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        Normal is not the word to describe me. Some say beautiful, while others say strong or fast. While all three may be true that’s not even the half of it. My name is Roselina Alexandria Collien, but please call me Rose. Here’s the thing I have a very, how to put it, unique situation. I’m a goddess and a princess. Now I know you may be raising your eyebrows saying ‘oh really’, but yes both are true. This may seem kinda weird to you but I think if I explain it to u it may make more since. Let’s start by going back to the very beginning...

    Once there were two gods. There names were Aphrodite and Ares. They were in love with each other. They would see each other over and over again. Let me pause a minute and remind you of something. If you are aware of The Ancient Greek myths you know that Aphrodite was married to the hideous blacksmith Hephaestus. And you will also know that Aphrodite and Ares had several kids that are widely known. Eros also known as Cupid and Harmonia to name a couple. But they had one that no one ever knew about except them and one other god. Know one knew about her because when she was born she was cursed. It is on this night, the night of her birth were are story begins...

       It was in the middle of the night when Aphrodite woke up to other water breaking. The baby was coming. And as soon as this happened she went to the goddess Artemis. Yes some that know Greek mythology might be saying well why not Hera. A couple of reasons. Since Artemis was Apollo sister, and Aphrodite had been having some pretty scary premonitions. She went to Artemis in order to see if Artemis could get information  out out of her about the premonitions. The other think was that she hated Hera and didn’t want to ask her for help. 

        So Aphrodite went to Artemis, and went into labor. And after what seemed like forever the child was finally born. No sooner had the child been born that Ares came in and went to Aphrodite and his new child. When Aphrodite and Ares saw their new child they instantly fell in love. They were in awe of what they saw. She was more beautiful than all of their children before. And when they looked at each other they were both   So happy. Artemis then clears her throat, “I don’t mean to intrude,but as you have made me her sponser can I know what her name is?” 

             Aphrodite rolls her eyes, “it’s godmother not sponser this isn’t 400 bc anymore.” 

“Whatever, so what’s her name?”

          Aphrodite and Ares look at each other and without breaking eye contact they say together “Rosalina”. Then the most life altering thing happens. The new families happiness did not last for long, for as so as the child’s name left their lips there was a bright flash. When the light died three older women appeared. And all of the gods suddenly were extremely scared. For the three goddess we’re none other than the fates. Then the fate Clotho turns to Aphrodite and says “ your daughter has been cursed.” 


“ Your child is cursed, and we know that you already know for u got countless dreams and have been terrified.” 

    Aphrodite looks at the in disbelief. “We can deal with a curse it’s fine.” 

“ Unfortunately you actually can’t just deal with this.” Clotho steps to the end of the bed and her voice suddenly changes and this is what she says: 

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M. G.

Is this fantasy? The start of your story is really interesting, that made me interested. :) Are you a newbie writer here?


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