Broken Promises


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My ipad lit up, it read:

Nolan <3: so you never hung out with Tom? 

Me: I'm not gonna lie, I have before...

Nolan <3: When? 

Me: A month or two ago, before we even were a thing. Let me explain 

Nolan <3: I don't care, you lied to me. I trusted you

Me: I promise you, I did it for good reasons

Nolan <3: Little late for your promises

*Nolan has removed you as a friend*



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The Boy With Blue Eyes

A lot of people write about their perfect lives,  how happy they are. Many talk about how popular they are, and how great their love life is. Then there are some people like me, who write about their pain. I'm not gonna lie, this story starts out pretty great for me. Unfortunately, it turned out awful... because of me. For you to understand the whole story, we're gonna have to rewind it all the way back to four years ago.


I can picture vivid images of that day perfectly inside of my head. It was a Thursday, a cloudy one. I walked into the doorway of my seventh grade homeroom. All my friends were freaking out about a new student that came, I didn't see the big deal... that was until I made eye contact with him. Have you ever looked at someone and instantly just feel comfortable around them? Ever looked at someone and thought, I wanna get to know them? I don't exactly know if this was "love at first sight" but it was different, good different.

 Soon we went outside and I introduced myself, he told me his name was Nolan. Every day after school I had to take the bus, turns out he was on mine. He got on the bus and looked around, that's when it happened again. I met my eyes with his deep blue ones. He was tall, about 6 feet, a whole foot taller than me. He had dark brown hair that was shaped kinda like a mushroom, but in a way it fit him. He sat down, "Ava Right?" 


That night we started texting, it became a daily thing. Days turned to months, and my feelings grew. One night he texted me something that got me excited. It popped up at the top of my phone and read: I think i'm starting to like someone

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