Killing Time


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Many thoughts ran through his mind as he lay in complete silence in the dark cramped space. He peered through the small window as he tried to maintain an even breathing pattern as he tried to relax his shoulders. He looked through the scope, picked out his target, released one last breath and pulled the trigger. 





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Chapter 1

He backed himself out of the cubbyhole that he and Michelle had  made in the back of the 1988 Monte Carlo they had purchased specifically for this purpose. He saw his wife;s lips moving and realized that he still had his earplugs in. He pulled them out and heard his wife say, "It looked good, but let's go take a look and see if it would have been good enough."

Hank put the rifle in the back seat and he and Michelle started the walk to pick up the target.

"It felt good. If you can do better, I'll drive and you can be the designated shooter. I promise you I will have no problem with that."

"We'll see what happens."

"Accomplishing the objective will make me happy no matter who pulls the trigger. I love you sweetie. You're the best."

They reached the target.

"Well darling, what do you think?"

"Hank, I think that shot would have done the trick, but I think my shots have been more consistently in the killing zone. You are getting better, but we're not aiming to injure the son of a bitch."

"You're right, I know that. I guess we need to get everything together and then head on home. We need to start planning this out."

"I'm ready to get home to the kids. I love these weekends with you, but I miss the kids so much when we're gone."

"Me too. It does make me feel good knowing that what we're doing will make the world a better place for them.."

"We are crazy for doing this. You know that right?"

"I told you that last time I saw that sex offender being picked up for assaulting another child, that I had seen enough. How many times do you have to see these guys repeat their crimes to know that they are damaged beyond fixing?"

"Just because we're doing the right thing doesn't make it less crazy."

"I like it when we're crazy. Let's get back down the road. I'm hungry"

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