Risen Wings


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Chapter 1

Jax Rogers: "Hi Vex."

Vex: "You've got a lot of gut's for showing your face around me after you cheated on me with my best-friend."

Jax: "Oh come on, we were happy together. What happened to us Vex?"

Vex: "Blaming me won't help you any, You cheated on me the very night we were supposed to get married. You blew it, not me."

Jax: "You've known me since we were children, you know I hurt people that love me, I hurt those that are close and I can't control it."

Vex: "I also know, that if you don't want to be alone forever then you need to get a grip of yourself."

Jax: "I don't want to get anyone involved, or hurt them intentionally."

Vex: "Yet you hurt me! If you EVER loved me at all, then tell me you'll change."

He ran his right hand through my hair, and let it fall out of his hand.

Jax: "Believe me, I've already changed. I'll miss your beautiful brunette hair with blonde highlights and how it goes down to your shoulders, I'll miss your beautiful blue eyes and how they would always light the way in the dark, I'll miss how strong and independent you are, I'll miss the way you laugh. Mainly, I'm going to miss the sound of your voice."

Vex: "So even after this you're already saying goodbye? You're a coward, every time something goes wrong you run. You know what Jax, go ahead and run. There isn't a reason for you to stay, so just leave already."

That's when I remembered we were in a hall of mirrors, I looked in one of them, my black jacket wasn't zipped, my white tank top somehow shrunk a little, my pants were dark denim and I wore black boots.

Jax: "This isn't me leaving, this is me telling you I'm sorry for what I'm about to do."

He grabbed the back of my hair and flew me into one of the mirrors, I looked in the now broken mirror and saw that my head was bleeding. 

Vex: "Jax, what on earth are you doing?!"

Jax: "It's not about what am I doing, It's about what am I going to do. If I'm honest though, I should probably tell you I'm going to murder you right here and now, Goodbye Vex."

I would've gotten up and fought back, but I felt to weak. Besides, I lost a lot of blood already.

He grabbed my hair and slit my throat.

Jax: "I'll always love you darling."

That's when my spirit was risen, and I saw him kissing my lips and closing my eyes.

(I've never been more sick in my life.)

Stranger: "You are one gross pig, Why would you kiss the lips of a beautiful dead girl if you killed her?"

Jax: "Because she was my fiancé, until I cheated on her with the best friend anyway, Tragic if you ask me."

Stranger: "Don't worry I'll rid you of the evil that consumed you, Unfortunately your not going to be happy with yourself afterwards for that crime you've caused."

The man with auburn hair and blue eyes took out a gun and fired at Jax, and I watched as my ex fell to the ground. Then right in front of my eyes I saw a demon come out, it turned and looked at me like I was it's pray.

Stranger: "I see what's going on here, Your not very well planned out demon. You see I can easily raise her as an angel and send you to my boss, Now would you like me to kill you or devour you?"

Second stranger: "Hey! You can't kill my spawn without your boss saying it's okay first, and let me tell you he has to take it to trial."

Stranger: "Oh come on Cade, we don't have time to be arguing about this. Your spawn lost control and is about to devour the soul of that dead girl."

Cade: "Lucky for us we can see the soul. Hey chick, take these because your going to need them."

He threw me two swords with ancient tongue written on them. I looked at the spawn and as he charged at me, I cut it's head off without hesitation with one sword. Surprisingly it didn't scare me, it feels like I've done this before. It flew behind me and in that second I turned around and with the second sword I stabbed it in the heart.

Cade: "Now that's adorable."

Stranger: "Shut up Cade, No need to get weird over a girl who can fight."

The stranger walked up to me.

Stranger: "Good job, unfortunately my dumb friend thought it would be fun to have a few souls prove themselves if they should go to the afterlife or to hell. Lucky for you, I get to raise you as one of our own. Unfortunately for him he doesn't get to make you a demon like himself."

Cade: "Oh come on Damon, allow the poor girl to choose where she wants to go. After all, she is the only soul in a long time to win against one of my spawns. In fact whoever she chooses, she gets to choose how she looks."

Damon: "You make a fair point. Okay, feel free to choose where you get to go. After all, it's only fair since you've done more good then evil."

Vex: "I choose to go to the afterlife."

With a big grin, Damon took my hand and we teleported straight to the afterlife. Yes I know hell is part of the afterlife, but there was always many names for heaven, so hell and the afterlife fell under different categories a long time ago.

Damon: "Alright here we are. The boss never meets with anyone, he is busy preparing assignments for us and people on earth."

Vex: "That's fine, as long as he keeps me busy. Now where do I go to choose how I look like I was promised?"

Damon: "The door to do that is the first door right here."

He opens up a door for me and I go in,  It immediately closes after me. I see a pad in the middle of the white closed off room and I go to it, At first I was hesitant but I decided to step on it anyway.

Pad: "Hello, thank you for choosing my service. My name is Karin, I'll be your provider for picking how you'll look today."

Vex: "Okay, so what's first Karin?"

Karin: "First pick your hair style."

Vex: "Uhm... Straight."

Karin: "Perfect, now pick the length you want it to be."

Vex: "Medium."

Karin: "Now, what color do you want your hair?"

Vex: "Blonde."

Karin: "What color would you like your clothes?"

Vex: "Black."

Karin: "What about your wings?"

Vex: "White I guess."

Karin: "Shoe color?"

Vex: "Black."

Karin: "Shoe type?"

Vex: "Boots please."

Karin: "Wonderful, now what you'll do is go pick up your clothes and shoes, then you'll go change into them and the next provider will put your wings on you. Have a nice day!"

I walked off the pad and went to a table with the clothes on them.  I grabbed a black tank top, a black jacket, and black pants, I grabbed boots that are ankle length and put them on. I go through the door and I see someone standing there, holding my wings up in front of her face so I don't see her.

Provider: "Hello I'm Chelsea, I'm going to be your provider for today. The wings you requested was immediately ready, so I'll put them on you right now. Please, step on this pad right in front of me."

I did as Chelsea told me to.

Chelsea: "Now, be a dear and turn around so your back is facing me."

I turned around and she took a knife, and she cut open two spaces in between my shoulder blades, I cried inside without anyone seeing as she put the wings into my back.

Chelsea: "I'm done now, you may go. Danna will take you to your room if you want to, otherwise head straight through that door. If you need anything from her just telekinesis her name and she'll come, Have a good day now."

(She is crazy!)

I heard an alarm go off and I ran immediately through the door to where the alarm is calling me to go. When I arrived, it was dark and damp but there were people everywhere holding weapons. I had magic, so I controlled the weapon with my mind. Then I spotted Damon, his face looked flushed like he was frightened.

Vex: "Damon what's going on? What happened?"

He pointed to a guy, how come I can use magic so easily? I must’ve been here before some how.

Damon: "He wasn't invited in, which means he figured out how to get in here without being dead."

The guy he was pointing at kind of looked familiar. 

(I wonder who he is.)

Vex: "I'll be the first to approach him since no one else will."

Damon: "No! Vex you can't!"

Vex: "Why not?!"

Damon: "Because he is after you!"

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Chapter 2

 (If he is looking for me then maybe he wants to talk.)

Vex: "Then if he is looking for me he probably needs to talk to me about something!"

I turned around and started to walk to the guy but Damon grabbed my wrist and spun me around facing him.

Damon: "Please don't go."

We looked into eachother's eyes, then out of nowhere he kissed me. He let go of my wrist and I realized that this is where I decided to have a life with him or take a chance with a guy who might kill me.

Damon: "Look, I know you want to go and see if he has something important to say or if he is here to kill you but just know that I fell in love with you when we met a few hours ago. One of my powers is to read everything a person is, and I fell in love with that. I love you Vex, I'll be right here waiting for you and I understand if you need time to sort your feelings out."

(Why is he so sweet?!)

I grabbed his shirt and I pulled him in, That's when I filled the empty space between us with a kiss.

Vex: "Look Damon, the first time I saw you I was speechless. However, I don't like goodbyes sooo....see you later."

I let him go and I walked to the invader, When I got to him I stopped to talk.

Vex: "Look invader, I don't know who you are or why you are here but if isn't for anything important then I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Invader: "Are you Vex Hampton?"

Vex: "The one and only."

He threw down a smoke bomb so I couldn't see anything, Then I felt someone on me and covering my mouth. It was covered with something to make me sleep but before I did I screamed as loud as I could, then everything suddenly went dark.

Damon's point of view.

The invader threw a smoke bomb on the ground so no one could see anything, but a few seconds later we heard a scream.

Damon: "Vex!"

I ran into the smoke and I kneeled down to intitate the clearing. It clears anything we have made or in special cases like these, it would clear the smoke, I got back up and the invader as well as Vex were gone.

(This can't be happening, I have to alert the boss.)

I ran to the desk closest to the door and used the phone, I dialed in the bosses number and to my luck he picked up.

Boss: "Hello?"

Damon: "One of our own was taken, Can I go after her?"

Boss: "Love is strong don't ya think? If I told you no you would've gone after her anyway, Just remember Damon don't sacrifice everyone you love because of this girl. Now go, she needs you right now."

My soul filled with joy.

Damon: "Thank you sir."

Boss: "Oh and Damon?"

Damon: "Yes sir?"

Boss: "Choose wisely, things are going to be different when you get back."

Damon: "Alright boss."

I hung up and I went after her, I was teleported to earth. So I smelled the scent of everyone, I could track people but they probably wouldn't know who she is or I can follow her scent but it's very faint I would lose track of the scent along the way. That's when my earthly phone buzzed, I took it out of my pocket and saw I was being face-timed, so I accepted the call.

Invader: "Hello, lovely to see you. Unfortunately your girl won't talk so how about you come here and tell me everything I need to know, Other wise I'll send her to hell so she burns forever. You better hurry pretty boy and find where we are if you ever want to see her ever again, You have fifteen minutes."

I threw my phone. I was angry, the scent was faint but if I don't hurry she dies. (Don't worry babe, I'm coming).

Vex's point of view.

Vex: "Your a jerk, no wonder you don't have a girlfriend yet."

Invader: "I would shut up if I were you."

Vex: "Or what? your going to kill me?" 

Invader: "Yeah, that's exactly what I'll do."

Vex: "I don't mean to burst your bubble but I'm already dead, My ex-fiancé killed me, you can't kill me again."

Invader: "Oh but what you don't realize is that I can, You see once an angel gets their wings torn off they go back to being human. Once your human, I can use this sword to make you lost in the outer world. No one would be able to find you, No one will even save you, So princess I suggest you shut up."

I spit in his eye.

Vex: "No wonder you don't have a family! Your a disgrace to your people!"

He used his sword and cut my cheek, Blood drooled down my face and I felt more agrivated.

Invader: "Pretty boy has five minutes left, If he is even a minute late your mine."

Vex: "I rather be in hell then be your's."

He smacked my cheek and since he was close I kicked him in the private space.

Vex: "You are not a man, hitting a woman is unacceptable."

Invader: "Look your not my mother, Anyway pretty boy has thirty seconds left, He better hurry."

I spit in his face.

Invader: "You stupid woman."

He took me buy the shoulders, opened a portal to hell, and threw me in. I was holding on to a pole that was next to the portal, Then I noticed Damon kick the door open and I smiled, then my fingers were slipping off the pole. Damon knocked out the invader and grabbed my arm the moment I let go.

Damon: "Don't worry, I got you."

We both smiled, He pulled me out and pulled me close to him.

Vex: "Thank you Damon."

He held my face in his hands and kissed me.

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Chapter 3

 When we were done kissing, something pulled him into the portal to hell and then it closed.

Vex: "No! Dang It!"

I called Cade.

Cade: "Hello?"

Vex: "Hey Cade, it's me, Vex."

Cade: "Hey Darlin, what do you need?"

Vex: "Something pulled Damon through a portal into hell. Do you know what it could've been?"

Cade: "Hmmm.... Well there is one girl who is obsessed with him, Her name is Veronica."

Vex: "Okay, now can you open a portal to hell from your side?"

Cade: "Yeah I can, Just give me a second."

I hanged up and a portal opened, I ran into the portal and it closed right after me. However, I landed on Cade's chest, and I got up immediately.

Cade: "You can lay back on me."

Vex: "Pervert, I know what your thinking. Look, we need to find Damon."

Cade: "Its not like your a thing, so why do you want to look for him?"

Vex: "Because I love him, We kissed twice and confessed before I was kidnapped."

Cade looked heartbroken.

Cade: "Oh I see, very well, Let's go find lover boy for you."

Vex: "Cade, can I ask you a question?"

Cade: "Of course."

Vex: "Why do you want to help me?"

He paused for a minute.

Cade: "Because I love you Vex, I know you don't feel the same way. I would do anything to see you happy though, because when your happy, it makes me happy."

He started walking again. We walked in silence for an hour until I broke the silence.

Vex: "Do you know where we are going?"

Cade: "Yes darlin."

Vex: "How?"

Cade: "Veronica is my sister."

Vex: "That's.. not awkward at all."

Cade: "Trust me, her room is even more awkward."

Vex: "I really don't want to know."

He laughed, A few minutes later we got to their home. Cade opened the door and I saw Damon kissing Veronica, I was angry and heartbroken.

Vex: "I knew falling in love with you was a bad idea, Enjoy smooching your new girlfriend."

I walked away and I could hear someone following me.

Vex: "Stop following me."

Cade: "No your hurting, I want to be there for you."

Vex: "News flash I don't want you to, So if you don't mind I'm going back where I belong."

Cade: "How do you plan on doing that?"

I was so mad and determined to prove him wrong that I put my hand out and opened a portal big enough for me to get through without being followed, I went in and I went to my dorm, I called Danna and she immediately showed up.

Danna: "Hello Vex, how may I help you?"

Vex: "I only have one question, How does one get back to being a human?"

Danna: "There are these scissors that everyone carry. You have some in your nightstand, however when you become human you have a certain time limit that you have to be back here everyday."

Vex: "If I don't come back?"

Danna: "Your soul gets lost within space and time."

Vex: "Thank you for your services Danna, You may go now."

She left, and then I left without saying a word to anyone. When I got to the human world I used the scissors to temporarily cut off my wings, Luckily nobody was around when I took them off.

Gentleman: "Hey are you ok?"

Vex: "Yeah I'm fine, I'm just trying to get a way from my cheating boyfriend."

Gentleman: "That sounds rough ma'am, I'm sorry to hear about that, would you like to get something to eat?"

My stomach growled.

Vex: "Well apparently I do, I haven't eaten in awhile, I guess I forgot with stuff that's been happening."

Gentleman: "Great, my sister and I own a diner that we can go to. Anyway, my name is Hex Robinson, what's your name?"

We started walking to the diner while we talked.

Vex: "Wait what?! Really your name is Hex Robinson?"

Hex: "Yeah, why?"

I laughed.

Vex: "I can't believe you don't recognize me, It's fair since we haven't seen eachother in a long time though. Anyway, it's me, Vex Hampton."

Hex: "No way! It's so good to see you, How are you doing these days?"

Vex: "A lot has changed Hex, I have no idea what you would do if you even knew, it's so complex to the human mind."

Hex and I still talk the same way we did in highschool, We were best friends by birth because our parents were best friends. So even though we never once ever dated we still have a connection, It's been so long since I've seen him, I forgot I had feelings towards him. Vex Hampton the girl who fell madly in love with her best friend while she dated her very first ex, He knew what to do when I was sad, or even angry. He knew how to make me smile, he knew how to make me laugh, he knew that I didn't want to be alone. Out of anyone in the world he knew exactly what I needed and wanted, he knows me better than anyone else.

Hex: "Try me."

I hesitated about telling him.

Vex: "I think that's something that will have to wait another day Hex."

We finally got to the diner. He opened the door for me and I walked in, he followed me shortly after.

Hex: "Hey Aira! Are you here?"

Aira: "I'm in the back!"

Hex: "Will you come here a sec?"

Aira: "Yeah, I'm coming!"

Aira walked out of the doors behind the counters and came to the front.

Aira: "Hey Vex, glad to see you back into town."

Hex: "Wow I'm surprised you recognized her so quickly, it took me a little while to figure out it was her."

She laughed.

Aira: "That's so like you, Anyway, I need to talk to Vex alone for a few, You want to go cook a meal for her why you wait?"

Hex: "Sure, I don't mind."

He hops over the counters and immediately into the kitchen.

Aira: "Look Vex, my brother doesn't watch the news so he wouldn't know what I know. Your dead Vex, how are you alive?"

Vex: "My ex boyfriend killed me because he was possessed, well my first ex. Anyway, there were these two angels that smelled my spirit rise from my body but they could also detect the demon. The two angels allowed me to choose between being a good angel or an evil angel, I could tell they both were in love with me. Little did I know that my ex boyfriend, the good angel, would cheat on me with his best friends sister. So I came back, I cut off my wings to look human. I'll eventually have to go back but that won't stop me from coming to the human world."

Aira and I go way back, her and Hex are twins so they both were my best friends since day one. Aira and I have a bond like sisters, we bound eachother to have no secrets.

Aira: "Sounds rough, if this was a bar I would give you a drink. Then you might've declined it, so I won't bother taking you to a bar."

Hex: "I have eggs in a basket with bacon, who wants some?"

Vex: "Ugh perfect timing, you know exactly what I need, Thank you Hex."

Aira: "I'm good brother, I already ate."

Hex: "To bad, I made extras."

Vex: "It's all good, I'll eat them."

Hex: "Uhm... so I didn't mean to eavesdrop but if that's what your afraid of telling me you don't have to worry, in my eyes your still the girl I know."

I looked at him and I swear our connection got stronger.

Hex's point of you.

Vex Hampton was a childhood friend that became something more to me, I never told her because I thought it would ruin our relationship but I'm in love with her.

Vex: "I'll be back, I'm going to use the restroom."

Aira: "Ok, it's the first door on the right."

Vex: "Thank you Aira."

She left and when she wasn't in hearing range I started talking to Aira.

Hex: "Hey Aira, will you help me?"

Aira: "Sure, what do you need help with?"

Hex: "I'm going to go and lay under the stars under our old tree, I want you to take Vex there. Then, that's where I'll ask her to be my girlfriend."

Aira was Shocked.

Aira: "Alright I'll help you, I'm only doing it though because it's obvious she feels the same way."

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