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It was like a punch to the stomach, the moment Sebastian Black uttered those words. River grew bereaved, yet abashed. For he couldn't decipher, why they rejected him. They had not completely read through his resume, yet they turned him down. A deduction that seemed rather hasty, and underwhelming.

River hadn't noticed that it was the stupidity of mentioning his personal life. Something that was completely irrelevant, and moronic of him to do. Yet it stuck with River. The question that anyone would ask in such a situation.


"I-," River paused as he felt a stutter, hindering him from speaking further.

"Thank you for coming, Mr. Kennedi. This interview is over."

"Was it because I was late?" River asked, in a feeble attempt to comprehend the situation and the reason. "Because I can assure you that it will never happen again." River blabbed on, but both Grace and Sebastian remained silent. "I had a little situation with my Car-," Sebastian rose a hand to stop River, who's words halted in an instant. 

"Mr. Kennedi, I do not care for your personal dilemmas. I expect all employees, considered, or employed, to be consistent." Sebastian interjected, his expression aloof and voice dissonant. "You have shown blatant disregard for that, which is another reason this Job is not for you." Sebastian peered away from River, refusing to look him in the eye after lying with such ease.

Taken aback by the man's gruff, and unforgivable tone. River could feel his legs wobbling beneath him. His mind going hazy, as his lips pursed. Forcing dejection, barreling through his mind like a tundra.

"Sebastian, you should rethink that decision. Mr. Kennedi is fit for this position-,"

"A position that we will offer to someone else, with more experience than him." Sebastian's voice grew dry.

"I do not understand," River shook his head, to clear away the fuzziness.

"Look at him, Grace. He does not fit the part, he's much too permissive and spineless." Sebastian acknowledged, causing River to look down at himself.

Grace knew at that moment. That River's mention of his Ex-boyfriend put him in that position. Yet she was the least bit worried about the young man's sexuality. The one thing that coveted her mind, was Sebastian's unmistakable disdain. A thing that did not surprise her. Yet it left her flummoxed and intolerant of her colleague's homophobic behavior.

"Please, I need this Internship. This is my chance to further my career and make something of myself. I will do whatever it takes, I beg of you." River pleaded, which only enraged Sebastian.

"Do not beg!" Sebastian spat, forcing River to recoil in astonishment--impoverished and indignant from disappointment. "It's pathetic!"

At that moment, River forced back the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. He had already experienced enough for one day. Sebastian's evident reproach, was enough to throw him over the edge. Yet he gripped the edge of the cherry wood table, forcing the tears back. River had not expected Sebastian Black to be so sharp and cruel towards him. Yet he tried to fathom the occurrence. Feeling his insides split open as if impaled by a metal spike.

"Sebastian!" Grace gibed. A reproachful smile on her face, as his gaze drifted to hers. "May I have a word with you?" She forced a smile, "In private." She demanded in a stern voice, the moment he opened his mouth to deny her request.

"My apologies, Mr. Kennedi. I need to have a few words with my Colleague." Grace excused herself politely. Flashing River an apologetic smile--an awkward yet audible chuckle following after.

"Oh, um. OK!" River beamed, his green eyes twinkling.

Grace rose from her chair, as if in a hurry. Causing the chair's legs to scrape against the marble floor in cacocacophonous ramblings. Echoing through the Conference Room--splitting River's eardrums. For he was still baffled, in the most harrowing of ways.

Sebastian gazed after Grace, as she strode towards the glass doors. He then shifted his gaze to River--distaste heavy in his handsome features. Sebastian rose to his feet, gritting his teeth in contempt. Knowing what was to happen, the moment he and Grace were outside the room. A conversation, with questions that would no doubt incite his arrogance. Yet he had no choice. Grace was a voice of Black Co. A voice of reason that Sebastian had to listen to.

Even, when he didn't want to listen. 

River watched as Sebastian and Grace exited the Conference Room. Both disparaged by their silent disagreement. Their gestures and body language was enough to alert River. He knew then that the Job was not his, yet he kept a smile on his face.

At least until he had the pleasure of leaving.

Bothered that he had allowed himself to be late. Though he found it hard to feel guilty, for checking up on his own Mother. A thing that he had always done, despite their bad history together. Yet one terrible thing happened after another. Like a chain of events, hellbent on seeing River fail.

From Dr. Hasan's words that discouraged River. To the car breaking down, then being late--to having been turned down. A chain, so unexpected yet harrowing. For he expected the day to shine some light, on his rather gloomy mood.

River was confident that things couldn't get worse. Even with all that happened, he learned that he should not think about such trivial things. Yet it was his own bad luck. Goat mouthed and fought against by the cosmos. Facing the wrath of an unknown entity that wished to see him buried in his own defeat.

After a minute of hope, and burgeoning nausea. River was brimming with trepidation and querulous rancor--for himself.

Sebastian and Grace had returned to the Room. River discerned both's displeasure with one another. Only grace held sympathy towards River. Someone that she saw promise in, and a bright future ahead of. He was well-mannered, and expressed himself in a polite and steadfast fashion. Not too confident, and not at all to overindulgent. Traits that were vital to the role of an Intern, in the Black Co. establishment.

"Mr. Kennedi," Grace's eyes regarded River. A solemn look on her face, which was a result of seeing the one on River's.

She grew more and more impressed by his demeanor, and his smile. A forced smile, due to him knowing the exact words to come out of her mouth next. Yet he upheld a calm approach--something that many his age lacked.

"Me and Mr. Black, have come to a final decision in regards to your application, and we-,"

"Your application is lacking and your credentials do not match the Internship criteria. Our apologies for wasting your time, sir." Sebastian butted in with haste.

A small frown crinkled Grace's nose. Adding more wrinkles to her forehead as it was. River complied with a nod. Smiling through clenched teeth, as he rose to his wobbling feet. Attempting to mask his jarring despondency.

The moment River received news of the offered internship. It had excited River beyond any measure of his insecurities. His validation was perfect, and he had acquired all the necessary requirements. Yet, he felt there had to be more to the story. He heard the faint echoes of a nagging voice, telling him that even if he had not been late. He still would have gotten turned down--regardless.

"Thank you for having me," he managed to muster a cool voice, as a means to hide his disgruntlement.

"Thank you for coming, Mr. Kennedi." Grace gave him a watery smile, her voice brimming with congealed affectivity.

River gave a curt nod at them both. Gathering his files in its neat jacket, then left without another word.

Grace turned to Sebastian, nodding in disbelief. He had lied to someone--that they did not have what it took to get a well-deserved Internship. A position that River Kennedi got vetted for. His high appraisals and recommendations, coming from a high caliber University.

"You are unbelievable, Sebastian." Grace muttered, her voice brittle and stern, yet Sebastian remained neutral and unaffected. "You need to get over whatever sins your Father committed. That boy has nothing to do with that!"

"I take it you are not pleased, Grace." Sebastian noted, his voice bored and uninterested.

Grace scoffed, waving him off in a dismissive gesture. "Sometimes I can't fathom how you run this Company with that arrogance of yours." Grace rose from her seat, gathering her files beneath her arm.

"You are aware that it's what I am meant to do, don't you?" He questioned with a coy smile.

"Where's your empathy, Sebastian?" She asked, but he kept his irritation at bay. "Where's your compassion towards others?" Sebastian refused to answer her questions, for they were rather irrelevant to him. Still, he grew annoyed with it. Bothered by her judgment, even if he failed to show it.

"You were not raised to be this closed minded, to how other people lived their lives!" Grace was seething with disappointment. "Where's the young man that I knew all those years ago?"

"He died the moment that man finally kicked the bucket!" Sebastian spat with dripping hatred. Grace shook her head in blatant display of her vehemence, but dialed back her retort. 

She broke into a brisk walk towards the door, but halted then, spun on her heels to face him once more. "He was the right fit for that Internship, Sebastian. You know that as well as I do, but if you want to act like a Child. Then, so be it!" She snapped, fixing her Jacket then stalking from the Conference Room--no doubt peeved.

Sebastian kept his gaze glued to the City before him. Thinking of different options for the internship that his Company offered. He was certain that another could fill those shoes. Only, he didn't think of the shoes that River Kennedi would be filling, as much as the ones he had to wear himself. 

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Chapter One

 17 Hours Before..

River Kennedi entered the relative calm of his small, shared Apartment Complex. A rundown space, with second hand Furniture and displays of amateur art. A place kept spotless, except for the litter of completed, half finished and discarded paintings and drawings. The only case of disarray, against the washed out, but immaculate decor. 

River whisked his Raven black hair, away from his face. Squinting his emerald green eyes, against the burning haze of oil paint and acetone. He kicked off his old converse Sneakers, shaking off his knapsack--discarding it on the floor beside his shoes. He yawned marginally, feeling his body grow fatigued as his clothes rustled. His baggy Denims and Pullover Hoodie, a size to big for his petite frame. 

His face was contrite with weariness, and his legs ached from working a twelve hour shift. Something he was accustomed to, yet still found the side effects to be entirely bothersome. 

A loud clang in the Kitchen echoed throughout the Apartment. Capturing River's attention as he shimmied out of his grey Pullover, dropping it on the old, cloth Couch. 

"Shit!" The voice of his Roommate followed shortly after, making River chuckle lightly as he walked towards the Kitchen. 

James Bordeaux, the Roommate,  was standing over a spilled bucket of Canvas paint. A gruff frown on his subtly handsome features. His dirty blond hair caught up in a messy ponytail, and his blue eyes scowling at the predicament he faced. 

The paint had splattered all over the low, wooden cupboards--forming a puddle on the tiled floors. It's bright tint leaving speckles of red across the small, old doors. 

"That's gonna be a little hard to remove," River said, jolting James out of his terrified trance. 

"River! Goddammit, you scared the crap out of me!" James exclaimed frowning--his British accent as deep and attractive, as his magazine worthy face.

"You'll get over it, once you get that mess cleaned up. We can barely afford to pay for this place as it is and I'm pretty sure Ms. Corrigan won't appreciate your splatter art all over her Kitchen Cupboards." River mused and James mocked his smile. 

"Ha ha, you're a bloody comedian." James deadpanned, entirely annoyed. 

"And you're a bloody mess." River faked a British accent, causing James's bushy eyebrows to scrunch up in confusion. 

"Are you going to help me or not?" James asked, his ocean blue eyes pleading. 

River scoffed lightly, knowing well that he needed rest for the next day to come. Another five hours at the Burger Joint, and the next few hours of daylight searching for a new Job. 

"Nope." River said, walking towards the Refrigerator. The only decent piece of electrical appliance in the small, stuffy Apartment. 

"I hate you," James griped out and River grinned. 

"I'll live with myself." River said, removing a bottle of spring water. "Besides, I need to rest. I have a long day ahead tomorrow. You know I'd have helped, if I wasn't so sleepy." 

"This is why you should have chosen Art as a Major, yah bloody wanker." James implored, watching River down the bottle of Water in just one go. 

"I don't think your Professors would appreciate my stick figures, and enigmatic smearing of paint with my tiny and not so manly fingers." River said with a thoughtful nod, making James roll his eyes. 

"Fine I'll do it my damned self, meanie." James sassed and River smiled, nudging James as he passed him. Careful not to step into the paint, that would have surely stuck to his feet for days. 

"Where's Cassie?" River asked, noticing that James' character of a Girlfriend wasn't around. "She's usually strolling around half dressed, speaking crazy and screaming at you." River grinned at James. 

"Watch it, Mr. I can't get a Boyfriend because I'm too busy with my Business Degree." James mocked in a freakishly squeaky voice, and River frowned at the inaccuracy of it. 

"Hey, I don't sound like that! And I sure as hell don't have time to be coddled and fondled by a man." River challenged, but James simply scoffed. 

"And I presume fondling yourself while you think I'm sleeping is better?" James grimaced at River, who's cheeks tinted in abysmal embarrassment. 

"Dammit those old ass, squeaky beds," River cursed under his breath. James only smirked at River's rant, but he instantly realized he was allowing the paint to dry. 

"At least you're man enough to admit it," James gibed, roaming through drawers for something to clean the mess with. 

"Shut your Pie-hole, and clean that paint up, Mr. Bordeaux." River retorted, throwing the empty, water bottle at James' head. 

"You bloody plonker!" James screamed as River sped-walked away. 

River loved the Banter between him and James. It was the one thing he looked forward to, after a long day of rude Customers and a nagging Boss. He however felt the urge to tell James that he had been fired. But he also hoped that the Internship that he had been contacted about, would be granted before he had to. 

It had been days since he submitted his resume. He thought of it almost every hour, which led to him being distracted. It also roused up a sudden confidence in him. A confidence that made River talk back at his Boss, Mr. Bash. Who then proceeded to fire him. He thought if only he had kept his mouth shut--then again. River was tired of being spat on, walked over and screamed at by a man that was much shorter than him. A man who in James's most colorful opinion, was an Arsemonger.

River entered the cramped interior of his Bedroom. A rectangular space, with mismatched wooden, metal, and plastic furniture. He hurriedly stepping out of his Denims, grimacing at the sudden coldness--seeping through his pores. Caused by the stone floor, that was the same bland, cream color as the papered walls. Murky and as boring as River thought himself. A trait he hated, yet lived with because of his past. 

He discarded the Blue Denims atop his bed, yawning and covering his mouth. 

River huffed heavily as he fell backwards into the Bed--in his boxers and an old but favored Band Shirt. Frowning as the loud squeaking resonated throughout the entire Bedroom. He gazed up at the lightbulb in the ceiling, his facial expression neutral. 

He quickly fished his phone from his left pocket. Sliding the cracked screen across, hoping to find something interesting. He then decided to check his emails, a small twinge of hope, inspiriting within him. That hope burst into nauseating nervousness, as he saw the brand new email in his inbox. 

Titled; Black and Co. Application

He swiftly flew up, in a sitting position. His heart palpitating so loud, he could hear it beating as if within his eardrums. With a fidgeting thumb, he opened the email. But his mobile data seemed to be slowed down, as it usually did when his megabytes ran dry. 

So he waited ten seconds, but nothing

Another ten seconds, then his patience ran dry--yet still there was nothing. 

He opted to wait another ten, but he gave up after just three seconds, the moment he remembered his Laptop. The only thing in the Apartment, that was connected to the Neighbor's Wifi. 

"Crappy phone!" River cursed under his breath, dropping the cellphone on the Bed. 

He then rose to his feet, hurriedly striding towards his cluttered Computer Desk. Where his HP laptop sat, halfway opened. He hastily opened it up, narrowing his gaze as the screen lit up. Within seconds, he entered his password and smiled. For the screen was already on the email tab. 

He paused for a second, even more agitated than before. His head felt swollen, and he feared if he water any longer. 

His brain would explode. 

River squeezed his eyes shut, clicking the mouse once. He let out a dry huff of air, slowly opening one eye. 

From: Grace Keller, CFO. Black & Co. 

Received 12:55 pm. 

Subject: Re:Application.

After reading that first line, both of River's eyes opened. Peering at the screen, with squinty yet eager eyes. 

Hello Mr. Kennedi, 

           This reply is in regards to the Internship Application that you have submitted. I have to say I'm quite pleased with your Resume, and I look forward to you attending a scheduled Interview. 

An excited scream erupted from River's lips, but both his hands swiftly covered his mouth to stop himself. River looked around, to see if James was nearby--unable to contain his excitement. He soon squeaked almost inaudibly, continuing the email. 

I have taken the liberty of setting up an interview on the nearest date possible. I hope that you will be able to attend on such short notice. I am aware that you have been recommended, by a well known Professor at Lockwood University here in New York. 

However, I wasn't able to review your Application until earlier today, but it is to my understanding that it had been sent to us a week ago. 

My apologies for the wait, and I sincerely do hope that the chosen date of the Interview is convenient to your daily schedule. 

See below. 

January 21, 2016. 3:00pm. 

Looking forward to meeting you, Mr. Kennedi!

River's eyes widened as he read the date out loud. He was finally rudely interrupted by James--bounding into the Room. A bottle of Jergens Lotion, clutched in his hands--almost defensively. 

"Umm," River grunted and James's frightened expression, changed to one of relief. 

"Thank heavens! I thought someone attacked you!" James said, clutching his chest with genuine concern written in his eyes. 

River however, glanced from James, to the bottle of Lotion in his hands. "So you came to my rescue with a bottle of Lotion." It was more of a statement than a question, and James frowned at the revelation. 

"Uhh, yes?" 

"What were you going to do?" River asked and James's left eyebrow rose in limpid puzzlement. "Moisturize them to death?" River queried, and James's gaze flattened. 

"Has this bloody thing ever been in your eyes?" James asked, walking into the Room. 

"No, it hasn't." River said, sounding a little bit concerned. 

"Oh, well." James dropped the bottle of Lotion on River's bed as he plopped down lazily. "The least you could do is say, 'thank you James, for coming to save me. What a true knight in shining armor you are." James recited, almost too dramatically and River groaned in angst. 

"Thank you James, for coming to my rescue with a bottle of Lotion, obviously almost empty due to your rigorous amounts of masturbation." River mused and James cocked an eyebrow in his direction. "Your beds are squeaky too." River smirked at James's horrified look. "But as you can see, I'm fine. Just excited." 

"That's what that girly scream was?" James asked, befuddled and River face-palmed himself roughly. 

"No, you moron, well, kind of!" River seemed confused, and James seemed even more baffled. "I'm excited because I got the Internship." River deadpanned finally and James scowled. 

"The Black & Co.?" He asked and River glared at him incredulously. 

"No, for" River muttered, "Yes! For Black & Co. you twit!" River snapped and James glared at him, but it soon turned into a broad smile. 

"Now way!" James exclaimed excitedly and River grinned proudly. 

"Yes, way!" 

"I knew you would get it, babe!" James said confidently and River blushed, a big grin on his lips that hurt from smiling a bit too much. 

"The interview's tomorrow!" River said, rising from his seat and sitting down beside James. 

"Uhh, tomorrow, tomorrow?"James's smile faded, worrying River immensely. 

"Yes tomorrow," River answered, his smile fading a little as he saw the look on James's face. "Aren't you excited?" River asked with a pout and James sighed heavily. 

"I am, I am but-," he paused and River frowned marginally. "You have to go see your Mum tomorrow. You know that visits to that God- forsaken place is complicated enough as it is." 

River scowled as he pondered the outcome of not going to see his Mother. 

He considered not going, but the Hospital only allowed visits twice per week in that Ward. So River had a decision to make, and it was enough to down his spirits. 

"Ugh, you're right." River said, falling back on the Bed. 

James followed suit, and they both gazed up at the ceiling. River was lost in thought, and James opted to remain quiet. To give River time to think about his options, and come up with a solution to his problem.

"Do you think she'll wake up?" River asked and James shrugged. "What if she does and I'm not there?" He queried, but James didn't have the answers he sought after. 

"I don't know, babe." James sighed, his worry for his Best Friend, obvious and genuine. "This Internship is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If your Mother does wake up from her Coma, I'm sure she'll understand why you weren't there." James advised and River gritted his teeth, considering James' words deeply. 

"The Interview is at 3:00, and visiting hours starts at 2:30pm." River acknowledged, and James nodded. 

"Go see your Mother, if even for ten minutes then go to your interview. Your Mother lived her life, despite how terribly it turned out. Don't let anything stop you from living yours," James said as he rose from the Bed, nudging River's cheeks in the process. 

"Ok," River pursed his lips, rising up to a sitting position. 

"I'm going to make us some Pasta, and you can tell me all about this new internship." James grinned and River blushed lightly, smiling up at James. 

"Ok," River nodded and James rose an eyebrow at him. "Babe," River let out exasperated, and James pointed a finger at him--clearly pleased. 

River watched in angst as James exited the room--his feet pattering against the floor lightly. He then turned to his Laptop--a slight grimace masking his features. 

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Chapter Two


Sebastian Black, fell back into the invitingly soft, silky sheets of his king sized bed. A sound of pure pleasure, enraptured in his deep, guttural grunt. His intense, ocean blue eyes reflecting the chandelier light from the ceiling above. Devilishly handsome features displaying humility, with a trace of mischievousness thrown in. His perfect ebony hair, disheveled and pressed against the pillows lightly. His pouted lips--full and kissable. 

Definitely sexy, definitely arrogant and definitely a bachelor. With his rough good looks, and heavy stubble of facial hair. Adding to his dangerous appeal, and gorgeous eyes. As blue as the ocean, with a gaze as deep as the depths below. 

Two smaller hands, manicured to perfection roamed his chest. The hands of Kellie Cardin--a bombshell blond with more silicone than morals. Sitting atop Sebastian and straddling him--bouncing, moaning, gasping, and groping. An irreverent session of sex. Sending long, raucous waves of ecstasy between them. In seconds, they orgasmed with simultaneous grunts of pleasure. Both too drained to speak, or to even breathe properly. 

Kellie climbed from atop Sebastian, falling down into the softness of the bedding. Panting, and sweating. Completely pleased, and irrevocably satisfied. 

Kellie shifted her weight, turning to lay on her side. Her nakedness glowing under the orange luminance of the ceiling lights. Her blond hair cascading on the pillows, like the finest silk. Her brown eyes twinkled, and her pouted pink lips curled into a pleased smile. 

She watched Sebastian. Marveling at the man's raw sex appeal--just radiating like the heat of the Sun, on a hot pavement during midday. His bulging pecs, and impressively muscled biceps adding to that allure. They way they flexed, and stretched as his body moved. Like the scintillating waves on the Ocean. Calm and resplendent, yet dominant and dangerous. 

They had met many nights like this. But it always ended the same, with Sebastian calling his Driver to take her Home. Yet, she felt as if she wanted to stay with him. To even speak about something else, besides what they wanted to do to each other. It had grown old, and Kellie feened for something more. She grew weary of being his on-call sex toy. She grew slightly irritated by his arrogance, but it was intoxicating. 

"Sebastian," she called, tracing her right index finger across the hard, bulging contours of his chest. 

"Kellie," he spoke, but kept his eyes focused on the chandelier above them. 

"I wish you would look at me." Her voice pleaded and Sebastian's annoyance spiked. "We just made love-," 

"We've talked about this." Sebastian's voice lowered. Sounding as stern as the frown on his face. 

"In my experience with this, arrangement. We barely ever talk, if any at all." Kellie snapped. 

Sebastian rose from the Bed, without bothering to cover himself. He turned towards Kellie, his jawline hardening as he bellied up to speak. 

"We both agreed," Sebastian began, his fists clenching. "We both decided that this would never be more than just sex, Kellie." 

"Are you even Human?" Kellie asked, modest enough to cover her chest with the white bedspreads. 

"What difference does that make?" 

"You can't tell me that you don't feel anything!" Kellie's voice rose an octave higher than Sebastian could tolerate. 

He hadn't expected her to be that affected by his words. Because they had both agreed, that getting emotionally attached was not a part of their deal. They only screwed whenever he wanted, and that was it. No phone conversations were exchanged. No text messages, or voicemails. 

Just a single call, to set a date for a romp. Nothing else of substance or value, yet Kellie was developing feelings. A sure sign that Sebastian needed to end things, before they turned even more sour. 

"I'll call my Driver," Sebastian muttered simply, then strode away. "He'll be here in under twenty minutes."

Sebastian grabbed a pair of boxers from a hallway closet. Hurriedly putting them on, then walking across the modestly designed, Penthouse Living Room area. Sparsely decorated, with grand paintings lining the walls. 

A gorgeous and modern Apartment, granted access by an elevator. Big windows, high ceilings and a grand Foyer leading out to an equally entrancing Terrace. A fireplace on one wall and a 15 foot wall of glass, featuring the firefly-like glow of New York's nighttime lights. Glass and cut crystal everywhere, capturing the glow of the City--ahead and below. Beautiful lighting fixtures, as if out of a modern fairy tale, donning the ceilings. Every bit of Sebastian's expensive tastes. 

Beside the typically large Kitchen--that was rarely ever used. Stood a grand Mini-Bar, stocked with the most expensive, imported Wines, hard Liquor and Spirits. Sebastian chose a 30 year old bottle of Hibiki. A small bottle of Irish Whiskey, expensive enough to fund a small business--with change remaining. 

Sebastian poured himself a quarter glass, sipping it with a grunt as it burned his throat. It's crisp flavor, and smooth, balmy richness coating his tastebuds pleasingly. He could hear Kellie fumbling about--angry as a feline that had been provoked. 

He however failed to understand why she was so hurt. She was a beautiful woman, with a radiant smile, a voluptuous body, and enough money to afford ten Islands. 

Or to afford any man she wanted

Yet she only seemed to favor him.

She then walked into the Living Room. Pumps clicking against the marble floors, as she fumbled with her figure fitting dress. His eyes roamed over her body--but being him, he fought the urge to take her again. Knowing what ideas it would put in her mind. Ideas he wasn't too keen on giving--considering her previous rant. 

Yet he grew hard watching her in the Dress. It's delicate v-cut, and plunging neckline. Giving a clear view of her firm bosoms. Tanned and in perfect sync with the rest of her skin tone. The lacy material of the Dress gave her soft, olive skin a cool contrast. Highlighting her complexion, and making her brown eyes pop. Her makeup had been re-done--perfectly too along with her hair. 

'It appeared she knew more than how to suck a good cock.' Sebastian thought with a chuckle. Kellie heard the deep rumble in Sebastian's throat--glaring at his audacity. 

"Do you want a drink?" He asked--preferably to appear cordial. 

"No, thank you." She said, her lips drawn in a tight line. 

"Suit yourself," he droned and she rolled her eyes. Irritation apparent in her soft, brown eyes. "My Driver will be here shortly." 

"Hmm," she grunted, walking towards the large, tan leather couch. Her gaze following the view ahead, with a trace of pure disdain in her shadowed eyes. 

She took a seat. Crossing her legs, like a classy debutante. As if her brains hadn't just been pummeled into his headboard--like a common harlot. A long beat of silence passed, with Kellie just peering up at Sebastian--drinking him in. Yet the composure he exuded was unmistakably puerile. 

Sebastian took his glass, and strode to his Terrace. Letting the sound of the City wash over him. The beauty of the lights, reflected in his optimistic eyes. But he thought of nothing more than the future. The future of Black Co. The future of his fortune, and who would take over. Nothing else found its way into his mind. 

Which left him diminished to a machine. 

No emotions expressed. No empathy felt, or returned. Just a dark void, that he'd been warned about. For the sake of his own life. 

Yet--he took no heed. 

He just lived to thrive, and be successful. Selfish enough, to not want anyone else to share it with. And not for the sake of greed, but fear. A deep, overbearing fear that he might fall in love with the wrong person. 

The night had come and past--just like a distant memory in Sebastian's mind. His eyes fluttered open, squinting against the assault of ultraviolet rays. His body was angled in perfect precision, but his head ached from the eventful night he had. 

Before he could reflect on anything else. Sebastian swung his legs off to the side of the large bed. Gazing ahead, at the full view of Manhattan. His gaze drifted to the modern, bedside Clock. It's red digits telling him, 8:45. Time for him to begin his morning routine. He opted to do a quick 20 minute workout before his shower--no breakfast on his mind. 

For a man as successful as he, people would have thought he had his own household Staff. But Sebastian was as simplistic as he was arrogant. He chose only to hire a Housekeeper, who came three times per week. His clothes were dry cleaned--down to his underwear. 

Instead of breakfast, Sebastian prepared a Strawberry, Protein Shake. Opting to take it with him, whilst heading to work. 

At approximately 9:25, Sebastian stepped out of the entrance of the Park Avenue Building. Dressed in his expensively tailored, single-breasted suit ensemble. Done in a muted gray and black pinstripe print fabric. Finished with classic loafers and velvet, mandarin print Tie. His hair was slicked back, in a classic side quiff, highlighting his chiseled, Russian cheekbones. 

He was Greeted by the sounds of the bustling City. A maelstrom of Car horns, voices, and vehicles whisking by. Also an eager Chauffeur, with a megawatt smile, and a penchant to please Sebastian. 

"Fine morning, Mr. Black," Grover Meeks, Sebastian's Drive of ten years greeted with a broad smile. A scraggly man in his late fifties--dressed impressively in his Chauffeur's Uniform. A symbol of professional and quiet, dignified service--complete with the matching Chauffeur's hat. "Any stops before we head to the Office today, Sir?" The older man asked, covering his greying hair with his hat. 

"Tiffany's, Grover." Sebastian replied, and Grover nodded. 

Tiffany's was Sebastian's stop, almost every morning. The only place he could get a decent cup of Decaf, before starting his day. 

They made their way to to the Chrysler Limo. Custom outfitted and decked out, with the most modern of interiors. Grover quickly opened Sebastian's door, nodding curtly as Sebastian ducked into the vehicle. Grateful for the fine leather, and tinted windows as he settled. 

As they drove down 7th Avenue, whizzing past buildings and other vehicles. Sebastian peered out of the windows, lost in thought. It was yet another day, which seemed to already be another very long one. Sebastian ached for a Vacation, but he was too focused on the next few weeks of business deals. Deals he couldn't, and didn't plan on missing. 

The startling tone of his smartphone, blared throughout the Limo and Sebastian grimaced. Without looking at the screen, he answered--already desperate to end the call. 

"Yes, Grace." Sebastian greeted with fake enthusiasm. 

"Sebastian, I see you're alive and well." Grace sassed, referring to Sebastian's night spent with Kellie. 

"The Witch hasn't bled me, and plucked my heart out as yet." Sebastian mused--regarding Grace's unequivocal detestation, for Kellie Cardin. 

"Aren't you the lucky one," she grumbled, and Sebastian could picture the deep set frown on her face. "Just calling you to remind you of the new Intern, River Kennedi." 

"Yes, I've reviewed her Application. It's quite impressive," Sebastian noted, and Grace grunted. "If I do say so myself," 

"You didn't read it, did you?" Grace asked sounding disappointed, yet sure. 

"What gave it away," Sebastian asked, unambiguously amused at Grace sucking her teeth. 

"The fact that you didn't say it's ok, and the fact that River Kennedi is of the male species." Grace quipped and Sebastian grunted. 

"Who names their Son, River?" Sebastian asked and Grace could be heard, mumbling incoherently on the other end of the line. 

"Just get to the Office before 12:00pm, we have to review his Application together, before the interview at 3:00." 

"I'm already on my way there." Sebastian informed her, scowling at his reflection in a car as it overtook the Limo. "Making a stop at Tiffany's. Can I get you anything?" 

"Why yes! I would love a-," Sebastian quickly cut the call--chuckling below his breath. 

"Grover, step on it." Sebastian ordered and Grover nodded. 

"You've got it sir," Grover grinned, pressing down on the gas pedal. Sending them across Manhattan Boulevard, and into the fray of early morning traffic. 

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Nine

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Chapter Ten

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