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Hey everyone,

This isn't really an introduction to the story...

I want to thank you all for taking the time to view my short story, I appreciate it. This is also my first story on Tablo but I'll be sure to publish more in the future.

Till next time.

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Chapter 1

I closed my eyes tight blocking out any light that would remind me that I was probably living my last hour. Hoping that closing my eyes would lift all my troubles of my shoulders was an understatement. Hoping that I would die a peaceful, painless death was also an understatement. Very soon I would die in front of hundreds, no thousands of bloodthirsty eyes full of rage and hatred towards me. Death would only take a split second but I still shuddered at the thought of being beheaded. I opened my eyes and gently wrapped both of my hot sweaty hands around my tall neck, imaging the blow of the axe coming down. I slowly caressed my neck, tears glistening in my eyes. Using all my willpower to resist the urge to cry was a challenge. But I told myself that I wouldn't let even one single tear fall. There's wasn't a point in crying. Crying doesn't make death flow away, crying doesn't make all those people wanting to see blood flow out of my neck feel peace, love and respect towards me, crying doesn't change justice, and sometimes justice just isn't fair. If the laws were fair, I wouldn't have to say goodbye to the world and surrender for a crime I didn't commit. Life isn't meant to be fair. Only the law matters. Soon it will all be over. Soon I would be finished and the court guard will pick up my head from a pool of dark red blood and hold it in a blood coated hand to the whooping, cheering audience. The abrupt knock on my wooden cell door made me turn my head sharply to the source of course. A guard wearing ragged armour walked in with a long pointy sword, the tip glistening in the few rays of sunlight which leaked through the bars of my miniature cell window.  
"It's time". The gruff voice spoke directly through my soul and I nodded absentmindedly, hardly taking in the words. I would loose my mind by staying in here any longer, better to get it over with. I cherished my last minutes of life as I was lead to my end.

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