Harry Potter And Voldermorts Outpost (Trilogy Book 3)


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 Harry, Hermione, Gabriel and Barney had trouble finding the order of the Phoenix but they couldn't give up, eventually they found the order at the 'Seven Lions' pub, they said "why did you come back?" Said Dumbledor furiously, Gabriel replied with "We are here to stop Voldermorts reign forever." Order nodded and Mr. Weasley said "Very well then, we need to prepare" 

At the house they started practising spells, brewing potions, creating tactic and sneaking into bases. At last, they were ready.

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 They apperated onto the hills behind the outpost then sent fire and force field destroying spells until it broke the force field then they ran towards the outpost, dodging spells, darting behind walls, shouting spells and throwing potions, it was total chaos.

The order of the Phoenix knew they had to get to Voldermorts, with all th horcrux's gone it the the perfect surprise attack. Harry yelled "help, I got a death-eater trying to kill me"... "Expelliarmus" Barney yelled and the death-eater was flung off Harry's back and fell dead on floor "How dare you" YELLED Luscious  Malfoy. "Stupify" said Gabriel and Luscious fell on floor as if he was dead but he wasn't

"Burn into ashes" Yelled Hermione then threw a fire potion at Voldermorts "AHH,how could you do this to me, Hermione!" Screamed Voldermorts in a ear-piercing high tone. "You derserve it!" Muttered Barney. Harry said "Expelliarmus" and Voldermort flew into the air and fell out the outpost, by now, the outpost was burnt completely. 

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Voldermorts End

 The order surrounded Voldermort and Gabriel said "Filartè Incantartum" and Voldermort fell dead. "Nice job Gabriel!" Said Harry, "Yes!!!" Spoke Hermione and kissed Gabriel on the forehead,

Gabriel  blushed "few, she will leave me alone now!" Muttered Barney. "Nice job" said Barney and high fives Gabriel!

They went back to the house to have dinner, after tea and they celebrated 'The Gabriel day' with a cake which spelt G A B R I EL on.

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