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The beginning.

 Ughhh Middle school don’t we all hate it 🙄 Yup I do I’m in middle school (Everything I write IS HAPPENING) lemme get you started on what’s happening 👌🏼 Maddie, known her since pree school wish I didn’t 💀 she’s a slut that wants attention because she can’t get it at home. Makayla, sweet nice, SIKE fucking bitch that talks shit on everyone but when they find out she cry’s 🙄 fucking baby, Ethan😍 my baby(boyfriend) sweet, there is honestly no words for him he’s just amazing 🙂😂 Abby, 👭 Best friend forever 🙂 I’ll tell you the reset later there not important really 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyways At school there’s this guy named Devin (also my ex) he told me that he liked me again and he FUCKING KISSED ME KN MU CHEEK BUT I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!! So I started cussing at him 🤬🤬 and THEN HE SLAPS MY ASS!!!! Then I tell Ethan! And he got soooo fucking pissed but here’s the thing Ethan lives in Virginia and I live... some where else 😂 but he said whenever he comes and sees me he’s gonna beat the fuck gotta him!! 😂 then like the next day I get yelled at by Maddie because Ethan used to like this other girl kay and they flirted but he was with me at that time to and she was with my friend Libby and Libby and Kay broke up when me and Libby found out but me and Ethan can’t live without each other and he regrets it Ik him and he hasn’t done it since (and I have all his passwords so if you wanna hate go ahead🙄 bitchez) anyways lemme tellyou how me and Ethan even met (I have to tell you this first or it wouldn’t make since) so when me and Maddie where friends she liked Ethan I had no idea who he was at that time tho but she wanted to get over him so I helped her but it just ended up me liking him and him liking me so we got together 🤷🏻‍♀️ But Maddie was MAD!!! And she told makayla everything!! So makayla commented on my post saying “Oh you know he is cheating on you with Libby” no true libby is by sexual 🤦🏻‍♀️ And she has a girlfriend!! AND I HAVE ALL ETHANS PASSWORDS! 🙄 there so fucking annoying I swear and so Ethan has all my passwords to so he got the notification to and went off on makayla okay so back to the main topic makayla told Maddie that he went off on her and Maddie went off on me saying “YOUR BOYFRIEND IS SO FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL”but she got into so much trouble I didn’t Ha!!! (Find out the rest tomorrow this is gonna he like a little diary on my phone soo cya 

Published on 1/28/18

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