The Path


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 You chose to walk into that line 

You saw how dark it was 
You got blinded 
For you have stepped in,
As you fell
You thought it was best to run back 
Hence there was another route
As it was stiff to move on,
You stood on cranky legs
As you went forward
Every time it got harder 
Since it was never easy
Every time you think of giving up 
Cause it was firm to hold on 
But every time you went on 
For you were aiming for extremity,
It's your strength 
That got you this far,
The wounds healed 
But they left blemishes 
As they remind you of how strong you are
So don't hide your scars 
Be proud of them 
For they are not flaws 
They are the beauty of imperfection 
Don't mistake their value for deformity 
For they have made you who you are, 
Because of the harsh path you chose 
The endless battles you fought
You are able to get by 
For you are tough now,
When you reach the end of that line
You will look back
As you will see a sky full of stars
Each one represents your struggle 
Each one more beautiful than the other 
They will shine so bright 
You will realize you walked into the right path
Since the stars are what lightens the sky 
And you are the source of the light 
You are the moon
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