Daughter Of Hades


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Sent on a mission

 What is life like outside of the underworld?

I think it isn't fair for me to stay here. In hell. With my father. While my cousins are all heroes, saving the world and Living in Olympus with their parents. While I am here. I'm not complaining I've got it better than others. Others aren't strong enough to torture someone and ends up being the one tortured. 

I hate torturing people. It makes me want to puke. But if I don't I'll disappoint  father... And you don't want to disappoint father. 

I am Hades favorite child. Yes he has more children. 

My sister Serena couldn't hurt a fly. And that is a disgrace here in the underworld. So instead of putting her in the torture station father put her in charge of the gates. She controls them from her room. She is a computer genius. 

My brother Blake is in charge of the torture station (where Serena was supposed to be in charge of) because he always has a new torture technique and I, Avery Lockwood am the hell warrior leader because of my fighting skills and strategies. No one beats me.

My father has been trying to brew a plan to overthrow his siblings and gain control in Olympus for centuries. Now I am walking in the hallways of my home on the way to the throne room to speak with father. He has called for me Blake and Serena a while ago. What did Blake do now?

I opened the doors to the throne room and walked to my seat. Serena was already there. Blake was late. As usual. Father was sitting on his throne wearing his usual evil smile, black robes sewn from the souls of the damned siting on his throne of bones and I was sitting to his right. (His favorites always sit to his right) there was an empty seat beside him. Blake's seat. And to the empty chairs left was Serena sitting on hers.

Blake rushed inside, panting hard. He took his seat and apologized to father. Man how lucky he is that father was in a very good mood. If not he'd be toast. Literally. 

"My children. You know that I have been planing a way to gain control in Olympus for years right?" He said.

"Six Centuries and forty eight years." Serena whispered so low low enough that father wouldn't hear. That girl always loves to go super detailed.

"Well, I have finally made one. Including you. I cannot go to neither earth nor Olympus. But you can. You can go to earth. But not Olympus. you will go to earth and find a way to go to Olympus." Father said.

"Wait. What? We are going to... Earth?" Blake said horrified. "But what about the torture station-"

"And the gates-"

"And the hell warriors?" We said. 

"Do not worry. I can handle it. Now, I have a mirror," father said holding up a golden mirror and handing it to Serena."This will help you communicate with me here in the underworld. Guard it well. And of course a new high tech lap top so that you can get things done." He said and handed her a lap top. Some people think we do things the old way in hell. Well guess what? We keep up with time here.

"And Blake. A new torturing device. You might need it." He said and handed Blake something that I didn't know... And didn't want to know because just bu looking at it you'd pee your pants.

"And of course. For my favorite Warior leader. Avery, here." He said and handed me a box. I took it and opened it. It was an outfit. Black jeans a leather jacket a white top and black boots. Under it was a pen.

"Umm..." I said not knowing what to say. My siblings all got new cool things and I get a duplicate of my usual outfit and a pen.

"Avery this isn't a normal outfit. It has hidden weapons and the pen is a weapon too. When you are in danger just click it. Oh and I think you can figure the outfit out." Father said.

"Cool. Thank you father. We won't let you down. You know me. I Never give up never give in and never loose." I said. This caused him to smile. He always liked my confidence.

"Ok.I will open a secret door that leads to earth. Ready?" Father said.

"Hold on." I said and made a quick spell to change my clothes with the one father gave me.

"Ready." Serena

"Ready." Blake 


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