Unwanted Engagement


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How could I let something like this happen?


"Alexis straighten your back seriously you've got to make a good impression and with that posture there's no way in hell you'll be able to do that."

My life here was a nightmare and its now about to become even worse than it already was, except this time I'm not going to be living with my parents anymore.

"Do I have to do this mum?" I really didn't want to become engaged, I mean I'm only 18, I'm not ready for such a big commitment especially to someone I didn't even know or yet met.

"Yes you do its the only way to pay our debts to the Garnet's you know me and your father have had.. troubles with our missions so we asked them for their help."

"You could of asked me for help I've been training since I could walk." I roll my eyes as my mum was tightening the back of my corset and powdering my face with a bright pink blush which I hated since I don't like pink.

"The Garnet's are way more powerful than you are sweetie and plus I wouldn't want you to die" She proceeds to answer my question whilst applying a neon pink lipstick after squeezing me into a thick puffy gown which I felt claustrophobic in.

"Cant I just wear my own clothes I feel sweaty in this," My mum gasps at my remark, clutching her heart in shock.

"How dare you say that you've got to impress Leonardo" I hate this already

"I'm going to pack" I turn my back to my mum and walk off

"We are supposed to be leaving now, we'll go ahead I'll leave the address on the counter!"

Once I see my mum and dad driving off in the distance I rip the dress into shreds and bust my self out of the tightening corset that was barely giving me space to breathe, I raid my closet of black and grey pieces of clothing and pick black ripped high waist jeans and a black crop top to go along with the jeans and to top the outfit off I put on a pair of black high heeled boots. I put my long raven black hair into a messy bun and I remove the ridiculous amount of makeup that was sinking into my face, I put some mascara on and left the house grabbing my leather jacket once I packed. Jumping on to my Harley Davidson and race to the address my mum had given me.


I take a deep breath at the sight of the Garnet's mansion, reminding my self that I was doing this to help my parents, after all they said I can divorce him after a year. The mansion was surrounded by armed guards dress fully in black and white they kind of reminded me of penguins, I started walking over to the gates before I was pushed by one of the guards making me lose my balance.

"What the hell is your problem?"  I get up scratching my head in confusion

"No one is allowed in unless you were invited"

"Move it I'm Leonardo's fiancée" I roll my eyes

"Yeah we had a lot of this today it ain't gonna work young lady" I smirk at the guard before noticing his gun of the side of his thigh, looking back at him I wink and grab the gun and aim.

"Want to let me through now?" Raising my eyebrow I noticed that all the guards were now in a circle with me in the middle there had to be at least 80 of them.

"Put the gun down we don't want a pretty lady like you to hurt herself" all guars had their guns pointing at me .

"How many bullets are there in the gun?" I speak up already planning what to do and calculating how far the bullets would go.


"That's more than enough" I start shooting in rows one bullet going through 3 guards at once, they were shooting at me but I managed to dodge every single bullet.



Meanwhile inside:


"What's all that racket outside?"  Leo and his father rush outside with everyone following him.


Back outside:

I shoot the last guard with one of the last 2 bullets that were in the gun and I saw that I had an audience.

"Alexis Sage at your service" I bow down sarcastically and throw the gun next to who I assumed was Leonardo.

"Alex?!!?" I heard my mum shouting whilst everyone stood there shocked as I was in a circle of blood and dead guards.

"Are we going to start that dinner or what?"


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Painful Makeover

We all sat down in our reserved seats, no one speaking for a while until someone spoke.

"Alexis welcome, my name is Donatello Garnet I'm going to be your father-in-law, and this joker is Leonardo your fiancée"

Leonardo had pure black hair which messily rested against his face, he had crimson green eyes which seemed like they were filled with anger. He had a defined face and a defined body, he wore casual clothes completely ignoring the fact that everyone except me were wearing formal clothes. He wore a white tank and some black ripped jeans and a denim bomber jacket which seemed to be a little over-sized. His facial expression was cold, angry yet mysterious and gentle. I think his father was French because his accent sure sounded like it was French, I wonder if he had the same accent as his father had.. Even when his father introduced me to my beloved fiancée, Leo didn't even bother to look up he looked down on his plate viciously whilst pushing aside what seemed like onions and peas.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Don however I cant say the same thing to you can I Leonardo?" I smack my knife and fork against the table but there's no reaction at all coming from here in fact he didn't even look up

"Hey douchebag I'm talking to you, you piece of sh-" before I could finish what I was about to say he speaks up.

"Shut up for fucks sake!!" His voice was filled with anger and not a single bit of gentleness was shown.

"For a small girl you have a big mouth which by the way you need to learn how to keep quiet, don't think you're a big bad girl because you single handedly defeated over 80 men by yourself, you were at an advantage they were in training they had no clue what they were doing I bet you couldn't even throw a punch at me." He scoffs before looking back down and playing with his food again.

"How much do you want to bet?" Everyone at the table stopped eating and started paying attention to the argument.

"Please I'm not going to hit a girl" His voice calmed down but he didn't look at me he carried on mushing the peas that were on his plate.

"Pussy" I say in between a cough

"Bring it" he pushes his chair aside and makes his way to the centre of the hall taking off his jacket.

"Lets take this outside shall me m'am" I say raising an eyebrow removing my jacket too whilst I followed him outside with everyone behind us following to see who was going to win.


We stood in the middle of the concrete floor outside in the heavy rain.

"Don't you want to take those heels off" He asks me folding his arms and puffing out his chest.

"Don't you want to stop talking" I question him before he runs up to me but I slide underneath his legs completely dodging whatever attack he had for me, before I got up I threw him to the other side using my legs.

"You bitch" He scolds before dusting the blood of his arm, he pulls out an gun and aims at me I put my hands up in surrender.

"Want to play dirty now do we?" I lean back as he tries to shoot me but fails miserably, running towards him I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him and he rests his hands on my waist and I took the opportunity to take his gun and shoot his leg.

"two can play that game," I say before throwing him the gun and walking back inside completely drenched in rain. 

"Sorry Alexis but we need you to go dry up we are throwing you a welcome party, oh and by the way congratulations in beating that disgrace of a son" Donatello proceeds to tell me

"What the hell is wrong with you, little miss sunshine over there has many things wrong with him but he doesn't deserve to be called a disgrace. YOU my friend or shall I say father-in-law are a disgrace of a father. Grow a pair of balls and love your son you dickhead" I turn around to go to my room that I was shown earlier and I saw Leo standing there with his fingers in his wet hair smiling to himself probably hearing what I said.

I barge past him and make my way up the stairs to my room where a dress was lying on my bed, I hit the shower and after I put on the dress that I was given. It was a nice blue and gold dress that hugged my body tightly showing my curves, the dress went down to the floor and there was a slit on the side where my left leg was, All of a sudden someone barged into my room with a high pitched voice singing.

"Yay you put on the dress already, I'm Brooke I am here to do your hair and makeup for your party." Fuck me this was going to be a painful makeover

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Welcome Party

Around 2 hours after Brooke finished my hair and makeup allowing me to finally see it. She handed me an mirror revealing my raven black hair now dyed into a deep pure silver colour curled resting on my shoulders freely, my makeup was done into a smoky blue eye to match my dress and my eyeliner was a gold dramatic cat eye, my lips were a mixture of dark red and bright red blended in together to make a red ombre. After I stopped admiring my self Brooke handed me a pair of white high heels.

"Here the boys can get....over excited" she handed me a gun which I proceeded to strap on my thigh, she also handed me some ammo which I strapped underneath the gun.

"huh... thank you Brooke usually I would feel so uncomfortable with being this girly but somehow you made it bearable" I laugh along with Brooke as she helps me get off the stool.

"You'd better make your way down, Leo is waiting for you so he can escort you to the ballroom." she giggles and pushes me out of the room making me nearly lose my balance.

I start walking down the stairs and I notice Leo's concentration coming to me instead of the floor like it usually would be at. I stop and take a deep breath before continuing down the stairs, I stop again and admire Leo's sense of formality. He wore a white suit with a black tie and a dark rose on his blazer top pocket and behind it there was a black handkerchief to give the rose an background. His hair was gelled back smartly and his face was plastered with a shy smile as he realised I was admiring. I walk down, I see Leo putting out his hand for me to take it and I accept it whilst he helped me down the stairs.

"Shall we go?" He joked around with a laugh coming out, he had a smooth and gentle laugh that any girl would drool over, he smiled showing his pearl white teeth that could blind if you stared for too long.

"We shall mi' lord" I joke around and he laughs again causing me to giggle like a child, but then his laugh and smile dropped to a serious face and tone.

"I heard what you said to my father earlier on" I take a deep breath expecting him to give me a lesson about how he can take care of himself but actually it turned into something sweet..

"No one has ever done that for me and I wanted to thank you not even I have the guts to stand up to my father like that, I've never had a proper childhood most of my life I've been raised and taught how to be a proper mafia leader, but all I've ever wanted was to actually have a childhood." we stopped walking and his face dropped I could see tears forming my he quickly wiped them away thinking I didn't see. I cup his hands in mine and look at him for a second.

"I know how it feels, I've never had a childhood either I spent my life training just like you, but...." I tilt his chin up so he's looking at me

"I've realised that the past doesn't matter its about what the future holds." I continue and I see a smile on his face slowly being formed.

"Alex...." He looks at me up and down, resting his hands on my waist pulling me closer.

"Leo.." He smiles leaning in whispering in my ear

"Bitch" He laughs and I roll my eyes, playfully punching him and the corridor was soon filled with our child like giggles

"You tease" He laughs at my remark before looking down on his watch.

"Shit we are twenty minutes late." He intertwines our fingers together and we start to walk in the ballroom, which then everyone went quiet.

"Leo seriously that's the best you can do. She looks like a slag, a whore, a prosti-" before the man in the corner could finish his sentence I take my gun out and shoot him in the middle of the head the room filling with gasps.

"I don't like him" I simply announce and make my way to the drink table where Leo followed me.

"You have a temper. Come on I need to introduce you to some people." he takes my hand and leads me to a corner where two men in black stood talking and giggling were standing.

"Sean, Jay, This is my fiancée Alex, Alex this is Sean my right-arm and this is Jay my brother."

"Nice to meet you gorgeous" Jay winked at me whilst Sean rolled his eyes at Jay's comment.

"Yeah fuck off" I roll my eyes towards Jay and proceed to talk to Sean.

"Nice to meet you Sean"

"You have a good aim and you have guts to kill the Jade's leader's son" Sean informs me and leans against the wall taking a puff of the cigarette he held in between his index and middle finger.

"Who are the Jade's?" I honestly had no clue who they were but I had a feeling it was going to cause me problems later on.

"The second most powerful Mafia gang, aka our rival." Oh shit I was fucked and probably dead by the end of the week.

"Hey it's ok ..." Leo takes a hold of my hand giving it a reassuring squeeze and running his thumb up and down against my hand caressing it slowly.

"Thank you." I whisper in his ear giving him a kiss on the cheek noticing how flushed he looked as his blood rushed to his cheeks causing him to blush.


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