Something on the Moon


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Chapter 1

Dr Mason turned from the telescope, his eyes enlarged by his glasses were wide with watering fear. 

The look filled Dr Jacobs with confusion.

'Run,' said Dr Mason.

'What?' said Dr Jacobs.

'Run, damn you.'


'There was s-something on the moon, run.'

'I don't understand.'

A shriek ripped out of Dr Mason's lips and he bent forwards, clutching at his chest. It made Jacobs stumble back a few steps.

'What's wrong, Mason? I'll call an ambulance.'

'No, just go, it's too'

'I don't understand.'

'No and it's better you...don't. Now go! Please.'

Dr Jacobs backed away, his thumping, shuddering heart seemed to be his whole world. He turned and ran.

It was then the claws clasped around his neck and yanked him off his feet.

'Too late!' said an inhuman, echoing voice.

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