The Fallen

It's been eight years now and Cade has created Scarlett and Nero, now will Nero and Scarlett be able to save themselves from the prophecy that was placed for them?

New Beginning

Aire Johnson has just woken up from coma, will she regain her memory? Is everything what it seems to be? Follow Aire through the journey and discover a few things that hint that things aren’t what they really are.

Risen Wings

I was dead, my ex-boyfriend murdered me and let's just say I am more then angry. I am filled with so much rage that I could kill an eternity of different world's. Sorry where are my manners? My name is Vex Hampton. I was once human, then I died, then someone brought me back. Let me tell you the story from the beginning.


Six kids wake up in a satellite with no memory of how they got there, or anything else. Using there unique abilities, they must learn to trust one another to make the journey back to earth. Worse still, paranormal activity starts to occur, bringing them all into a horror story. A story with betrayal, action, romance, and eye opening...

No More Crying

2 years ago, Priya graduated primary school and knew that she would never see the only guy she loved. At that second she gave up on love and knew that he would never come back for her. Now, Priya has started year 9 and he started at her high school, and old feelings are surfacing again. What can Priya do?