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Chapter 1

There are several different professions players can easily choose from in Swtor, a lot of in fact likely broken into three different sections, Gathering Skills, Crafting Skills and Mission Skills with swtor credit. Each of the three groups are rather self explanatory, man or woman that may be a little confusing is Mission Skills, but I explain that afterwards in the guide. Professions in Swtor work just as the professions in each and every other MMORPG in existence, with one giant exception.

Bioware calls the profession skills in Swtor "Crew Skills". The reason for the reason being you share what you can do to craft and gather items with your companions, also referred to as your crew. The way Bioware create the profession system in Swtor is basically quite interesting and unique. The Crew Skills system allows your Crew members to assemble, craft and accept/perform missions as your representative. As they gather resources or complete missions you and the other crew members get a variety of benefits and rewards.

Given the combination of these characters the two main main directions it is best to take: Armormech or Cybertech. Although it requires some capital output, to get the best Cybertech results you must buy the Engineering Droid Sensor for the Ship Droid and have the only +5 Cybertech Critical inside game. This combination yields increased Critical chance on both your output along with your rare materials. It's also by far the most marketable skill from the game today.

Biochem is another viable option using this class, because of the bonuses to Diplomacy, Biochem, and Bioanalysis included from the mix.Stay away from the Force focused skills, like Artifice or Synthweaving. Your agent can't utilize them, and then there are others who utilize them better.

Bioanalysis will be the practice of collecting genetic material from creatures and vegetation. Genetic materials include cell fibers, bacterial strains, toxic extracts and medicinal fluids. Biochemists start using these materials to generate medpacs to recover health, stimulants (single-use injections) which provide a boost to physical abilities ffxiv gil, and biological implants that enhance combat prowess by stimulating neural networks and regulating brain stem functions. The crafting skill Biochem utilizes Bioanalysis resources. Bioanalysts can send their companions on missions to get together resources.

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