On the Wings of Destiny.


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Chapter 1

    There is something serenely comforting about car rides with no destination. The calm or having no where to be, nothing to do. It takes some of the edge off of the rest of my existence and grants me some semblance of reprieve from what I know lays before me, and what I know always will, until the day that I die. When your existence has been planned down to the very end, there is something almost dangerous feeling about sneaking off to do literally nothing.
    I'll be read the riot act for my frivolity, but it's worth it. I think to myself, cruising down the highway with top of my classic Ford down. 
    "Must be getting pretty far out." I say to the open air, as my radio station cuts out. I go to turn the dial. Nothing. The next station. Nothing. Just static. "Damn!" I shout. There must be something wrong with the antenna...
    Even as I say it, everything goes quiet. Then like a bell tolling in the dead of night, wringing with crystal clarity, a note that can not be denied or ignored, a voice. That voice, dances across the air ways for what feels like eternity in the blink of an eye. 
    My color drains, as my soul cries to believe what I just heard. I pull off onto the shoulder and surrender to the waves of goosebumps and chills that are wracking my body.
    Again my name sounds across the plains of infinity, wrapping around me like lethal temptation. 
    I take a breath, and make a decision that could change the course of human history. 
    "I'm coming". I say to seemingly no one, as I ignite the engine once more. The radio cuts in again, as I chase the horizon. 


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