New Beginning


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Chapter 1

 Everything was dark, I couldn't see anything and it was hard to get up. I opened my eyes,  and someone moved my bed upwards.

"Who are you people?" I asked.

"We are mainly friends and family, except pretty boy over there." Dark haired girl said.

"I'm really sorry, but I don't know any of you people." I said.

"Nurse, why isn't she remembering who we are?!" A handsome man asked, but he yelled it to.

"Aire Johnson was in a horrible accident, it could've been a suicide attempt but we aren't entirely sure. She lost her memory, the only way to get it back is by the right people interacting with her." The nurse said.

The nurse left and a sweet girl with black hair, blonde highlights and black glasses grabbed her guitar and sat on my bed.

"I'm one of your best friends Aire, my name is Payton Halliwell. My twin sister Darcy McCormick, brought your guitar for you to play." Payton said.

Then I'm assuming the girl that looks similar to Payton is Darcy, because she handed me my guitar case. I put it on the bed and opened it up, I took out the guitar and I started to sing while playing my guitar.

"The forgotten are wanderers, Chosen to survive a battle they think they can't win." I sang.

"But hold on my dear warrior, because you'll make it through." Payton sang.

"You've held on for this long, I'm sure you can go on." I sang.

"But if you need a shoulder I'll be here for you, I'll be dancing among the stars and communicating through your dreams." Payton sang.

I got a headache and put my guitar down, I started to hear screeching. I was wincing and I could feel someone's hand on my shoulder talking, A few minutes later it ended.

"We did it Payton, now if we can sing that in the recording studio it'll become a hit, Our own song will be sung by many." I said.

I saw tears coming out of her eyes. 

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked.

"You remember! It's so good to have you back!" She said.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, I tried to get off the bed and hug her, but I couldn't.

"Hey Payton, what happened to me?" I asked.

" were in a car accident, If it weren't for your ex you would've been dead. Lucky for you, you only lost your memory." Payton said.

 "You collided with another car, You refused to go to the hospital to see what was wrong. So the cause of that was you lost feeling below your waist, you can't go anywhere without being in a wheelchair." A handsome stranger said.

"For a handsome stranger, you sure are a bearer of bad news." I said.

"Do you want to go on a walk?" Payton asked.

"That would be very lovely, Could you hand me my wheelchair?" I asked.

"Sure." Payton said.

She went over by the door, and grabbed my wheelchair and then put it by my bedside.

"Thank you." I said.

"Of course, I'll get you some clothes from your closet, You don't want to be in hospital clothes forever." Payton said.

"Thank you, Payton." I said.

"It's very crowded in here, do you mind if I go with you?" The handsome stranger asked.

"Uhm... sure, you can come I suppose." I said.

I got in my wheelchair and rode by the bathroom door, I opened it and went right on in. I closed the door right after me, I could hear everything that went on in the room.

"I cant believe you want to go with her, after what you did!" Payton yelled.

"Look chill, what happened before was a mistake. That person did it to me, I tried to push her away but I couldn't." The handsome stranger said.

I put on my pants, which may I add was fairly difficult. Then I put on my tank top, off the counter I grabbed my leather jacket and put it on, I opened up the door and rolled out.

"You look beautiful, Aire." The handsome stranger said.

"Here is a knife if he tries anything." Darcy said

"Thank you." I said.

"Before you go, I want you to listen to a song." Darcy said.

"Alright." I said.

She put a earbud in my ear and we were listening to A.M. By one direction, Something sparked and I remembered something. I was at a one direction concert, and Payton was by me to my left, and Darcy was on my right, We were singing along to A.M. 

Then the memory faded, and Darcy was standing right there looking worried.

"Hey Darcy, why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.

"You seriously have no idea what just happened?" She asked.

"No, am I supposed to?" I asked.

"Your eyes turned fully white." Darcy said.

"That's strange, all I remember is watching that memory in my head from when we went to that one direction concert." I said.

"Hm... well Blondie over here, and I will figure out why you do different things every time your memory comes back." Darcy said.

"I have a name you know." The tall blonde hair woman said.

"Sorry for not asking, I was more concerned about our friend here. Who are you anyway?" Darcy asked.

"My name is Ketevan Everhard, Aire and I met a long time ago." The blonde, blue eyed woman said.

"Anyway before Ms. Everhard spoke, I was about to say go have fun on a walk with Payton and your handsome guy over there." Darcy said.

"Alright, don't get in an argument while I'm gone. Discuss theories, but don't start an argument." I said.

"Yeah whatever, just go." Darcy said while laughing.

I laughed and then I turned around and rolled to the door,  Payton walked in front of me so she could open the door for me, the stranger walked a few inches behind me and I rolled through. We were on the first floor so it was easy enough to find doors that led me outside, Lucky for me they opened all on their own. I rolled outside and went as fast as I could to the beach, When I finally got there someone caught onto the bars of my stroller and made me stop.

"Hey, let me go!" I shouted.

"Shh.... Payton will hear us, Please allow me to have a moment with you before she gets here." The stranger said.

"I don't trust you." I said.

He started walking and took me with him, As we went down by the water he started talking nonsense and I randomly stopped. He got in front of me, grabbed my hands and lifted me up. My legs were shaking and I couldn't hold on my own, He grabbed my waist and held me up. One hand holding me, the other hand on my chin, lifting my face up so my eyes looked into his. I watched as he closed his eyes, and immediately kissed me.

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Chapter 2

 That's when I started remembering him, This man with black hair and orange eyes is my ex. His name is Silver Winter, We had the time of our lives before he went to that bar. I got worried that very same night, so I called him. However, when he answered I got on a bridge with a car not to far from me. I expected him to pick up but when he did, I dreaded the first time I met him. I'm sure he didn't mean to answer, but I heard him French kissing another girl.

I slapped him across the face, and I fell on the sand.

"Agh, what was that for?!" Silver shouted.

I knew Payton was coming.

"You thought I wouldn't remember you French kissing another girl at the bar?! Who do you think I am?" I asked. 

"Look Aire, she was all over me not the other way around." Silver said.

"You certainly had no problem returning the pleasure, Look just stay away from me, I never want to see you again." I said.

Someone was lifting me up and putting me in my wheelchair, I turned around and saw that it was a guy I've never met before, Then Payton was by my side.

"Are you alright, Aire?" Payton asked.

"I'm fine, this young man here helped me. Speaking of which, what is your name sir?" I asked.

"My name is Dark River, It's an honor to meet you ma'am." The handsome man said.

"My name is Aire Johnson, It's a pleasure to meet you Dark." I said with a smile.

His irises were white but his hair was a light black, This man was hotter then any man I have ever met.

"Anyway, thank you for helping me, I should probably get going now." I said.

"Can I walk you home?" Dark asked.

"Sure, but I'll be in the wheelchair most of the time." I said.

We both laughed, and he took me back to where I'm staying at the hospital.

"Well this is my room, I'm sure I'm not staying here forever but thank you very much." I said.

Payton opened the door and allowed me to ride on in, Immediately she closed the door so Thomas couldn't get in, or Mr. River. Dark is so hot though, I wish she would let him in. When I wasn't drowning in my own thoughts I heard religious music, sounds like Mormon music. Darcy had headphones in, I suppose to drown out the Mormon music. That's when I started to remember everything, and I'm not kidding. I remember my school life, my religious life and my home life. They all radiated with different energies, At home I was depressed, at school I wasn't happy, but church was the place that made me feel like I belonged and could actually be happy.

"Ow my head hurts, Oh hello Ketevan, it's so good to see you again! How was canada?" I asked.

"My husband and I missed everyone here very much, I was more depressed there though. Of course you already knew that, How are you feeling?" Ketevan asked.

"Well my head hurts, and I remember everyone, as well as everything." I said.

"That's good, I'm glad." Ketevan said.

She looked at Darcy with a worried look, Darcy returned that look with the very same one.

"What?" I asked.

"Ketevan and I found something, that you may or may not like Aire." Darcy said.

"What did you find?" I asked.

"Your brain levels are hinting at a new disease, We don't know what it is, but we are looking at probably a year until you die." Darcy said.

"Some good news, is that the doctors are allowing you to go home." Ketevan said.

"I guess I better get going then, I have places I want to go before I die." I said.

I rolled to the door and before Payton opened the door for me, she gave me a hug. When she was done she opened the door and I exited my room, I knew my stuff was already taken home because there was only Darcy and Ketevan in my room.

"Where you going so quickly?" Someone asked.

That voice sounds so familiar, I stopped to see who it was and I noticed it was Dark River.

"Well I found out I only have a year to live, I was also allowed to go home, so I planned on packing my things. What are you still doing here anyway?" I asked.

"My baby sister is here, My family is here with me, would you like to meet them?" He asked.

"Sure, it would be an honor to meet them." I said.

He held the door open for me and I rolled in.

"Mom, Dad, and Terra, this is Aire Johnson. Aire, this is my family." Dark said.

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you." I said.

"Hello Aire, I'm glad to finally meet you. My son couldn't stop talking about you, after he came back from his walk." His mom said.

"Mom! Was that really necessary?" Dark asked.

I put my hand on his arm.

"Dark it's okay, I think it's sweet you were talking about me." I said.

He blushes.

"So don't mind me, but what happened?" I asked.

"My daughter has a heart problem, It's gotten so bad that she's stuck to this bed." Mrs. River said.

"I have a cleft on my mitralval, I choose to die then let anyone live without one." Terra said.

"Sweetie, it won't come from anyone alive." Mr. River stated.

"Why would I want to take something that's not mine?! I don't care if it will save me, accept that Heavenly Father wants me back!" Terra shouted.

"I think you should leave Aire, just so you don't have to witness this." Mrs. River said sternly.

"Now wait a minute! Mrs. River, I am bound to my chair, but I choose to believe I will be able to walk again." I said. 

I gripped onto the arm rests and I tried to stand, I held onto Dark's arms for support.

"I believe in your daughter, don't allow her to suffer because she is forced to stay bound to the bed. She deserves a life, beyond a bed and hospital walls." I said. 

"This bed, is keeping my daughter alive!" Mrs. River shouted.

"Being bound to a bed isn't living Mrs. River! It's being prisoner to hospital walls, If she has a short time to live then make sure it's worth living! I understand you want your daughter alive, but have you ever once stopped to consider what your daughter ever wanted?" I asked.

My legs shook and I fell to the ground, I refuse to stay down here. I pulled my wheelchair close to me, and I got back on it.

"If you give up on your daughter, she won't even have a reason to stay alive. Show her everything that she would miss, that's the only way to see your daughter truly happy." I said.

I rolled out of the room and I exited the hospital as fast as I could, I saw that my family already left. Lucky for me some of my friends stayed, They didn't even have a car and the only ride they had, left.

"What are you still doing here?" I asked.

"Well everyone else had a family to feed, us well we have nothing to do so we decided to wait for you." Payton said.

"We wouldn't feel comfortable leaving you alone, Besides we wanted to spend time with you since nobody else could. A few of your other friends that was waiting for you had to go and take care of something, So your stuck with us." Darcy said.

I heard my name faintly call behind me.

"Let's go for a walk, Anyone want to drive me?" I asked.

"I will." Darcy said.

"I'll play the guitar and we can all sing, just like we did in the golden days." Payton said.

We all smiled as she played.

"I wanted to give up on this world once but I decided to keep going on." I sang.

"I made a choice to keep walking along side you, and I'm going to stick with it." Darcy sang.

"We've made it this far, there is no point turning back to what used to be." Payton sang.

"I've got all I need right here and I'm not going to fall out of this loop hole, Your here with me now and that's all that matters. We've been through it all, each step a step behind the other." I sang.

"I'm not going to lose this, no I choose to enjoy these simple moments with you. You've stayed by my side all this time now I'll stay until you go." Darcy sang.

"Don't leave me behind, take me with you. If your going to die I'll go right after you, Please stay with me now my friend and for as long as your here I have won everything." Payton sang.

We stopped singing and somehow found a place on top of a hill that was spellbinding.

"I couldn't ask for another day like this. Thank you for being my friends." I said.

"No Aire, thank you for blessing our life." Payton said.

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Chapter 3

 Someone once told me that living was a curse but what if it's a blessing?

After my friends left I wanted to see if I could stand. I used the arm rests to help me, then I let go. I was doing just fine so I decided to try and walk. I moved one foot in front of the other and I was doing it.

"Aire! Look out!" Someone called. 

I tried to see who it was but then a car came coming towards me. I closed my eyes and decided this was my time. A few minutes later I'm wondering why I'm not dead yet. I opened my eyes and in front of me bleeding was Dark. I went on my knees and I held him in my arms.

"Please don't be dead. I couldn't live with myself if you are." I said.

I had tears in my eyes. I moved my hand over his face and I moved his hair out of his eyes. I pulled out my phone and I dialed 911. He started to grunt, so I ended the call. I ran back to the wheelchair I was in and I rolled it to him. I lifted him up and I tried putting him in the wheelchair.

"Man you sure are heavy." I said.

I maneuvered his body in the wheelchair so he didn't fall out and while holding onto the handle bars I went home. My home was a few blocks from where the incident happened but when I got there I knocked on the door. My sister opened the door.

"How are you literally walking right now?" Kira asked.

"It's a long story Kira." I said.

"I can't believe you remember me, the nurse told all of us we needed to interact with you in a certain way for you to remember. How is it you remember?" Kira asked.

"Look I promise to tell you later but this guy saved my life and I would really like to save his so can I please come into my home?" I asked.

"Of course, come on in." Kira said.

I rolled him in and I lied him down on our couch. After that I got a towel from the closet and I went to the kitchen to make it wet. Afterwards I went back to Dark and I cleaned his face with the rag.

"Kira I'm going to need you to fill a bucket full of water, then I'm going to need your x-ray screener thing." I said.

"Ok I'll be back then." Kira said.

She left to the other room.

"You should've let me got hit by that car Dark." I said.

I held his left hand, and let me be honest if I had a hand that fit this well with my hand I would never find it.

"Please, wake up. I don't know what else to do, my dad is a doctor and I learned everything from him so why won't you wake up?!" I asked.

I closed my eyes, let go of his hand and cried on his chest. I cried so much that his shirt is getting wet, I suddenly felt someone rub their hand on my head as a form of comfort. I looked up and Dark was looking me in the eyes.

"Why are you crying sweetie?" Dark asked.

He got up and so did I.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again!" I shouted.

I pushed him on the couch. My knees shook and I cried harder then I have before. Then I noticed Dark wrapped his arms around me.

"I can't promise that. Because I will always protect you, if I have to die to do that then it will be done." Dark said.

"Then promise you will live for me." I said.

"I'm sorry I can't promise that." Dark said.

I looked down at my feet then I looked in his eyes.

"If you won't do it for me then do it for your sister." I pleaded.

He looked at me furiously.

"Why would you bring her into this?!" He asked.

"Because Dark, your the only person I've ever noticed that could make her smile. Her condition could get better but I refuse to see it look towards the worst. I know you love her enough to live for her, and I know I'm a different story but like I said, if you won't live for me then do it for her." I pleaded.

Then Kira walked in.

"How are you even doing that right now?! Does my sister have some sort of secret power?!" Kira asked.

"Relax Kira I simply took care of him and gave him what he needed." I said.

"Well we better make sure he has no broken bones, probably stitch him up to." Kira said.

She handed me the X-Ray screener thing and I put it in front of Dark, he had a few fractured ribs.

"You have a few fractured ribs. Now this is going to be awkward but I'm going to need you to take off your shirt so I can stitch up anything I need to." I said.

"I still don't understand how he is alive. Did you do something? Do you have some sort of power?" Kira asked.

"You watch to much superhero movies, but no Kira, as much as I would like to make your fantasies into a reality it's just not possible now I need to take care of Dark. You can go text your friends if you want to." I said.

I stitched up his wounds.

"There your all patched up." I said.

"Thank you."

"No problem."

We stared into eachother's eyes. However, I broke the gaze.

"Uhm Kira, can you rinse out the bucket and throw the towel into the washer?" I asked

"Sure." Kira said.

"Aire." Dark said.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Is it okay if I stay the night?" Dark asked.

"Uhm well my dad is coming home soon, so I don't think that is a good idea. However, I recommend using a wheelchair to move around for awhile." I said.

I opened the door for him.

"Thanks for patching me up Aire." Dark said.

He left and I left the door open because it felt good. I sat on the couch, grabbed the pillow closest to me and I screamed into it.

"What's wrong sis?" Kira asked.

"Well uhm it's complicated." I told her.

Mom and dad came in, skipping and leaping about, they even started twerking.

"Mom, dad, please stop." Kira said.

"Do I even want to know what's going on?" I asked.

"I got a new job and we get to move to New York!" Dad said excitedly.

Mom started screeching. 

"Geez mom please stop." Kira said.

"I-I just remembered I have somewhere to be." I said.

I left the house and I ran. I ran farther then I have ever ran before. I eventually made it to a waterfall. However, I noticed a trail so I followed it. Turns out it led to a cave that is behind the waterfall. I felt a long the wall and a few short minutes later I found a switch along the wall, I pushed it in and walked into the depths of the cave. When I got to the bottom I sat on the cold floor. I started to get tired so I fell asleep. Twenty- four hours later someone was poking me with a stick.

"Finally! Took you long enough to wake up." The stranger said.

He took me by the hair and started dragging me upwards.

"Is pulling my hair really necessary?" I asked.

The man pulled me onto the edge of the cave opening behind the waterfall. He pulled out a knife and while still holding my hair he started cutting me. He cut my arms, he cut my palms, he cut my side, he cut my thigh, he cut my leg, then he cut my cheek. This man was covered in dirt and if I hadn't been looking at his face I wouldn't have seen his orange eyes, a baseball cap covered his head so I couldn't really see anything. He dropped me to my knees and I fell in pain. He then cut half of my back shirt, and then marked his initials on them. Right after that he kicked me off the ledge and I fall into the water.

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