Emilys Adventure


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Emilys adventure

 Emily is not allowed to go past the Forrest, her parents can't see her go out there. On her birthday, she was curious. I'll go out there just today, it is my birthday so I deserve to go. She walked, and walked , and walked, until she saw something about 5 yards away, "a house?" She said to herself. She ran straight to it out of couriosity. She knocked on the door to tell the people that they were neighbors, but when she knocked she just heard a silent "screeeetch" her body filled with excitement as she loved adventuring. She explored for a while while talking to a distant voice, then she noticed, "nobody else was in here, hello??" She said. She kept walking around the humongous house looking for a friendly neighbor. She looked forever until she gave up and peered down the stairs and started to walk home. Before she left she noticed the door was closed, she didn't close it so who did?

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 At this point she KNEW someone was here, she opened the heavy door to another, "screetch" she ran, and ran, and ran, until she reached the wood again. She heard the same voice in the distance, "where are you going?" "Home!!!!" She screamed and she started to cry, when she reached home her heart was racing faster than ever and her fingers were shaking, she ran to her room so that her parents didn't know. She laid down and started to relax when she heard a voice, the same voice, "why did you leave, we were having fun" she responded with, "I am not scared" the voice disappeared as she took another deep breath and went downstairs to get read for her birthday dinner.

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