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 Mother, allow me 

to attempt to put into words 
the love and pleasure 
you bring to my world 

You've held me and cherished me 
since the day I was born
You've taught me and guided me 
until the day I was grown 

You continue to direct me and support me 
as I get older 
You never stop loving me and protecting me 
hence in your eyes I am younger 

Mother, how can I show you 
that I love you? 
Because I may not say it often 
but believe me I do 

I respect you 
and worship everything you do
I treasure you 
and value everything you say 

I admire the precious 
and angelic face of yours 
as it grants me bliss 
with every appearance of yours

Mother, with great appreciation to you as a being 
for you carry a kingdom called heaven beneath your feet 

I will never be able to repay you
as I know what you sacrificed for me is way more 
You don't understand what you mean to me
but whatever you see, it's way more 
you lighten every dark hour 
from dusk to dawn 
You encourage me 
to stand up and move on 

Let me wrap this up with grace and say
you are a blessing to me each day 

I am grateful to you 
and all that you have done 
Please know, mother
I love you endlessly

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