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Freedom from me

Craving freedom in my mind, how corrupted Am i to be slaved from own self? How I run on the same road that takes me nowhere. I desire my thoughts to clear, I desire to see only what reality gives me; not to question of what I see is real but to now it is real. I fall down to the deep abyss to where I can’t see light but the only friend I have are voices that consume my every action. My friend why do you haunt me? My friend why do I desire to be normal? I’m mocked at for being different, in yet I crave the what they have.        


        Freedom from the mind is what allows me to choose my actions. I’m lost in hole to where my only friends are the ones that keep me chained. The voices, the voices I called friend, why do you torture my soul? All I ever wanted, was freedom to think and believe to what I deemed believable. I can’t believe, for you are my puppet master. 

      I see you now, the dark coat which you where and the raven that follows me where ever I go. Why raven? Why are eyes as red as hell chasing my broken soul? All I ever wanted was my freedom. To be deemed normal in society so maybe the ones I crave most would stop mocking me for my insanity. 

         God save me, God help me. Why have you broken my soul? Why have you taken every fraction of my reality?Why have I lost freedom? Take my hands, take my legs but allow me to have my freedom. Let me see through my eyes not the eyes of insanity. Do you love me? Do you care? 

      I see your hand God, I see the strength of which you hold. Don’t reach for me because I do not deserve. I am correded and beaten by insanity. I ask for your strength to beat what I fear, I ask for your love to fight my endless endeavors. My mold has been harden; I will be forgotten 

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