Harry Potter and Voldermorts Outpost (trilogy book 1)


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Chapter one - The meeting

 Harry woke with a startle his scar was screaming with pain, Voldermort is.... back. Harry was sure. He looked out of his window and gasped "oh my" there was a pure black outpost on the hill and on it was, the dark mark. He yelled "Hermione" she imiediatly replied with "I know, Voldermort has an outpost on the hill"

. Harry got up, grabbed his glasses and his wand and headed downstairs. "Ron?" Harry said "where is your mum and dad?"

Ron replied with "their in a meeting, you know. The order of the Phoenix are having a meeting in the cellar about you know who's outpost.". Harry nodded. After the silence Hermione said "all the death- eaters, worm tail and you know who, is there aswell as all the death eat.." Harry interrupted and spoke "we have the best team to deal with them, the order of the Phoenix." Ron and Hermione nodded.

Dumbledor was first to come out the cellar and said "Hermione, say Voldemort, if you say you know who it is just a sign of fear." Then Professor Dumbledor trudged off. Mr Weasly came up to Harry and said "Harry, I am sorry but you have to go away, go to somewhere safe

Harry, the order will take care of you know who's outpost." Hermione and Ron said at the same time, we're coming too." Mr Weasley said well thats fine then, you only have 2 days to pack", then he walked off. Then the next 2 days were just packing.

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Chapter 2 - Moving out

 Harry shouted "We are going now." They all said goodbye and ran into the woods with bags bouncing on the shoulders.

Hermione put the tent up, Harry and Ron put their bags down their started chanting protection spells. When they finished, they brought the bags in the Small tent, but inside, it was MASSIVE. So they started unpacking...

One rainy night, they were in their bedroom listening to the radio,

"The house of the Weasley family has been burnt into ashes, luckily nobody died or was injured, no-one knows how, but it is likely guessed to be the dark lord himself." They were all shocked, Ron said " I have to go home, my family is in danger. Harry and Hermione agreed and Ron ran off. "Just us two" said Harry, "listen do you recognise those voices?" Hermione said, "their the voices of the people who came in on the special weekend. It is just Barney and Gabriel but not Celeste"

Barney shouted "anyone here?", then Gabriel said "can you see that force field surrounding their tent?", Barney said "Yeah, that's why I am not coming closer." Harry shouted Come in, the protection is only for voldermort and death-eaters", so they went to their room and Gabriel said "Where is Ron!", Harry replied with "He went to check on his family." Then they went to sleep.

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Chapter 3 - Old Fac


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