, his father threatened to disown him if he kept it up. One of the things Damien hated about his father, his temper and the violence that could occur with it. Damien had often heard his father scream at his mother when he was young. Finally his father did disown him, no matter how much his mom tried to reason. Leaving the gang meant death, but his father still had a heart somewhere, and simply banished him from Japan.

And so Kasumi's life was also thrown upside down as she didn't want to let Damien leave alone. Her parents weren't happy with it, but helped the young couple regardless.

Miyako's past was probably the most interesting, her mom had unlimited powers. God-like powers even. Which meant Miyako didn't grow up in something referred to as The Real World. Unlike some people may think, her mom strongly disliked her powers. Probably because of all the pain and chaos they had caused in the past. Though most of that had happened before Miyako was born. Her mom's pregnancy was a very real example, as the powers fought with the natural processes involved with pregnancy, threatening the baby and mom. All turned out well, and her mother's powers are now stored inside their home, which stands on their land, just left of The Real World. She had a dad, once. Her parents were arguing a lot though. About those powers and about raising Miyako.

One time they were shouting back and forth late at night. Miyako was only eight. She had stormed down the stairs and stood between her parents. They had stopped bickering, surprised by their daughter's actions. Miyako had taken a deep breath and with tears rolling down her cheeks she had shouted: "if you two hate each other, you should leave each other." At the time she didn't understand that it meant a broken family and no longer spending time with both her parents at the same time. She only realized that after her shouting. Her dad felt shocked and sorry, her mom however agreed. Deciding that maybe it was better to split. This caused a new argument, more fighting, more sadness. Her parents split up, her dad getting send away to The Real World, and Miyako staying with her mom. Miyako was devastated as she was robbed off her ability to visit her dad. No matter how much she argued, her mom wouldn't listen.

But now all five of them were here. No longer having their parents loom over them. The room was in a small building, on a small patch of land, somewhere north of The Real World.

"So what are we doing here?" Damien asked, crossing his arms and staring at Miyako with a frown. He hadn't been asked about being transported, or anything like that. Not that he was unfamiliar with the concept.

"It's my birthday," Miyako said cheerful. "So I wanted to have a birthday party."

"It doesn't look much like a birthday party," Matsu calmly noted, glancing around the empty room.

"Well," Miyako sighed and looked at her hands. "Not yet. Look I was going to decorate, but it didn't work."

"Didn't work? What do you mean?" Kasumi asked.

"I'm not strong enough yet. I wanted to do this all by myself, and I know mom warned me, but still."

"You mean powers?" Ayuka mumbled.

"You have powers?" Damien exclaimed.

"Well yes, but only a little bit. Apparently not enough for even decorating anything," Miyako explained.

"So what is this room anyway? Where are we?" Matsu asked what everyone else was thinking.

"My mom agreed to create this for me. The room, the land, everything," Miyako said.

"Except for any decoration," Damien added.

"I wanted to do it myself," Miyako bit back.

"Well you're clearly not your mom," Damien said.

"I know that."

"Alright, calm down you two," Matsu said.

Both of them glared at each other, but stopped the argument.

"Isn't there some other way to get deco-" Kasumi started, but Damien interrupted her.

"Like what? She put us in some sort of BT, it's not like there's a party store here."

"What's a BT?" Ayuka asked.

"What? You haven't been told?" Damien asked.

"It's the land my mom created. I'd rather forget it though," Miyako said, glaring at Damien.

He shrugged in return.

Miyako stopped glaring and her eyes grew wide. "Wait a second. Maybe with all you here I can do it. Especially with Damien."

Everyone stared at her confused.

"Powers. Essentially you all should have a bit. And especially Damien, because of, well you know."

"We all have powers?" Matsu asked skeptical.

"Well yeah, we all came from some, eh, unnatural place. It makes sense. And if I can tap into that power, you know?" Miyako said.

"And how exactly are you planning to do that?" Damien asked.

"Simple, I just need to focus," Miyako said with a smile. "I think."

"At least you're feeling confident," Damien said sarcastic.

"That's enough Damien," Kasumi scolded.

Miyako closed her eyes and tried to do what she told the others. Vividly imagining what she wanted to accomplish. When she opened her eyes again, a single balloon floated in the center of their little circle.

"Nice," Ayuka commented with a smile.

Miyako grinned and her confidence grew as well.

"Ok, it's a start, no need to get cocky," Damien said.

Kasumi hit him over the head.

"Hey, come on. I'm just joking," Damien said annoyed.

"No you're not, leave her alone."

Matsu got up and carefully touched the balloon. "Well it seems solid. Make more. I mean you only need powers to make something appear right?"

"Yes. Ok. Let's see." Miyako focused again, this time keeping her eyes open. She didn't want to miss a thing. Slowly, but surely, more decorations started to "pop" into the empty space. A thing Miyako's brain had trouble grasping. One moment there was an empty space, the next decoration was there. No warning or gradual change. Not even a sound to announce its appearance.

"It's starting to look like an actual party," Ayuka cheered. She had been quiet and timid, unsure what to think off all these old friends. Apart from their early childhood, they hadn't been together like this much. She usually only met up with Miyako, when Miyako's mom let her into the real world anyway. Especially Damien made her frightened, not just off his attitude. No the knowledge of his background was much more terrifying. She'd been told all kinds of horror stories by Miyako, mostly of his father. Like father, like son? Damien's attitude surely pointed that way.

The more Miyako used her powers, the easier it became. Soon the whole room was fully decorated, including a snack and drinks table.

"Seems like you're getting the hang of it," Matsu said.

"Yeah, I feel like I can do anything now. Well, obviously I can't." Miyako replied with a proud smile.

"Unless of course the powers your mom has are far more than needed," Matsu reasoned.

Miyako shrugged.

"That might actually explain some of the madness," Kasumi said.

"Who cares. This is cool." Damien got up and got himself a drink.

On his cue, the rest got up as well and grabbed something for themselves. While everyone was up, Miyako transformed the chairs into comfortable couches.

When everyone had settled again, Kasumi asked about birthday presents.

"No need," Miyako said. "Just spending some time with you guys is great. Though there's one thing." She let the sentence linger and looked around the small group. "This land. I want to know what it's about."

"You want to explore it?" Ayuka asked. Her small body shivering at the thought.

"Who knows what we might find out there," Matsu said encouraging.

"Adventure," Damien exclaimed, jumping up from his couch and raising his glass in the air.

Kasumi rolled her eyes, but smiled at her boyfriend.

"Exactly!" Miyako stood and raised her glass as well. "To make better decisions than our parents and live less dangerous and ridiculous adventures."

"I'll toast to that," Matsu said joining the two.

Kasumi stood up as well. "Alright, I'm in."

Everyone's gaze turned to Ayuka. "Well I'm just not so sure this is a good idea," she protested, while the pressure of all eyes on her made her stand regardless.

"There's only one way to find out," Miyako argued.

Their glasses clicked and they cheered. Hunting for adventures season had officially been opened.

"First things first, we need to prepare ourselves," Matsu said. "That's the first mistake our parents consistently made."

"Very true, think before we act. I always saw my dad rushing into things and that usually didn't end as he wished," Damien said.

"What would we need?" Kasumi asked. "There's no telling what we'll come across."

"We'll prepare for anything. Even dragons," Miyako said.

"Damn it Miyako, now we have to battle a dragon," Damien said.

"What makes you say that?" Ayuka asked  getting worried.

"Because she's Miyako, obviously her just thinking it is gonna make it happen."

Miyako shot him a glare. "Of course not. If everything I say becomes real, we'd have a dragon right in front of us now."

Damien gave an disinterested shrug.

"I'd say we start with basic survival gear," Matsu said, trying to get back on topic.

Kasumi nodded. "And probably some basic weapons as well."

"Should we really take weapons?" Ayuka asked.


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