Venom (Venom Trilogy Book 1)


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 If you like Alex Rider. This is the perfect book for you. Main character is a ‘average’ man called Marco  Andreas. But is he an ‘average’ man - no. He works for a special secret-crew called F56B1 but code name: Virtuis.

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Chapter 1

 “LISTEN JEFFERSON!” yelled an enraged Marco after the main facility of F56B1 had been invaded and captured by an evil group of spies and professional hackers named Venom. 

“You were sitting at the infront of a main computer and let a COMPLETE STRANGER send you a message with a link and knowing you- you opened it. They are professional hackers through the other side of the screen and cause a virus that must’ve been worked on for years,” the duo sat in silence for a few minutes before Jefferson mumbled,

“ I guess we’ll have to take Venom down, Virtuis will need to locate there ma-,” he was interrupted by a ding on Marco’s IPhone,” the message read:

We will shut down all your facilities- before you guess I am part of Venom, I am not. I am an ex-Venom professional hacker. But now, I run a new organisation I will give you our name: Deadshot. And a hint for a location - not an Earth, But in the Milky Way. - Unknown.

“ Hmm read this Jefferson, I don’t think Venom took over the facility,” as Jefferson was reading he spoke,

“ That must be that ship N.A.S.A discovered, you know the one which is referred to as ship AB8B,” Marco took out the pictures from his pocket and looked at them carefully. 

“Hmmm, it seems distant but I can clearly make out the AB8B.”  Jefferson wore dark-red sunglasses with jet-black lenses, a dark suit with a white undershirt and striped tie, black slats with red Nike shoes. The room was dimly lit, a window was attached to the wall at the end, it had plain white walls with a half-broke chandelier hanging in the middle of the rectangular room, in the middle was a long-oblong desk with enough chairs to seat around thirty-two people- the only thing that stood out was a painting of a man in a black top hat and a red trench coat with fine hair and a long, black beard going to about halfway down his neck. The door was slammed, bolted and the walls were sound-proof. Jefferson was angry with Marco for ‘never listening to him’ and decided to leave room. Leaving Marco alone.

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Chapter 7 (On the day of lift off)

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