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The Dance

Life cannot understand a thing Death says, but he loves the sound of her voice, soothing him in the saddest tone. He doesn't know what lies behind Death's words.


Half of them hate me, because I broke them, and the other half love me, because I fixed them. But they don't know what I really am. Maybe I'll tell you, if you'll listen. [Flash Fiction Day]

Strangers on the Shore

The novel focuses on and does not promote obsessive compulsive behaviour that is not genetically conditioned, and shows kids drawing shapes in sand, as a teacher is late for school, then trying premature sexual experimentation, but ready to desist on teacher's return. The theme fluctuates between flippant disregard for authority,...

Queen of Ages

Anne is fiercely loyal to Queen Elizabeth II, though conspiracy theories abound about the 124-year-old monarch and her unusual longevity. However, when Anne has her first day as the queen's new chambermaid, she soon discovers something is horribly, terribly wrong.


Contest entry. The queen's picture on this one is far less flattering; her face is twisted into a horrible grimace, and there's a strangely red glow to her eyes. What dark secrets is Elizabeth hiding?