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SpringTrap x Reader

Y/n POV 

Early this morning, I was reading the newspaper as I hear my mum ranting to herself that I couldn’t find a job...yet. I continue scanning through the newspaper as something caught my eye, 

Fazbear’s Fright 

Looking for someone to be a night guard, looking for someone to hire, if interested please call 123-456-789! 

My eyes lit up, ‘Yes I’ll definitely get this job!’ I thought to myself. 

I wasted no time and called the number. “Hello?” Someone on the phone answered. “Uh hi! I was wondering if I could work as a night  guard at Fazbear’s Fright?” I replied, as I feel butterflies in my stomach. “Why yes of course! My name is Mr Fazbear (Phone Guy). You’re hired for the job! Please be here by 12:00am to start your first night... uh..?” “Y/n” “Y/n, I’ll let you know what you need to do when you’re at the attraction, see you there!” He exclaimed “Bye!” I said happily and hung up. 

I fist pumped the air. “MUM! I got a job!” I shouted, as my mum covered her ears.

“Thank god, it’s about time you finally got a job!” She snorted. I rolled my eyes. I explained to her what the job is. “Y/n, honey go to sleep so you won’t fall asleep at your job.” She said. “Yes mum...” 

A few hours later~

I woke up, and checked the time. 

11:50pm. My eyes widened, “Crap! I’m gonna be late!” I sped like sonic the hedgehog and got ready in 1 minute and sprinted out of the door. 5 minutes later, I looked at my watch as it read 11:56pm “where is it?!” I turned around and saw a huge sign saying 

Fazbear’s Fright 

I jogged towards the doors. I grasped the old handles and pulled it. I slowly opened it as it made a creek and welcomed me to a hallyway of darkness, I turned on my phone flashlight and walked quickly to the office, not knowning I am being watched. 

Springtrap’s Pov

Oh? Is that the new night guard? She’ll be easy to kill on the first night. I haven’t had a fresh kill in ages, this will be fun!! I hid myself away in the darkness. 

Y/n Pov

I arrived to the office and sat on the chair. *ring ring* “Hello? Hello? I’m just letting you know that all you need to do is go on your camera, check all the rooms, seal the vents if you really need too.... anyway please be careful and good luck on your first night!” 

What did he mean by being careful? Hmm whatever..’ I thought suspiciously.


3 hrs later.

 “This is so boring... it’s only 3am and I have 3 hrs to go *sighs in boredom* I checked the cameras and I see a young boy staring right through my soul. “Haha haha” I hear a child’s  laughter echoing through the whole attraction, I placed the camera on the side and met with a young boy who lunged right at me! “AHHHHHH!!” I screamed. I look up and see that there was nothing there...? My heart pounding against my rib cage. I clutch my chest and breathe heavily “Was that a ghost?! My head was filled with so many questions.. what is going on?! I calmed myself down and continued on with my job. 

Springtrap’s Pov 

Her reaction when Phantom Ballon Boy attacked her, HAHAHAHA! I can’t wait to make my move on her, to see her scared face. I tip-toed to the window in front of the office and hid. Hmm I’ll take a peek to see what’s she doing. I look at her tag  on her uniform. ~Y/n~ that’s a nice name, too bad that she will be killed... though she is kind of cut- WHAT AM I SAYING?! Come on springtrap it’s just a human girl that will be drenched with blood. 

Y/n’s Pov

I check the cameras and look at the cameras only to see that it is 4:30am... 1 and a half hours to go... yay. I check the window infront of me, only to see a yellow rabbit glaring at me. “Am I seeing things?” I asked myself. I scanned the window to see nothing there, probably nothing, right..? Suddenly, the lights in the office black out for 3 seconds and came back on again, ‘That’s weird’ I looked at the ceiling to double check the dim lights. I was about to check the vents and I saw something... or someone looking at me in the corner of my eye. I slowly turned my head to see the 8 foot tall rabbit standing right next to the door way. I shrieked as the yellow rabbit lunged towards me and wrapped his metal hand around my neck and harshly pushed me against the wall. 

Tears slowly rolled down my cheeks, this is it, I’m going to die on my first night. 

I tried clawing his metal hand but wouldn’t move. I tried to speak “pl-please.. let g-go..” I managed to say.

Springtrap’s Pov

I licked my lips as I watch her struggle with all her might as she is seconds away from her death. But some part of me doesn’t want to kill her, she is different from all the other night guards. I might keep this human alive. 

Y/n’s Pov 

He let go of you and you drop to the ground, gasping for air. “Just because I didn’t kill doesn’t mean you should be happy, I won’t kill you...yet.” He said, smirking and watching you breathe for air. You scrambled back on your feet and run to the door, sadly Springtrap grabbed your arm and threw you to your chair and placed both his hands on the arm rests to prevent you from escaping. “You think you can escape?! You’ll be here forever and never leave, if you do, I will kill you in the most brutally way possible!” He yelled. “What is wrong with you?! I’m never going to stay in this awful place, especially with you! You’re disgusting!!” You say in disgust. He grins evilly and reaches his hand to your face, you slap his away. “Don’t you dare put your filthy hand near my face! You monster!!” You screamed. “My, my.. you’re a fiesty one aren’t you? I like humans like you that are fiesty. Let’s see if you can handle this...”

He grabbed your chin and tilted it to the side and leaned in towards your face. Your eyes widened as he kissed you harshly and rough. You tried to pull away but no avail. He was too strong. Tears started to form in the corner of your eyes, you started to punch his chest but he gripped your hands. You started to give up and let it all happen. After a minute he pulled away and said “You will never leave my side again. I love you. You’re mine forever” he replied softly in a possessive manner.


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