The Drip


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 The girls parents had left her alone till tomorrow. It was their honeymoon; they were going out for a short holiday by the sea. While preparing herself for bed, she heard an odd dripping sound. After a moment she realised it was coming from the shower, and relaxed. Showers did that all the time. 

She got into bed, and following her daily routine she put her hand under the bed for her dog to lick, which he did. It was their way of saying goodnight. She smiled and proceeded to read for ten minutes before switching off the light and closing her eyes. The dripping sound was slightly irritating, but she fell asleep soon none the less. 

In the morning after a dreamless sleep, she groggily got out of bed and made herself cereal. The sugary one, since her parents still weren't home yet. The dripping was still going on. She rolled her eyes and switched on the TV, flicking through the channels. The only interesting one was the news, so she finished her breakfast over that. The main story was of an escaped murderer, who liked to toy with  his victims before killing them. Like in saw, she thought. She wasn't the kind of girl to be freaked out easily, so she put her bowl away and went to the shower. And screamed. 

Roughly nailed into the wall was her dog, blood falling from its mutilated corpse in that all to familiar dripping sound. 

Next to it, written in her dogs blood were the slightly smudged words,

 'humans can lick too.'

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