The Red-headed Vampire


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Note from the author: "Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I made up the spells, so they aren't real and they don't actually have a meaning in any language. Thank you for reading The Red-Headed Vampire, I hope you enjoy."

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Chapter 1: Things happen

 Hello I'm Aira Crawford, I have red hair and blue eyes. I love to skateboard and cast spells for good, My boyfriend is 5'6 and I'm 5'4. He has black hair and blue eyes, and he is super handsome, however, he is acting weirder then normal.

Ashley: "Hey describing the characters life is my job, After all I am the author."

Aira: "You might be the Author but I'm the main character, Besides I was trying to be helpful."

Ashley: "I appreciate you trying to help but that's not the way to do it, If you want to help then get back into your room."

Aira: "Ugh you are no fun."

Ashley: "Thank you! That's the sweetest compliment you've ever given me."

Aira: "Enough sarcasm, I'm not in the mood for it."

Ashley: "Then get back to your room so the story can actually start!"

Aira: "Fine!"

She went back into her room and unfortunately she set the beginning of this book, Luckily for me I'm the writer and can rewrite how her story goes.

I sat on my bed texting some friends, turns out Lexi got asked out on a date by her boyfriend, That's when my boyfriend called me.

Aira: "Hey babe, what do you need?"

Clark: "I need you to look out the window."

I look out the window and I see him with chocolates and a ladder.

Aira: "What's the ladder for?"

Clark: "Isn't it obvious? We are going on your roof."

Aira: "Wait for real? Like actually on the roof?"

 Clark: "Yeah, besides your not afraid of heights, or are you?"

Aira: "Puh-lease, boy you know I'm not afraid of heights. Now am I going first or are you?" 

Clark: "Ladies first."

I got out of the window and carefully got onto the ladder, I climbed until I was all the way to the top, but when I got up there I heard a scream that faded, sounded like someone fell. Once I remembered that I don't have neighbors I looked down to see Clark, He was on the grass looking all broken. How is it that he's not bleeding?

Clark: "Hey, what are you staring at?"

Next thing I knew he was right behind me.

Aira: "Your alive? I saw you broken on my grass, how are you alive?"

He gave me a very serious look.

 Clark: "Aira, we need to talk."

He sat down on the middle of my roof and patted for me to sit next to him, so I did.

Clark: "So I know your a witch, and it probably would've been better if I didn't lie to you about being human."

Aira: "If your not human, then what are you?"

Clark: "I'm... a vampire, not a bad vampire, I'm a good vampire, I'm actually your protector."

Aira: "You have got to be kidding me."

He offered me my chocolates. 

Aira: "I can't believe you've never told me, You know if you told me you were a vampire when we met, I probably would've fell in love you quicker because I love vampires, however, the fact that I have one for a boyfriend is truly a miracle."

I put my right hand on his right cheek.

Aira: "That does explain why you always feel cold."

I then put my left hand on his left cheek and I kissed him, Unfortunately I had to let go to talk.

Aira: "So pretty boy, since your a vampire, and I'm a witch, what do we do now?"

Clark: "Actually that's what I came here to talk about, It's actually forbidden for a vampire and a witch to be a couple. I don't know what to do, because Aira I'm head over heels for you. I love you with the very being of my soul, We've been dating for two years now and I wish I had told you that I'm a vampire sooner, it probably would've been safer for you. If you consider how the humans count age then I'm nighteen and your eighteen, but for me in vampire age I'm nine hundred years old. I didn't want you to sacrifice your life to be with me but we're being hunted by vampires and witch hunters, Your in harm's way and we need to leave."

His face was serious but his eyes were filled with worry and pain.

Aira: "Alright, hold on let me cast two spells so I can get my things."

I lifted up my hands and I changed into my witch form, My hair was long and gracefull. My outfit turned into a one piece, so it's black and the arms on the dress go down to my shoulder, the bottom piece went down to my knees. Immediately I start spell casting.

Aira: "Lazarith auctimith nu vere mi nah ru."

Now that I can see through things now, it's time to actually start packing.

Clark: "Aira please hurry, I can smell that they aren't to far from here."

Aira: "Nazarith octumio nah Vic dah ra."

Well would you look at that, I finally perfected the spell. 

My stuff flew everywhere packing itself using only two bags, one filled with things I'll need, and the other filled with things that are important to me. When it was finished it flew quickly out the window, the first one went on my back, and the last one went on Clarks back since he didn't carry anything.

Witch hunter: "Their up there! Fire!"

I turned around to see a witch hunter. I'm surprised they actually joined forces with the vampires, they hate each other. Well except for me and Clark of course.

Aira: "Jumpio ani flyium."

I casted a spell that made us both jump into the sky and now we're flying.

Clark: "Come on, we need to go to the waterfall that we met at."

Aira: "How would that make us any more safe?"

Clark: "They won't be able to track our scent."

Aira: "Cool, we will be safe from the vampires. That doesn't mean the witches can't find us."

Clark: "We'll figure something out when we get there, but we need to hurry."

We flew all the way to the waterfall. 

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Chapter 2: Doubts

 I was worried that was for sure, I knew that we could never make the witches lose the scent. These witches were people I once knew, they used to be sweet, kind, and caring but one thing changed. They began to be more murderous, They wanted to see someone's blood pool around the body, if one thing was sure it was that they always were and always will be powerful. We hid in a cave behind the waterfall and I knew Clark was staring at me.

Clark: "Are you okay?"

I looked at him with doubting eyes.

Aira: "Depends on your definition of okay, If you mean if I'm not hurt then yes I'm okay, If you mean mentally then that doesn't matter."

I wasn't really a person that told anyone my feelings, I hated people seeing me cry because I don't want them to think I'm weak.

Clark: "Well if it makes you feel better, we're living behind a waterfall like you've always wanted."

Yeah we are living the dream but it's not forever, We are alway's going to be hunted down, there will never be a moment where we will be truly safe.

Aira: "Maybe so, but we aren't going to be safe behind this waterfall forever."

I Walked to the wall and layed my back on it, I winded up falling back and tumbling down some stairs.

(Ugh where am I?)

I looked around, It was dark, I could hear water drops somewhere, but in front of me was a stone, it was glowing and was the only place with light.

Clark's point of view.

(Huh, it got really quiet for some reason.)

I looked over to the wall I heard Aira walk over to, but she is gone.

(Where did she go?!)

I felt along the wall and felt the wall feel different, I try pushing it and the door opens, it leads to some type of cave. I investigate and by the time I get to the bottom I see Aira on the floor, I immediately rush to her side.

(What on earth happened here?!) 

Clark: "Aira, please wake up."

(Are we the only ones that know about this cave?) 

Aria's point of view.

Everything is dark.

(Where am I?)

Clark: "Aira, please wake up."

I turned my head upwards and there he was, Displayed for me to see.

Aira: "I am awake Clark."

Tears ran off his face.

(Can he not hear me?)

Woman: "He can't hear you darling."

I turned my head around, This woman was definitely beautiful, her eyes were red, her skin was pale, her hair was long and white, she wore a light blue dress.

Aira: "Who are you?"

Woman: "My name is Red, Have you ever wondered who your parents are?"

Aira: "Not a day goes by that I don't wonder."

Red: "Your now being hunted aren't you?"

Aira: "How do you know that?"

Red: "Your witch clan is hunting you because of your forbidden relationship correct?"

Aira: "That is correct but you haven't answered my quest-"

Red: "I've been through this very same thing darling, You want to know who your parents are? Fine I'm your mother, your father used what magic he could to protect me. Because we also did something forbidden, we had you, the person who has been taken care of you is your Grandmother. Your dad entrusted you with his mother, I see you've gotten quite strong with your witch powers to the point where your vampire side left you. If your skin is pierced with any form of fangs you will be the most powerful person in the whole universe, Your hunted because your relationship with a vampire is growing. It worries both clans because they are fearing that history will repeat itself."

Aira: "Why would they have to be afraid?"

Red: "Because if you come out with new powers, just by one simple act of killing one of the clans could throw you to the darkness, Your vampire powers will be strong but with your magical powers you will be undefeatable. If it weren't for your father, you wouldn't be alive."

Aira: "I see, well what kind of vampire are you exactly?"

Red: "I'm the daughter of darkness, When I married your father I became a queen, we hoped that through marriage our clans would unite and have ever lasting peace. However, after we married we've been hunted down. Boy we sure were wrong, we had everything planned out, we thought that we should marry before convincing our clans that it was a good idea. While on the run, we found the exact waterfall you and your lover first met. To pass me through the waterfall your father had to shield me. Once we were passed your father and I came to the decision that we needed to bare a child that could hopefully change the minds of our clans, That's when you came into the world. You were born behind this very waterfall."

Aira: "Well then, that makes me the princess of vampires doesn't it?"

Red: "That's right."

Aira: "What happened to you and my father?"

Red: "Your father put you in a basket under the waterfall hoping that either my father or your grandmother would find you, So he put a note in your basket that said: 'My name is Aira, my parents died and I have nowhere to go please take me in.' Then I sat down inside this cave and I cried, I hoped someone would find you and love you as you are. When your father heard me crying he came in and reassured me that someone would find you and love you, Shortly afterward we heard someone step through the waterfall, so in order to one day see you again your father covered me and turned him into stone. However, by turning him into the stone he turned me into the essence and light that glowed off of him, The stone you felt drawn to was your father."

I could hear Clark crying, I turned my head back to the display that shown him, He placed my head down and walked to the stone.

Clark's point of view.

I put Aira's head down gently. 

(I should've done something!)

I turned my head around and noticed the stone.

(Was that always there?) 

I got up and walked to the stone, I was drawn to it for some reason. I reached my hand to the stone and placed my hand on it. Everything was glowing, I couldn't remove my hand. I turned my head around and could see Aira floating, I closed my eyes and hoped this would save her but I doubt it will.

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Chapter 3: Vampire Blood

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Chapter 4: The Hunt

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Chapter 5: Plans

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Chapter 6: The battle

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Chapter 7: Coming back

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