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The uninvited guest

 As soon as you close that door behind us. I am a slave to your word. I am held back by a chain I cannot physically see nor feel, but mentally it is exists. The outsiders, they bid me farewell as they know I cannot run or hide from someone such as you. I Flintch at your touch and cry as I try to extract myself away from your forcefull grasp. Your hands and arms are barriers I cannot break free of. I'm imprisoned by you with no way out. Trembling under this prodigious force. Struggling to break free of your undesirable clutch. Tears descend down my face as you attempt to pry my legs apart. As if my tears and cries for help do not give you the slightest hint that I do not want you on me. In me. I try to escape your detrimental clasp but I don't seem to get anywhere. I am bound by your hands and the gravity of your body weighing down on me. I surrender to your will as your hands wrap themselves around my neck, your fingers intertwine leaving me with a limited air supply, slowly suffocating me. I cannot win this war so I yeild to your undesired craving for my innocence. Any efforts to cry for help seem useless considering the word "NO" doesn't exist in your evidently limited vocabulary. You seem oblivious to the agony that is so clearly written upon my face. My body, a disconsolate depiction as that of a corpse. Limp and lifeless with no sign of existance except for the tears that seem to lurk quietly down my porcelain cheeks. I go numb under your touch as you begin to trace the curves of my body with trembling hands. So eager to seize what isn't yours. For a brief moment your eyes gaze into mine. Their appearance desolate, empty. You delilicately wipe a tear from my cheek as if to show some sort of kindness hidden within your frigid heart. But I know your next move and it is determined without any sign of benevolence as you are here to remove anything I may have left to offer at my own free will. What was once mine, no longer belongs to me. You come as an uninvited guest. Your word is my command. You tell me how pretty I am when I cry as you lay your face between my bruised thighs. I am forced out of reality and into a place where the sun doesn't shine. It's cold here. Lonely. Time doesn't exist in this unending darkness. Darkness, she is the only thing that keeps me sane for the time being. But I don't mind, it's unusually pleasant. I let her take me into her suffocating arms and allow her to consume me, let her convince me to let go of everything. Her words, poison in my ear. I want so much to wake up from this serene state of mind. But I simply cannot push myself to do it because I know that when I do, I will be forced to face reality. I am to conceal yet another secret from the eyes of this beautiful world filled with the repulsive existence of man kind. Eventually I'll have to and rekindle the events that took place in that moment knowing full well I cannot tell. I dare not speak of it. Not only because my life is on the line, but further more, no one believes the girl who chooses cutting as a hobby and running away as a sport. The people who don't know...don't understand. They are the people who point and laugh, or they stand in the background mumbling under their breath, how it's all for attention. How I'm a complete fuck up. I mean afterall how could a girl who was given the world do something so repulsive? Shaking their heads in shame as they look down upon me, disgust written across their face, disappointment in their eyes, and lies spewing out of their mouths "we are here for you." When in fact they were never there for me. They had their backs turned to me. Snap back to reality now and you let yourself out of the door saying “same time tomorrow.” My mind scrambling for something to say as if my words could have 

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