Bigfoot: On The Russian Outlands


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Chapter 1- sighting among the snow

 Russia, 1956. 

“ Hey Joe, come on, let’s go in the Forrest!” dared Tom,

“ Are you sure?” questioned Joe, “ It is pitch black, it would be so creepy!”

“ Ahhh, c’mon U big baby,” mocked Tom. Joe reluctantly nodded, they put their head torched on and ventured forward, into the woods.The snow crumbled beneath their hiking boots, twigs snapped and their breath could be seen like small puffs of smoke. 


“ Joseph! Was that you, cause it wasn’t me,” spoke Tom with Surprise,

“ Nope,” replied Joe. Both boys looked at eachother in shock. They pointed their head torches towards the sound and what they saw didn’t just scare them, no way! That would be an understatement- they were petrified. 

They saw about a 9 foot tall monkey like figure standing on to legs, it glared at them with pure red eyes. The boys ran, screaming, but the paranormal creature wouldn’t stop chasing them, it made strange sounds ‘




When they reached their home they looked behind them -they saw it trekking into the woods.

“ MOM, MOM!” Yelled the panic’stricken boys,

“ Yes,” replied their mother Talinda,

“ There was this hairy monkey creature, Scarlet eyes, thick, dark brown fur and tall, I mean like MASSIVE!” spoke Joe,

“ It was like 10 ft tall,” added Tom,

“You just witnessed a huge yeti like animal- it is called Bigfoot. Now boys, none of you go outside at-“ Talinda was interrupted by a strange noise....

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Chapter 2 - An unwanted guest.

 There was a deafening banging on Joe’s bedroom window and a weird sound,


“ MUMMA!”yelled Tom, “that’s the noise Bigfoot made, the pounding was only getting louder and louder.

“Hang on boys, you hide under the kitchen table and I will call Oliver - he is a trained Bigfoot hunter,” After the call the boys mum scared off Bigfoot just as Oliver arrived, and that’s where the true adventure begins...

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