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 My family is perfect! Omg life is actually coming together, like slime! It's sticky at first but it all comes together and ends up really cool! I'm Kaitlyn by the way!

God couldn't have given me a better life, he has showed me how to deal with things while being happy, life couldn't get any better!

Sometimes I wish I had more friends, but I do have a good family! My dad is the reason I have some anxiety, it's comes from his side of the family, but at least he understands me better!

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Who is that

We are going on a trip to Florida! We are staying the night at my moms friends house! I'm so excited!!! We have been in Florida for a couple days and I noticed that my dad was texting a girl named Brittany. It might be his boss or something but I'm not sure yet so it's okay. I looked through all the apps he has ever purchased and, I found an online dating app. When I saw this, my heart sunk, my stomach started burning and I just felt the tears run down my face. Even if he isn't cheating now, why did he have that app? I can't help but cry.

The fact that he cheated ruined stuff. I haven't been telling him goodnight anymore, when he tell me he loves me I think, "well apparently now enough" if he loved me he wouldn't ruin this.

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I'm sure

 Today in a conversation, my dads boss came up at dinner, I asked, "what is your bosses name anyways" he said some guy name that I can't remember. My heart sunk. I just wanted to see what he was saying to her!

In Florida he was flirting but that's all I could see, I need more! He deletes his texts all the time and I'm no FBI so I can't find out how to see them

It kills me that he's doing this to our family, this is his fault

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