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Chapter 1: Frosty

Finally I finished the last of my unpacking. I just moved from London to California and now I am Exaughsted. Before I pass out on my bed I need to eat something. "Maya get me something too!" Shouted my big sister Coral. My name is Maya King and my sisters name is Coral King but I call her Coco. We have lived in London half of our lives and now we live in California. Anyway, enough about us more about how to get food. I slipped on my leather jacket and shoes and went outside. I was practically walking around cluelessly but then I found a takeaway/restaurant called WilD. It had the most delicious, mouthwatering food I had ever tasted. EVER. After I ate I packed my sister something and started walking. I was so happy about the food I had just ate I started dancing. "That's some badass dancing" said a good looking stranger.  "Oh yeah ?" I asked as I showed him some more. " you should teach me some day Frosty" he said. "Frosty?" I asked looking puzzled.

"Yeah your hair is a Frosty colour so im gonna call you Frosty!" He said. 

" I have a name ya know!" I said with annoyance. He looked at me in a thoughtful way. He finally broke the silence.

" Nahhh Frosty sound better." "Anyway see ya around Frosty" he said whilst waving goodbye. 

"Bye... umm.?" 

"ETHAN, ETHAN SANTIAGO " he shouted. 

I left home thinking about Ethan. He seemed like a good guy . When I got home I remembered I had school. "Ohh shit! School tomorrow ughh" I fell asleep on my bed waiting for Monday to arrive.

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Chapter 2 : Friends ?

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