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Chapter 1

Hello, Fellas! On the off chance that you have an Android gadget. You may have introduced WhatsApp on your Android gadget. Just like the mainstream informing application, everybody may have introduced WhatsApp on your gadget. Today I am going to tell about GBWhatsApp. The vast majority of the clients may have caught wind of this application and a large portion of them have not. In the present article we are going to clear up a portion of the highlights of GBWhatsApp and how might you introduce on your Android gadget. You can appreciate this amazing mod of whatsapp application no your Android gadget from underneath. We have given direct download connection to the Gb WhatsApp underneath.     There are numerous mods accessible of WhatsApp on the web, yet the best help which we can get is about GBWhatsApp. Why? Because of its ubiquity and it's best highlights. GBWhatsApp dependably put the update, and you can download it from his webpage, or you can bookmark our blog page and get the most recent update of GBWhatsApp. Is it accurate to say that it isn't exactly astonishing? This App is by and large consistently refreshed by the Developer of this application, So you can likewise appreciate this application on your gadget in the long haul without having any issues whatsoever. Likewise view whatsapp traps for know increasingly cool WhatsApp tips and traps for your Android gadget.     GBWhatsApp is considered as the best whatsapp mod accessible for Android stage on account of its notoriety, backing, highlights and its normal new updates. Its astonishing highlights and mods makes it much better than the official one. Every one of the clients who attempted gbwa mod thought that it was progressively noteworthy and supplanted it with the stock manufactured. Out it an attempt and how about we see what you will settle on stock and the gb whatsapp mod. I am 100% certain you will likewise cherish its amazing highlights which will persuade you to change to gbwa mod. Another in addition to point is that with each update numerous new mods arrive which makes it significantly more fascinating. It is an extraordinary and additionally the most huge whatsapp mod ever with in excess of 50 million download and a large number of fans. Here are the some of highlights of the gb whatsapp mod :     There is just a single default look in stock worked of whatsapp which is by all accounts extremely exhausting. Be that as it may, the gbwa mods accompanies phenomenal customization changes which enables the clients to alter your whatsapp look as you need as well. You can change styles of talks, discussions, launcher symbol, ticks and significantly more. You likewise get 100s of inbuilt topics with every day refreshes usable with gb subjects application.     This segment is to list the rest of the highlights with which gb whatsapp mod is stacked. These highlights incorporate additional highlights which were added by the engineer to make it increasingly helpful. There are numerous in the official stock whatsapp application however that constrained highlights were extented in gbwa. So here are the key and additional highlights of this whatsapp mod :     Inbuilt lock mod     Dialects included     New emoticons included     Duplicate status catch     Sound up to 100 MB     Limit calls include     24 hours online mod     Shroud talks for protection     Send HD pictures and pics     Download companions story     Changes launcher symbols     Send recordings up to 50 MB     Duplicate content from messages     Send 90 pictures in a shot     35 characters gathering name     Up to 255 characters status     600 individuals communicate limit


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