The Fallen


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 Welcome to the second book of Risen Wings! I'm excited for you to read the series, I'm planning on there being three books to Risen Wings but we will see how this ends first before anything else. Thank you for reading the second book and I hope you enjoy it.


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Chapter 1: awoken

 Vex's point of view.

I remember the very night I had died, I was happy because I thought of Cade the whole entire time. I don't know how I didn't vanish but I'm glad I didn't, However, when I woke up everything was different...even Cade was different.

Cade: "Your alive! Who knew white crystal's could save an angel."

Cade had grey hair and was wrinkled.

Vex: "Cade, what happened to you?"

Cade: "Oh that's easy my dear! I aged. I'm eighty years old now, You need to meet our twins, there absolutely beautiful!"

Vex: "We have children?"

Cade: "Yes, I had to cut a piece of your hair and use one of my hairs to create them, Their beautiful teenagers now though."

Vex: "Cade how Did I not vanish?"

Cade: "Why don't you look down and find out."

Cade's voice was definitely different, but his mind set also changed, When I looked down and I saw I was wrapped in a tree. 

Cade: "I'm too old now but when I was a lot younger I would cut your hair for ya, I'm sure you would love to look your best when you meet our children."

Cade was right, he can't do it now. His hands are shaking, so I reached out, grabbed his hands and steadied them.

Vex: "You don't need to do much Cade, I'm here with you now and I'm sorry I didn't fight harder enough to live, We could've gotten married but now we can't, I'll be sure to take care of you and our children, you just leave that to me."

Cade: "That's very kind of you babe but we need to do this together, Go on and get changed, I want to introduce you to the twins and they will be here soon."

Vex: "Alright but real quick, are they like us? Do they go out and fight for the good of the world? Is our people healed?"

Cade: "I'll explain everything when they get here, Now hurry up and get ready."

I walked into a room and it was glorious, I looked over and on a shelf was scissors and hair supplies, I took the scissors and cut my hair. I did something like an a-line haircut, I went through the dressers and closets and managed to find underwear, a bra, black pants, black shirt, a violet jacket, and necklaces. I put on the clothes and when I exited the room I noticed the calendar said it's 2025, I died in Cade's arm in 2017 so that means I've been dead for eight years and somehow I managed to still look the same as I did on the very day I died. How is that possible? Also angels are immortal we can't age, so how come he did?

Cade: "Oh good your out, Come on the kids are here."

I walked with Cade to the living room, I actually didn't know this was here in the base.

Cade: "Children meet your mother Vex."

Son: "So you finally managed to bring her back to life, You're a crazy old man for sure but thanks dad for bringing mom back to us."

Our son is very handsome that's for sure, He has blonde hair and blue eyes, That's funny he's wearing an AC/DC shirt with a hoodie. 

Vex: "I see your into AC/DC, That's my favorite band you know."

Son: "Wow your cooler then I thought you would be. Nice to meet you mom, I'm Nero."

Vex: "A handsome name for a handsome man." 

I smiled. 

Daughter: "Hi, I'm Scarlett."

Scarlett had brown hair like Cade and my brown eyes that I was born with. She had headphones around her neck and wore a JackSepticEye shirt with a green hoodie.

Vex: "You like JackSepticEye?"

Scarlett: "Yeah, why is that a problem for you?"

Vex: "No actually, I love JackSepticEye he is my favorite youtuber. His videos make me feel good and I know when I need a laugh I can just watch one of his videos."

Scarlett looked over to Cade.

Scarlett: "I see why you fell in love with her dad, Not only is she pretty but she is cool."

The portal opened and JackSepticEye came through, I know that's not his real name but hey it's catchy. 

Scarlett: "Oh my gosh."

Scarlett dropped her phone.  

JackSpeticEye: "Sorry if I frightened ya, Ooh I feel bad now, here let me pay for you to get a new one."

Scarlett: "You don't have to do that, my dad bought me five phones just in case I broke my phone."

I lean in to whisper to Cade.

Vex: "You spoiled our daughter?!"

Cade: "What else was I supposed to do? I had no idea how to parent without you and she had no mother figure so there wasn't much I could do."

I leaned back to where I was.

JackSepticEye: "Okay? I don't know what you need five phones for but whatever I guess. Anyway my wife is really sick and I heard I could come to you so you guys can heal her."

I smiled.

Vex: "Then you have come to the right place, Pleasure to meet you by the way JackSepticEye."

JackSepticEye: "Pleasure to meet you to! Now anyone of you a healer?"

Nero: "We all are but if you actually want something done I'll have to go, I'll meet you on the other side of the vortex."

JackSepticEye: "Sweet thanks! It was very nice meeting you all by the way!"

JackSepticEye left and Nero began to talk to Scarlett.

Nero: "Sis call my girlfriend and have her come meet mom."

Scarlett: "Uh-huh."

Nero rolled his eyes.

Nero: "Alright well bye mom, I'll see you later."

Vex: "Alright, I love you and be safe."

He went through the vortex and that's when it closed.

Scarlett: "That actually happened right?"

Vex: "Yep."

Scarlett: "Man, I should've had him sign my shirt."

Vex: "Honey nobody does that anymore, It's seriously weird."

Scarlett: "Fair point, Anyway, what did Nero want me to do again?"

Cade: "He wants you to call his girlfriend and have her come meet your mother."

Scarlett: "Whatever I guess."

She started dialing a number and put her phone up to her ear. It rang once... twice... and then a beautiful voice picked up.

Voice: "Hey Scarlett! What's up?"

Scarlett: "So you remember my dad right?"

Voice: "Of course!"

Scarlett: "Yeah, well the old man managed to bring my mother back to life and my brother wants you to meet her."

Voice: "I would love to meet her! put the phone on the ground and I'll come through."

Scarlett put her phone on the ground and I watched as a beautiful red headed girl with green eyes came through. She wore jeans and a black tank top, Her hair came down to her neck.

Lady: "Hey! You must be Nero and Scarlett's mom, My name is Lira."

Vex: "Did you just come through the phone?!"

Lira: "Yeah cool right?"

I looked at Cade.

Vex: "What the actual Frankenstein did I miss while I was dead?!"

Cade: "You've missed a lot Vex, It's been eighty years, everything is different."

I looked back to Lira.

Vex: "I'm sorry, I'm sure you're a very sweet girl but-"

That's when I started to hear his voice, I can hear Hex. 

Hex's voice: "Vex."

Tears rolled down my cheeks, It's been a long time since I heard his voice.

Hex's voice: "Vex come back."

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Chapter 2: Concerns

 I could hear Cade and Scarlett in the background but it's always bits and pieces. I was more focused on Hex's voice.

Cade: "Lira you should probably go home, I'll make sure Nero calls you later."

Hex's voice: "Vex follow my voice."

I started walking, following the echo of his voice. I have no idea if I'm hearing remnants of him or if he actually came back to life, but I just need to know if it's really him or not.

Scarlett: "Should we follow her?"

Hex's voice: "Do you love me Vex?"

I remember, he's asked me a kind of question like that before. It was back when we were children. We were walking through a forest and that's when he asked me that.

A memory:

Hex: "Do you love me Vex?"

Vex: "What does love mean?"

Hex: "It's when two people have feelings for each other."

Vex: "How do you know that?"

Hex: "Mommy and daddy told me."

Vex: "Well in that case I guess I do. I don't think I will ever not have feelings for you."

Hex: "Promise me when we're older we'll get married."

Vex: "I promise."


Someone was touching my shoulders but I needed to reach Hex. I was able to get the grip off and run to Hex's voice. I ran to the garden that was inside the base and when I got there I saw him. Hex was standing right by the bench I laid him on the very night he died.

Hex: "Don't be shy Vex, it's just me."

Part of me believes it's him but another part of me is saying it's not. Normally my gut feeling is never wrong and my gut is the one telling me not to listen, that it's not really him. My mistake was walking towards him, and embracing him.

Scarlett's point of view.

I watched as mom ran out of my arms. I should've held on stronger to her or maybe snap her back into reality but now she's dead but how she died confuses me. I watched her run into a figure of a man but whoever that man is was obviously not the real deal. That night Dad lost her forever because he knew the exact weapon that was used. Nero came back and he was as devastated as I am. When we finally got our mother back she got killed again. Sometimes I wonder if there was anymore I could've done but there wasn't anything I could do. Dad said that the weapon that was used to kill her was her old sword she used the very night she restored our beautiful world. I remember the screams and the cries that she pleaded. Her powers weren't working and I had no idea why.


Vex: "Who are you?!"

Hex's voice: "Someone who has been waiting for this for a very long time. See I released your dead husband and consumed his soul. He was the very last soul I needed to kill you."

Vex: "Why would you do that?"

Hex's voice: "Because you will never love who I really am. After all I am the man that killed you in the first place!"

Vex: "No that can't be true. Jax can't cross into this world."

He stopped using the disguise and man this guy smells like he never had a shower.

Jax: "You broke up with me!"

Vex: "You used to abuse me all the time! I got tired of it and did something about it for once! And now your going to kill me again. I'm not vulnerable this time Jax, there is still one thing I can do before I bleed out."

(What is she doing?!)

Mom had her arms extended out.

Vex: "My healing power might not be working but I won't let you harm anyone else. You've taken Hex from me but you won't take my family!"

(How does she know his intentions?)

She absorbed his life source. That's when she fell on the floor. She mouthed something but I couldn't hear her.

12 weeks later.


I don't know what time it is or how many days it's been. All I know is I haven't eaten in a while. I could hear Dad in the background he was talking to someone.

Dad: "Hey can you come over? Scarlett isn't doing to well. She won't eat anything or take a shower and I'm really concerned about her."

(Who is he talking to?)

I heard him put his phone on the ground  and someone stepped through. 

Guy: "Scarlett? Babe? Come on you need to eat something."

It was Derick.

Scarlett: "I can't eat."

Derick: "Well at least get up off the couch and take a shower."

Scarlett: "I don't want to move. It's all my fault."

Derick: "What is?"

I looked towards him and I couldn't hold back the tears.

Scarlett: "The moment I get my mother back she starts to hear a voice. I tried to let her not follow it but I didn't have a good grip and then she died right in front of me Derick."

Derick: "Right, your brother told me about that. I'm sorry that you had to witness that. However, you need to eat. Your mom would want you to take care of yourself."

(Why would you drag her into this?!)

Scarlett: "I don't know why your here but I think you need to leave."

Derick: "Scar-"

Scarlett: "Go! Leave!"

Derick: "Fine, I'll go but please eat something."

Scarlett: "If you don't leave then I'll make you leave."

Derick and Nero are best friends, and have been ever since we were brought to life. Derick has light skin, brown hair and orange eyes. Like us he was also created. He and his mother are very similar, their both funny, nice, sometimes comforting, but the main thing they have in common is music. Derick is the best thing that happened to me and I just treated him like trash. 

Nero: "Hey what's wrong with Derick? And wow what happened to you?"

He looked at me with disgust.

Cade: "Nero I think you need to stop."

Scarlett: "I can fight my own battles Dad."

He looked at me with concerned eyes.

Scarlett: "You want to know what happened Nero? I stopped eating, I've stopped taking care of myself because I feel like it's my fault mom died and you weren't there. In fact you haven't been here at all have you?"

I have no idea when Lira got here but she stepped in between us.

Lira: "That's enough! Both of you need to stop. After your old man goes it'll just be you two. You will be all each other has. Don't you get that?"

Nero: "Oh shut up Lira."

Scarlett: "You don't get to talk to her like that Nero."

Nero: "Your one to talk! Your boyfriend actually made an effort to get you to eat and have a shower! And instead of smiling and do what your told you tell him to leave!"

Scarlett: "Get your head out of your rear end Nero. He doesn't understand what I'm going through and obviously neither do you. Which is funny being your my twin!"

Nero grabbed a knife and threw it at me. It hit me in the shoulder and I winced as it hit my bones. I pulled it out and let it fall to the ground.

Scarlett: "You know what Nero grow up. Now you know why I never talked to you about my problems. You let your pride and anger get in the way of the real issue."

I went into the bathroom and took a shower. The water always did feel calming.

Thirty minutes later. 

There's a knock on the bathroom door and a voice pierces through.

Lira: "Scarlett? Are you okay?"

Scarlett: "I'm fine. Is Nero gone?"

Lira: "Yeah he left, he's going to blow off some steam."

Scarlett: "Alright, I'll be in a few."

I was already dressed. I only showered for twenty five minutes and used the rest of my time to put on different clothes. 

I looked in the mirror and It was like a stranger stared back at me. I don't even recognize myself anymore. 

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Chapter 3: An Apology

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Chapter 4: The Truth

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Chapter 5: The deal

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Chapter 6: My missing half

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Chapter 7: Finally awake

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Chapter 8: The prophecy

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Chapter 9: Truth Revealed

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Chapter 10: Redemption

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Chapter 11: A miracle

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