Stronger Vampire


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Chapter 1

 I am currently 18 and the twins are still too young to rule over the kingdom. The law states that if they are the only ones to survive, then they have to rule, despite if it's together or not. My name is Naya and this is my story.

 "Sweetheart, I need to talk to you for a second." Aira said sincerely.

 "Mom, nice to see you,  what do you need?" I asked.

My bedroom is decorated like a human decorated it. Blue walls, bookshelves, dressers, a bed, a desk, and lights. Everyone thinks I'm strange, except my friends and mom, People call me different, stupid, and they even have told me to die in a hole. Everyone has changed, I wonder what the human world is like. Is it the same? Or is it different?

 "You dozed off again, didn't you?" Mom asked.

 "Oh sorry mom, I didn't mean to doze off, what did you ask me?" I asked apologetically.

 "Were you thinking about the human world, again?" Mom asked.

 "I can't help it mom, I feel like I don't belong. I'm a day walker, and I'm the strongest out of both the clans, I'm tired of everyone looking at me like I am a mistake! They don't look at the twins like that, so why do they look like they want to kill me?!" I asked out of frustration.

Mom rubbed my back.

 "I don't know Naya, However, I came to tell you that I'm going to the human world, I wanted to know if you want to come with? I even bought  a camera for you." Mom said persuasively.

 "Are you serious?!" I asked excitedly.

"I am." Mom said happily.

I hugged mom, but then I immediately let go.

 "What about Dad? Did he agree to this?" I asked.

 "Your father doesn't know about this and honestly, this will be good for him, Maybe he'll actually notice we are gone." Mom said.

 "How long are we going to be at the human world?" I asked curiously.

 "A few days probably, I'm taking the twins with us though, so don't freak out when I bring them with me." Mom said.

 "Why would I freak out?" I asked.

 "Because, I may have asked a certain someone to come with us." Mom said suspiciously.

 "Who exactly is this certain someone mom?" I asked.

Mom was about to speak, until a certain someone opened his big gaping mouth.

 "What’s up?" Ren said it like he was human

I turned around and Ren was just standing there, almost looking guilty about something. He has Black hair and yellow eyes. I turned back to mom.

 "You seriously invited the werewolf?!" I asked while irritated.

 "I'd shut up, if I were you." Ren stated.

 "What's he going to do?! Claw people's eyes out? Mom I'm a witch and a vampire, I can detect if we will get murdered faster then he can!" I asked

"Whether you like it or not Naya, your dad want's you to marry Ren. I guess he want's to prove to the world that a werewolf and a hybrid can coexist in the same world, instead of being divided." Mom said sternly.

"I'm not going, then." I said stubbornly.

"Your dad wants you both to have bonding time, this is the only way I can think of, for you both. So your going, now let's go." Mom said demandingly. 

It's been a long time since there was an arranged marriage, especially when it comes to a hybrid marrying a werewolf. The last time a hybrid and a werewolf got married, as well as, had kids, was before the hybrid massacre happened. The hybrid's were willing to see how it would turn out, however, a pregnancy was prohibited. Despite those rules, the werewolf got pregnant and repopulated the hybrids, nobody knows how to control, kill, or love a hybrid. If I had known what he did when he was angry, I would've just come with.

 "I'm not going and that's final." I said stubbornly.

 "Fine, take care of the twins for me. I have a bad feeling about something, if it's right then I don't want the twins involved." mom said while handing me the twins.

 "Sure, whatever." I said with some attitude.

I don't think mom wanted to go in the first place, I have no idea why she went, but I watched as she left and I have to admit, that was the worst mistake I ever made. 

 "Hey pumpkin, where is mom going?" Dad asked.

"Something about checking a bad feeling, I don’t remember exactly what she said though." I said.

 "Okay, now, did she say where?" Dad asked.

 "You know, I think she mentioned the spot for the picnic we were supposed to go on." I said leaving a few details out.

That's when dad started freaking out.

 "You shouldn't have let her gone alone!" Dad shouted while running to catch up with her.

 "Who else is supposed to take care of the twins?!" I asked

Dad went to the picnic spot and I had no idea what happened, however, they never came back. I checked everywhere for them and I can't find them.

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Chapter 2

 Five years later.

Mom and dad were never seen again since that night. Honestly I think that Ren killed them, unfortunately, I don't have any proof. However, today the twins turn five and I have to marry, if I want to continue ruling. If I'm being honest though, I don't really know what I want. I'm twenty three for crying out loud and I was already supposed to be married. The people thought that by throwing a ball,  I could find someone to be wed to. So I threw a ball, what can I say? It was a good idea. However, I didn't expect my people to do such a good job, at decorating the ball room.:  "Hi, Naya." A stranger said

That voice, it sounds so familiar, who is he?

"Hello, it's very nice to meet you. I'm sorry, have we met?"

 "We have, actually." The stranger said while smiling.

We both looked at everyone dancing at the ball and we saw the smile on their faces, I wish I had that certain smile where your happy, with the person your in love with. Unfortunately for me, I've never been in love. So I have no idea, what love feels like.

"Well, I should probably see how the twins are doing, so I'm going to leave."

"No wait! Please Naya, will you dance with me? I'll explain who I am and I'll answer all your questions." The stranger said.

"I suppose, that'll be fine then."

He took out his hand and I placed my hand in his, He took me out onto the dance floor and we started to dance, it was nice to enjoy something for once.

"My name is August West, we were best friends when we were kids." 

“Well, that explains why you sounded familiar. Now tell me this, where did you go?" I asked.

 "I'm unfortunately, not allowed to say." August said.

 "What happened to you?" I asked, I’m a little bit irritated he didn’t answer the question.

“I'm not allowed to answer that, either."

 "Fine, then what are you doing here?"

 "I'm not allowed to say."

I immediately let go and took a step back.

"You said you would answer all my questions, but I guess you lied. When we were kids, you would never lie and you would never hide the truth from me. If you can't answer my questions and if your going lie to me, then we cannot talk to each other, goodbye Mr. West, I hope you enjoy the ball."

As I walked away, that happiness and enjoyment went away.

 "Naya! Wait!"

I moved around people and I let his voice fade away from my hearing. While avoiding everybody, I found myself in the maze garden. I saw a man sitting in the maze, little did I know he is the same age as me, and that I would fall madly in love, or so I thought.

“Pardon me, but is it alright if I sit by you on that bench? It's usually where I sit down, when I need to think."

“Of course, please sit. After all you are the queen, this is your maze garden."

"Please just call me Naya, I'm tired of hearing the title queen. I didn't earn the title like my mother did, and if I had just left with her like she wanted me to, then she wouldn't be gone."

“You know Naya, maybe not everything is as it seems. Usually when a vampire dies you see their ashes go through the wind, because the ashes want to make it's way back home to say goodbye. My name is Kyle by the way, it's very nice to meet you Naya."

“Well Kyle, you sure do seem like a wise man. However, if my mother was a regular vampire I'm sure her ashes would make it's way back home, the question now is why my fathers hasn't? How did you become so wise? Are you a king? An assassin perhaps?" I asked, there is no such thing as being too careful.

He laughed and it was very sweet.

 "No, I'm neither a king nor an assassin, in fact I'm actually a hybrid, I'm both a vampire and a wolf. My mother fell in love with a vampire and unfortunately for me, my immortality kicked in when I was nineteen. However, I would like to get to know you more, how about a game?" He asked kindly.

 "A game? how are we going to get to know each other, through a game?" I asked, I genuinely wanted to know.

 "Well there are series of games, like would you rather and truth or dare. Have you ever played before?" Kyle asked.

 "No actually, I have not. Is that how you get to know people, where your from?" I asked. As a royal we were never taught how to get to know people with games, our way is usually more formal.

 "Only with  those we really like, In my clan people usually don't fall in love, unless they are destined to be together."

 "That's quite interesting, you see here I am forced to find marriage but that's part of the reason my parents went missing. So I changed the rules so you don't have to be married unless it's for love, it's simple actually. However, I do like the idea of something new, so I think we should play."

 "Well, if it's alright to ask, but how do you get to know people here in your clan?" Kyle had asked like getting to know people was foreign.

 "By communication really, you share something about yourself and then you let the other person talk. I choose to have a world where the twins can feel loved and be safe, if communication is the key to working things out then that's the way it should be."


 "However, how do you play would you rather? I'm quite intrigued." I really want to know how to play.

 "Its very simple actually, so it's like how your clan communicates. So basically someone would start by saying would you rather and you would have to pick which you prefer. So it's not to difficult, would you like me to start to show you how it works?"

 "Sure, I don't see why not."

 "Alright let's see...Would you rather own a pet snake or a puppy dog?"

 "A puppy dog, because snakes freak me out and dogs are just to cute."

 "Nice, well it's your turn now to ask a question."

 "Alright, hmm... would you rather meet your soulmate on a beach during the day or in a romantic spot in a maze at night?" That was probably to forward but whatever.

He smiled.

 "I would rather meet her in a maze garden at night."

I looked at his eyes for quite awhile and wondered how long he has been longing for someone to love, However, I broke the gaze and stood up.

 "Wait, don't go, not yet anyway."

He stood up.

 "When can I see you again?"

 "Same place tomorrow, nine o' clock, I've got something to tell you but I'll only say it if your here tomorrow."

 "See you then, Naya."

 "Goodnight Kyle."

I headed back into the castle and up to my room without being noticed by anyone. As I changed into my night gown I thought about Kyle and how unfortunate it is that sometimes a night like tonight has to end. If he isn't the one for me, then who is?


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Chapter 3

 10 hours later.

"Darling! Breakfast is ready." Freya shouted.

I woke up and ran straight to the kitchen.

"Naya, what did I tell you about running in the house?" Freya asked sternly.

Freya is basically my personal caregiver but she also looks out for the twins. 

"Sorry Freya."

 "It's alright, sweetheart."

 "Where are the twins?"

 "Far as I know, they are playing with their friends."

 "Very well, did you enjoy the ball last night Freya?"

 "I did, thank you for asking dear. Now tell me, did you enjoy the ball yourself? Find anyone you're interested in marrying?" Freya asked, she always was curious about my life.  

"I think I have but he and I are meeting tonight just to be sure, If the person I am interested in doesn't show up then I'll know that he doesn't feel the same way. I'm not going to marry someone that doesn't love me like I love him, I want to marry someone who loves me and my kingdom for the way we are."

 "Spoken like a true queen madam, you are a fantastic ruler."

I laughed.

 "Yeah right, anyways what's the situation with the villagers? Do they have enough food? Do they have enough medicine?" I asked, I wanted to be sure everyone has what they need.

"We have sent some clothes, water, food and medicine to the villagers. However, their getting restless because they don't have blankets or a ton of clothes to keep them warm."

A queen will forever remain a queen as long as she is quick witted when it comes to village situations.


 "Then we definitely need to have every one that can sew make blankets and clothes for the villagers,  then make sure everyone has shelter, as well as, something comfortable to sleep on."

I heard a voice and it sounded familiar but I couldn't recognize it.

"Very nice to see you again Naya, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. I felt bad after you disappeared somewhere, but hearing you do all this is very sweet of you."

I turned around to look at the man.

 "Who are you exactly?" I asked, I pretended to not know who I was talking to, It might seem petty but that's how I choose to react.

He rolled his eyes.

 "My name is August West."

 "Well Mr. West, I'm sorry but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

 "Naya! Please give me a chance to talk!"

 "I did at the ball, and all you did was dodge the questions!"

He got closer and squeezed my shoulders really hard.

 "Look, I came back to do the one thing I couldn't do before I left, which is confess my love for you. I went somewhere where I could learn to control my anger, I didn't want to hurt you like I did before."

I swiped his arms away and took a step back.

 "August, I'm sorry but I can't."

He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked to his feet, then back at me.

 "Well, can I at least know why?"

Tears started to fill my eyes.

 "Because you left the day I needed you the most, my parents went missing August and I've got a lot of stuff to do while trying to find my parents."

I started to walk away from him and then immediately, I heard a scream. I ran towards the twins playroom and by the time I got there the door was wide open, the twins were missing, two other kids weren’t breathing and four were knocked out.

 "Freya! Call the parents of the children, have them come here. If you need me I'll be out looking for the twins, someone obviously wants to see me suffer."

I turn around and see a note on the door.


Want your whole family back? Meet me at the gate like we did five years ago. Also, I'd hurry if I were you, Two very powerful twins could be turned into weapons, and I assure you they aren't going to be saved after they are linked and using magic.



I crumbled the note and ran out of the castle, smashing vases and plates along the way. How dare he threaten my family and I! He's a dead man that's for sure. I ran through the town and ran straight for the gates, I saw Ren and I ran towards him preparing my right hand to hold him up by his neck and that's exactly what I did.

 "Where's my family?!"

He was trying to remove my hand from his neck but was failing miserably.

 "You have five seconds to tell me where they are or I'll dig my finger nails into your throat!"

"' you..where they..are."

I released his neck and he started gasping for air, relief washed on his face as he felt he was still alive.

 "Alright now, follow me."

He ran and I ran after him following every move he makes until finally we got to the woods and went to a cave that was being covered by a rock. When I got inside I noticed how moist it is but also secluded and dark, that's when I began to wonder if it's a trap.

"Alright, your family is in that cage."

He pointed straight and I walked to the cage, As I got closer I began to see them until we were finally face to face on either side of the cage.

 "Mom, it's so good to see you. I've been looking for you everywhere, even everyone in the kingdom looked for you and dad."




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