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what is Bathmate Pump?

bathmate hydromax is a pump that is currently widely used for men who have their sex complaints, bathmate pump is able to enlarge the penis and increase the size of the circumference for those who have used it, not only that bathmate pump is also used by medics to treat erectile dysfunction and crooked penis disease.

 Natural strategies for healing as well as reversing erectile dysfunction are accessibility and utilization of virility pumps. With the help of bathmate pumps, you can increase circulation naturally through the revolutionary use of water.

Bathmate is divided into 3 series:

Bathmate Hydro Series

Unlike tenderfoots on the market, the Hydro7 bathmate is a well-established product and has peten rights with years of improvisation and careful design changes made after thousands of customer feedback.

Today their Bathmate has 3 series of series products and Hydro 7 is an entry level or beginner penis pump.

There is a dual function for penis pumps and none other than Bathmate has taken advantage of this fundamental advantage.

First, it can be used by people suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) to make artificial erections.

Secondly, this product can be used by the general public (men) as an exercise tool for the penis which helps in increasing size and improving the quality of erections.

Hydro 7 uses the power of vacuum to draw blood into the penile cavernosa to create an erection.

Water is used to create a vacuum that has several other benefits compared to using ordinary air. read more..

Bathmate Hydromax Series

Bathmate is a dedicated brand and one of the pioneers in introducing populations that are struggling to the world of penis pumps.

The Hydromax series is one of the most popular in the list and is liked by many people because of its unique nature because it involves water in the applied system. this hydromax series pump is the best-selling pump in the bathmate series, because the hydromax pump has the right size for you, does not reduce the design of the hydromax series improves the design better than the original pump, which is comfort that can be dislodged and the latest more..

Bathmate Xtreme Series

Bathmate HydroXtreme is a new magical gene product that can help you manage ED or weaker erections to the extent and increase penis size in its users.

To your surprise, a penis pump is one of the most popular, efficient, non-invasive and functioning erection enhancement products.

We will have a quick review of Bathmate HydroXtreme to introduce you to a different solution that works for a dilemma that never stops.

There are several advantages that you can get when you buy this series, you will get a package that you can get in a hydro xtreme pump box. This pump is cooler because it has used a hand ball to pump it, not only that the pump is able to have xtreme size for men who want to create a super large more..


What are the main features of Bathmate?

Bathmate Hydromax is a mid-range series product from Bathmate and many features are provided for their customers to enjoy this product as much as possible.

Some of the unique features of Bathmate Hydromax are:

There is 35% more power or vacancy delivered by Hydromax7 than other market competitors.

The build quality is very superior and all construction is made using high quality polycarbonate plastic.

This product is well tested and clinically studied by 'Aspen Clinical Research' to ensure product safety.

The one-way valve at the end will help you adjust the exact pressure needed.

Apart from giving an erection, Hydromax is an excellent exercise tool for your penis.

If you use it every day for 8-10 weeks, permanent changes can be seen in the size of the penis thickness and length.

The bottom is padded and uses high-quality rubber, so you always have control over the vacuum.


for Bathmate HydroXtreme is specifically designed to accommodate penis sizes ranging from 5-7 inches when fully erected.

Because water is used in creating suction / vacuum, the risk of penile injury is zero.

Equipped with a handball unit for comfort and hassle-free moments.

Unlike other models, you don't need to pump water manually, but rather squeeze the handball.

Due to proportional displacement of water and vacuum, you can achieve faster erections as soon as the water starts to come out.

Available in 5 different size options.

Made from high-grade plastic material SkinSafe.

This product is certified and clinically studied by Aspen Clinical Research. source

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