We Are Going to Have A Ball


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A Brief detailed summary of a physical facade between ones reality & another's potential preference 

*This is the whole poem.

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Chapter 1

She seems like a GoodGirl.

I open up her door's, then she opens up to me.

Eventually I hold her hesitantly by the waist.

Smooth Music begins to play.

My Palm's study the curves of her body.

We're dancing face to face.

I'm sort of wishing we could've been back at my place.

As this event takes place.

You should.

Be my chic, I would.

Treat you right, you'd.

Never get left behind.

Or atleast a close girl, a female I could trust.

Who I know would be loyal as they came, & baby.

Maybe we could touch sometimes. . . live within lust.

As we listen to Billie Holiday.

Then maybe I could get a kiss, if I let some Al Green play.


Or maybe not.

I know long-term relationship it was not, but.

Damn girl I, miss that chic.

You aren't like all these other birds; you're nothing similar to Ol'Girl.

Girl you're so fly to me.

I know I'm just another boy to you, but I want you to meet my world.

Hell I haven't even took out time to take a test for my permit.

Then again I have time to think about her, & write shit like this.

Damn, I wish that feel of her feel was permanent.

ShoutOut to those heels that made you the perfect height that Nite.

Complimented by The Dress you wore, you were workin It.

You didn't even have to tip on your toes to kiss my neck.

Damn, your feel felt so rite, you were really it . . .


&. . . Still is.

Well at least for the moment.

We get back to public, I can't even touch you nor hold it.

I can't grab ya ass or, pet ya pussy as I previously did. . .

There were those few moments mixed with the things you showed me that through me off.

You got me thinking "Ain't this bouta Bitch"

Now you can't find enough time for a YoungThung at all.

Despite the fact when together we had a ball.

Is it because I don't yet have a 9 to 5.

Is it because I told you I want you.

Is it because I prefer to give my girl anything she pleases.

Am I Too polite, should I never have felt you that Nite.

Was it too early, should I have lied.

When you know what you want, what's the since of waiting.

If I see an appetizing course, & I want to taste it there is no need to navigate a waitress.

I will get you myself.

If I had it my way, I'd. 

Take you out, pay for dinner.

Feed you whichever desert you desire, then slip off your shoes.

As telling you "Ladie relax, savour this time and don't think about anything within your past."

Now digest.

Layback, I Know you're full.

Next I'll rub ya smooth stomach, so you'll release any gas.

That has been blew at you, just to get at you by any hasbeens, & finally tell you;

"Forget what it has been, I'm going to change your future.

You can't get hurt when you're with me, I'll heal that bruise.

I'll seduce you, you'll curl your toes as I cruise your curves.

You're under my control, you still have control though

Those hips, lips, and thighs are hypnotized.

There you lie, I can not lie.

Your eyes are mine, though they control my mind currently.

We shall communicate telepathically till the pain heightens to extreme,

To the point 'till where my grip counter reacts your griping

The penetration is pleasuring, your focus is on me.

Don't worry about me, I'm use to pain.

I'm a professor of Pleasure.

Don't worry about me, I know how to survive in a Sea.

I'm from the See, tonite you'll be F'n a G.

Articulating your sexual temptations while perspiring, & swimming with me

I Slowly Slither my Seductive Serpent Slightly within.

In a rush you tighten your thighs leaving my face pressed inside, with my shoulders harnessing your shin's.

You let out a High-Pitched Sigh, as your pupils dramatically pierce the pitch black ones of mines.

Asking is "Sex without marriage a sin."

I reply honestly signaling;

"No. I Am in love, and married to Art. Rite now you're looking like Hera. So just wrap your hair-up, and let me take you higher. As I poetically paint your canvass uplifting.

Any previous pain because Today you are my masterpiece, & to have you at my place Tonite was decided by fate, whether you had other plans or not. It's too late, & leaving me is what you're not.

I Am Pharaoh.

I Am King,

Don't worry about your previous encounters with so called deities.

They don't control, know, or mold a damn thing.

I am the creator.

Anymore questions, if so let me know.

If not . . .

Tell me I Am your Man, give me something sweet.

Let that Damn flow as I feel, because eventually it's going to leak.

No matter what you think and, If there's no second guessing.

May we continue the steps of sexing and paint these pale sheets."

You say; "Yes", & you finally give up on saying No.

You stop stressing, you hold on to me, while letting go.

You never get hurt again, because you let me take control.

I still find it astounding that you never knew.

As many will never know.

Pain is pleasure, depending on the professor and how he chooses to let his thoughts brew.

Pleasure is also pain, either way within any realm of Life there is always a Yin & Yang.

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