Naughty Natalia


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Chapter 1

  Everytime Natalia walked into a room people would stop and stare. She had a beautiful face with exotic features. Her brown eyes dark as ebony and full sensuous lips. Long black hair worn sleek and down.
Natalia showed of her large full breasts and big round ass. In a tight form fitting dress. Typically 5'4 but with her stilhettos she was 5'9.
Natalia pulled into the parking lot of the adult bookstore.
When she walked in she noticed the customers were mostly men. Whose jaws dropped at the mere sight of her.
Natalia unphased by the attention proceeded to the DVD section. Browsing through the many titles until one caught her eye.
She pulled her selection from the shelf and walked over to the register. A balding man in his mid-forties stood behind the counter. His roving eyes admired Natalia's curves which caused an erection in his pants. He smiled at the beautiful brunette while he rang her up.
Natalia handed him a large bill the man clumsily dropped her change. "Sorry." He said hardly a whisper.
Natalia put her hand up when he walked around the counter to fetch her change.  
Natalia bent over revealing her pantiless ass. The man stood there speechless with a shocked expression. Natalia caught a glimpse of the bulge in front of his pants. Smiling to herself as she headed out the door. 
Once at home Natalia laid naked on her bed. She reached for the remote control and pressed play. Bored by the chit chat she immediately fast forwarded the movie to the action scenes. Natalia stopped on a scene where a hot  guy had his head between a sexy girls legs.
Natalia had one hand on her breasts. Her fingers squeezing her  large erect nipples. While her other hand played with her shaved wet pussy. With two fingers on her clit and moving in a circular motion.
"Ooooh...!" She moaned loudly.
She could not hold back much longer. "
Oh yeah!!"
Suddenly her body shuddered and Natalia climaxed.
Written by Beautifullybipolar
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Chapter 2 The beginnings

Natalia was a very sexy  woman. She  not even have to try, it came natural to her. People often told her this most of her life. She just oozed of sexuality.

She blossomed early at the tender age of  eleven. Her large breasts one 
of her best features, were once a curse to her.

In grade school, the young boys often teased her.  

Yelling out, "Your headlights are on!  Your headlights are on!"

Older men would stop and stare. This was all a nuisance to her. Natalia hated the attention, so she began wearing clothes that would hide her growing breasts. She became more self-conscious, when a boy once yelled out in front of the entire class.  "Hey, you got a big butt!" Everybody laughed.

Poor Natalia, started wearing baggier clothes. Tying sweaters around her waist, to hide her bottom.

She often walked around with her arms across her chest. Her feeling of awkwardness soon subsided, when Natalia saw her first porn magazine. 

It was a Sunday afternoon, when her mother and stepfather routinely went shopping at the Price Club.

That afternoon her curiousity finally got the best of her. She, nor her other siblings were allowed to ever enter her stepfather's work room.

Which was the entire garage. She searched quietly in her parents room for the key. Did not want her younger siblings to wake up, they would rat her out in a heartbeat. She found the key on the nightstand by her mother's side of the bed. Guess they forgot to put it away, she thought. Natalia unlocked the side door of the garage and stepped inside. 

Her mouth dropped, when she saw the walls wallpapered with posters if naked woman. Beside his work table were stacks and stacks of porn mags.

Amazed by all the beautiful naked woman. Natalia wondered if she too would grow up to look like that.

She grabbed a magazine from the stack and skimmed through it.  More naked woman and more centerfolds . As she flipped through pages, she suddenly felt something stirring inside of her. 

Little did she know it was exciting her. She picked up another mag that was a little raunchier. 

It showed a man and woman engaging in different sex acts. She grossed out on the page where the woman was giving a man a blow job. She wondered if her mother did that to her stepfather.  

Eeew!! she thought.

Natalia now an adult, at  twenty-six years. Loved giving head and was quite good at it. Perfecting her skills with only the carefully selected candidates. She owed it all to a curious childhood friend, Felipe whom she grew up with. They started off with playing doctor. It was not until their preteens when things got more heavier. They would often watch porn flicks together.  When their families went camping together he caught Natalia playing with herself in her sleeping bag . 
Natalia gave Felipe a hand job that night underneath the stars to keep him quiet. They both pricked their fingers and pressed them together. They were not allowed to brag to the other neighborhood friends. 

Together they watched porn while the other kids went to the rollerskating rink. Natalia gave Felipe head while the other kids hung out at the Ice cream Parlor.  Felipe and his family ended up moving to West Virginia. They wrote to each other and talked on the phone on occasion. Then they just grew apart being that they were no longer neighbors.

So as you see, Natalia's obsession started at a very young age. She routinely visited her stepfather's workshop.
Getting updated with every new issues that came in from Playboy, Swank, Raunchy porn, and Hustler,' her all time favorite was Hustler.

What followed next, was her fixation with older men. Her curiousity, was building up inside of her. Natalia was getting impatient. 


By the time Natalia hit fifteen. Her Mother had divorced She had a new boyfriend, named Tommy. Besides being the bass player in a band, he was a complete loser.

Natalia now in her teens , had blossomed quite nicely.

She no longer hid her banging body undr baggy clothes.  She was a real knockout a head turner. All the boys at her school  worshipped her. For some reason none of the boys interest her. Too immature for her taste.  

The vocalist in the band Miguel, was her first real crush. She watched the band practice in her garage.

It was like a party every weekend when the band practiced. Drinking beer and smoking pot. Her mother let Natalia (who was only fifteen) sip on wine coolers.

She was allowed to hangout with the adults. Miguel the lead singer appeared nervous around Natalia. She would brush up against him with her large breasts. Other times she would drop something purposely and bent over to pick it up. Showing off her big round ass.Exhausted and frustrated Natalia could not make him notice her. Miguel just saw her as a fifteen year old little girl. 

Although all her efforts failed. But not completly, someone was watching her intently. Taking her clothes off in his mind. He tried to hide the bulge in his pants. He had gotten an eyeful of Natalias nipples, when she was bent over in her low cut top. He waited for an opportune moment. 

Natalia looked up and caught Rick, a friend of the band. He often hung out  and smoked everyone out. He was the pot supplier for the guys. 

This delighted her a great deal. It excited her as well. So She made her way over to Rick.


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Chapter 3 Rick's Side

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Chapter 4 Natalia's Side

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Chapter 5 The Kiss

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