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 When an eruption comes to your path

Don't hide from it 

Don't run away from it, face it 

Walk right through

With an intention to reach the other level 

Capture that lightning flash

Let it inside you

Feel the pain, the suffer

Keep hold of it 

It will show it's spark within you

Take in the thunder 

As loud as it gets, it will sting painfully 

Like words, don't allow it to get too deep

Listen to it but don't let it consume you

Although the hurricane along the way comes wide and strong 

Be more powerful at that point be a tornado 

Fight and don't back away until you win the battle

Imprison lightning and thunder inside you,

Become a tornado to brawl a hurricane that threatens to push you back

Swallow the torture but do not fall in agony 

Prove that you are the storm 

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