Origami (Venom Trilogy Book 2)


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                 AND THIS BOOK IS SET 5 YEARS AFTER THE END OF VENOM!               

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Chapter 1

 The clouds rolled over the hills as the golden orb shone down on what looked like an innocent post office, but it wasn’t so innocent-it was home of F56B1.

“Jeremy, Alissa is gone, the Origami Killer struck again,” Alissa had pale skin, fine blonde hair, a summer dress with a pattern of flowers and red high-heels,

“Marco, what does the origami say?” Jeremy had a high voice and spoke with a pleasant mannor,

“Ok, I suggest you forfeit MARCO you know I will never be stopped - The Origami Killer,”

The light was starting to flicker, but a figure in a black trench coat caught his - tiptoeing across the hall and when he saw me he legged it across to the room with the locked cabinets. Marco and Jeremy both gave chase, they saw him smash the glass and behind that glass was the watch of Terry Anderson,

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” But as the thief tried to run Jeremy stunned him with his laser pistol and the thief fell to the floor,

“Jeremy you put the watch back and fix the glass, I’ll take him to the cells,” the cells were damp, dark and cold. Marco shoved him in, locked the door and then left,

“ I think he mean’t to make the light go off,” said Jeremy, the only light was a torch light which Jeremy used to help him fix the glass, “so we wouldn’t see him,” by now the power was on,

“By any chance, could that person work for Venom?” spoke Marco,

“I don’t think so but it is a possibility, yes,” 



A security guard fell to the floor, dazed- a man with a butchers knife, blonde hair, red T-shirt and black leather shorts stood in front of the guard who was lying on the ground,

“That’s-That’s the Origami Killer,” stuttered Marco while the Killers face lit up in an evil, spine-chilling grin. But as Jeremy went closer to him, the Killer stabbed him in the head - he knew it instantly, Jeremy was dead. But before the Killer could react Marco ran towards the exit, but it was locked- the facility was in lock down. You cannot get out of the front only in, and the exit door is locked, a call came from near the entrance,

“THE S.O.S UNIT IS ON ITS WAY,” but that didn’t mean Marco was safe, it was narrow, but Marco managed to duck under Origami Killers knife and run towards the entrance,

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” demonically yelled the man while he was chasing him. After a few minutes Marco lost the Origami Killer and hid under a table.  Often he heard the heavy thuds of the Killers feet moving only a few metres away from him at times. But suddenly, the Killer flipped the table he was hiding under.

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