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I never had this face you see right  here "A Beast "   is what they call me! , i guess this is the punishment for my  bad behaviours .




After  3 months of  being under drips and 5 months of  being wrapped up like a mummy. Today gives me 6 months of being hospitalized, scotched down to this bed . But  finally they are going to remove  this mummy wraps off me . I couldn't take it anymore, the itching that I couldn't control or stop became quite unbearable an intolerable , the doctors gave me different pills but none of them  worked permanently, just few minuits of relief  not more. So  early this morning during my normal checkup routine the doctor  reminded me  that he was going to remove the burn bandages from my face ,30 minuits later  he came with 3 nurses a short asian trainee that was preparing the materials , a charming blond thick woman, she looked  like she was in her 30s and a tall beautiful Brown skin lady that stared at me for at least 2 minuits.She literally stayed gazing at me, was it because of the bandages? I asked myself . I wouldn't have been surprised anyways I looked horrible.


 Anyways I was so excited ,excited to remove the bandages but also scared, scared to see the scars I know there will be scares that's obvious , I just hoped it wouldn't have too much. 


But I missed my face so much , the only phrase i repeated in my head over and over was "finally I'm getting rid of these bandages"   The doctor sat me down a bit more confortable and straight on the  bed with the help of two of the nurses ,then placed a small mirror in my hand and began to unwrap , slowly and gently .  I wanted him to go a little faster so I could see my face  so i asked him -"can you go a bit faster Doc ? - I know I'm an impatient person.

But then he  he replied- "no Mr.TONE  if i do you'll be in alot of pain , because the sores aren't totaly cured yet it's best if i take my time and go gently to prevent pain and further skin damages.

I didn't know what he meant by that at the moment and I didn't really care quite frankly, at that point all I could think about was  to free my handsome face that made all the ladies look like they were chocolate being melted with butter in the microwave.

While reaching half way of unwrapping my face , there's a sudden "Beep Beep" sound coming from his white coat , "Beep Beep" a that sound again , it sounds like it's coming from his upper left pocket.  

- He points out his index finger and says One minuit please Mr.TONE

Then quickly  pulls out a small black electronic object  out from his pocket , it's obviously  a pager.

Damn it, he says after reading the message on the pager

-Ok Mr. TONE I have an emergency, i'm leaving you with my collegue , nurse SIM she'll take it from here. i'll consult you as soon as possible.

He quickly taped on the nurse's shoulder and whispered ,"replace me please. There's an emergency at room 204" .... and the nurse "whispered back sure you can count on me"

By the time I could say  "But" he was already gone with the two other nurses. 


-Ok now Mr .TONE  i'm going to continue unwrapping the bandages it's almost done by the way.


-It's a bit disrespectful from the doctor don't you think? "I asked the nurse with an angry tone of voice" 


-The doctor had an emergency with a next patient, As he Said he had an emergency  


- I really don't care actually , this right here is an emergency "I yelled" do you know how long I have this stuff on my body not talking about my face , just so you know it's very uncomfortable.


- Yes ! the nurse said with an angry voice , I can only imagine but this isn't a private hospital and he's not your private doctor either , this is a public hospital where everyone has to be treated equally and on top of that the ones that are on the verge of dying needs to be treated as quickly as possible, don't you think! 

" I could tell she was angry by the way she unwrapped the bandages off my face ,it wasn't as gentle as the doctor did , nor  was it as smooth as  when she began" .    I admit it was my fault , i shouldn't have spoke the way i did i'm at times a selfish person.  A sudden silence paced in the room between us. Few minuits later she was finally through  , finally the mummy mask is off I said to myself with an exciting smile on the side of my mouth. Even if i had a bit of pain , i was too happy to know that the bandages were finally out.


- It's all done Mr. TONE 


- I can feel that


-Hmm, you can check in the mirror if you wish to. You still have scars but don't worry that's totally normal ,  I'll be living you now ,the doctor will visit you in a moment.


- I quickly look in the Mirror , and baam! the shock of my life  


- "gasp" Ohh my  what's this ? my face! What did you do to my face  "I  yelled"   i panickly  began taping  on my face a sudden regret and guilt installed inside of me" at that moment i had rather stay looking like a mummy , instead of looking like what i'm seeing right now.


- uhhh calm down Mr.TONE , everything is going to be just fine " said Ms.SIM by the sound of her voice i could tell she was disgust with what she just saw" .As i told you the scares are still present and thats normal ,now the doctor will be with you in a moment ,he'll give you more informations and instructions.


-  How do you mean calm down, how is it normal that the scars are still there  "i yelled" , look at this, look at my face what have you all done ,OMG! there's going to be alot of consequences i'm going to sue you ,no i'm going to sue the doctors , oh no, no no  no no no  i have a better idea i should  sue the  hospital. The anger Inside of me drove me into smashing the medical equipments off the table, as i smash everything  patients, visitors and medical workers rushed towards the door of  my room staring at me as if i was a mad man.


All of them had bad thoughts about me like this tall bold headed man asking one of the doctors if i was a mentally ill, two kids just staring at me like they saw a ghost and this old lady with grey hair being pushed on her Wheel chair  by her son , with a small bottle of vodka hidden in her Pocket screams out " hey you , crazy man why don't you live this nice pretty nurse alone and fight with someone your own size"  


-shhhh mom stop it,   said her son

-But what ?  i'm only saying the Truth you know , this Young man obviously doesn't know how to respect women . "then the old lady quickly changed subject and said  She's pretty, isn't she pretty ? i'd love for her to be my daughter in law, when are you giving grandchildren ? "as the old lady asks her son these questions, he decides to bring her back to her room . Meanwhile the critiques of strangers got me flipping off , and to think that they could have  negative thoughts  about me and my new  look got me carried away , i started sending objects around the room , i could hear the doctors calling my name and talking  to me trying to calm me down ,then suddenly i began to feel weak - Dizzy- head speening - i could feel my eyes closing - and everything is blur once again just like the day of my accident.


​                                                Few hours later



I strangely woke up on my bed still in the hospital,my body hurts  all i could remember was i made a scene , i got Dizzy - i fell down on the ground surrounded by everyone's head devided in two  . back with drips injected in my veins  and patches attached to my chess creating a connection to a machine that checks the beating of ones heart. Apearantly i was Consious  and new exactly the events that took place before i fainted , as I slowly look around the room I realize I'm all alone, i checked  the time on the round red clock it's 6 pm almost time to eat dinner and back to sleep again , as usual  the same boring routine I go through since the ambulance brought me here, well at least now I can eat  actually chew my meals instead of being fed by or tubes machines.


I wanted to Watch the television so I raised the head of my bed with the remote control,putting myself to sit up ,turned on the television, there was nothing cool to Watch so i turned it off , but then i could see my face through the television, i looked worst than a mummy this time ,my face was fulled up with blisters trying to get cured, i understood why the nurse talked with her disgust tone of voice earlier on , i couldn't stand Watching my face in that state so i turned the television back on and  lowed down the volume - no mute it that's better  , and found myself thinking about the past .










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Crushed heart 💔

 Few minuits later,   I'm still on the bed thinking , i can feel a  guilt  still inside of me tormenting my spirit . I know it's not the nurses, doctors or hospital's fault , i'm calm and can think clearly now. I suddenly started thinking about my past and the horrible things i did to the most beautiful creatures men were lucky to have on this earth and how i could have prevented all of this . My bad choices drove me to this situation........


It all started when i was 16 years ,young and naive ,I thought that my parents were the most sincere people on earth  especially my dad  i always admired him and the way he treated my mom their marriage was the strongest , well that's what i thought. One Friday afternoon  i had finish class a bit earlier than usual and didn't feel like hanging out with my friends so i went home only to  find my dad with another woman other than my mom. My mom had travel for a buisness trip and that was the best occasion for him to let someone else in the house huh , he surely wasn't expecting me so early. 


That day i lost all trust in him . But most of all i blamed that woman , i mean she knew he was a married man why would she mess around with someone that was happily married to his wife and his kid right ? you must be very wicked ,jealous and heartless to do such a thing  " i thought to myself". After seeing that disgusting scene i ran to my room and cried all afternoon , asking myself what am i going to do should i tell my mom that daddy is being unfaithful to her and on top of that  he's bringing his mistress to our house, their matrimonial home that's disrecpectful to me and my mom. Later on my dad came to my room trying to give me his lousy explanation.


- Randy i'm sorry for what you saw,"he said as he stands behind me with his hands on my shoulder"  but you see in life everyone does things for a reason , your mom and i didn't want you to know anything but after what you saw i think it's time we start telling you the Truth- 


- What truth!? "I asked with a lost front on my face"


-Your mom and I are thinking of  divorceing 


-wait what "I opened my eyes shockingly"


- We're not as happy as before , we chose  not to talk about it just so you won't get hurt but I'm with someone else and so is your mom and it's better like this.

I couldn't believe what  I was hearing , the words coming from my dad's mouth were incomprehensive, I gazed at him his mouth moved up and down and at a point of time during his conversation All i could hear were échos slowly decreasing as if weakness took control of me.  


- Stop ,stop ,stop. Stop  talking "I yelled while covering my ears with the palm of my hands struggling to prevent myself from listening to his lying voice".  They were lying to me all these years .According to him My mom was seeing someone and so was he ,i started to realize my family was never a family afterall .


My dad  also admitted to me that it was going on for years,they lived an unfaithful life, created a lying little family all this time ,acting as if everything was all merry and sweat, no wonder why whenever mom was at home dad wasn't nowhere to be found  and vice versa, they and their  so called working hard, working late excuses just to prevent seing each other and of course trying to hide their fake life away from me .They were waiting for the right time to tell me he say , I really don't understand their story it's not logic at all. It's like a non-fiction bookthat  talks about imaginary creatures, objects and animals, it just doesn't make sense


And there I was   always bragging  to my friends and people around me about the love of my parents, and how united and strong we were and will always be foolish was I...


Two days later , I didn't speak to my dad.  It was a Sunday morning and My mom had just came back from her trip , both of them called me to the kitchen table , with the divorce papers in hand. I knew exactly what the calling downstairs was all about .

​Without giving them a chance to speak i calmly say

- Do whatever you guys want, sigh, Do whatever you guys wants to, clearly you took your décisions already,  so I don't see why you bring this thing infront of me "i snuggle, rub my nose, wipe my eyes trying  to hide my tears.


-Listen Randy, your dad and I aren't mad at each other, we still respect and love each just that it's not as strong as before , we share a different love now, understand us. We surely still love you that hasn't change a bit . 


-Yes, Yes "I yelled-slamming my hands on the table,i tried staying calm but the anger was  stonger " everything has changed now, you guys are going to officially live in separable homes, I'll have to be with dad while mom isn't their then with mom while dad is with his mistress! So what now does that mean i'll have to change school or will i have two different schools , what's your new great plan

"I couldn't help it, I couldn't hold it ,my tears were uncontrollable,I could nearly speak like a 2 year old kid crying and can't express herself correctly, trying to let her mom know she doesn't want a bottle with milk but instead she wants apple juice in her favourite Cinderella cup"


I ran out of the kitchen without even letting them have the chance to say  anything to me again . My mom seemed more affected about my state than my dad, my mom ran to my room to comfort me, she hugged me so tight in her arms as if she was never going to see me again and said "it's going to be okay Randy.


- T t tell ,"snuggles - holds my mouth back to the two years old girl crying voice again " Tell me it's, it's not true mom


- Don't worry , we love you, it's just that we don't love each other anymore . When you grow up you'll understand

- But mom i..

- You don't worry about anything, you can chose freely who you wanna stay with

​- Can i stay with you

​- Yes of course, you can  "she passes her hands through my hair ,rubs my back"  you can stay that way you don't change school , you can see you friends , and if you want during vacation you can go meet your dad.

​- Where is he going to stay?

-Well we haven't spoke about it yet, for the mean time he'll stay here i guess. don't worry so , come on wipe those tears . " she wipes my tears with hers thumb just like she did when i was a Little kid - then makes a joke "and don't cry and try to speak again you sound like a Little girl"  We both smiled , me less , i stayed on my bed and she went back downstairs. 


                 A week later......



I had to accept it , I mean it didn't  make sense that they force themselves  to love each other and continue to suffer in lies they lied enough . But their betrayal changed my whole aspect in life about relationships, love, and especially marriages,  I always thought that when a couple decides to get married it's for better and for worst no matter what ,until death do them part, but since that day all I could ask myself  was ( what sense does it make to get married and one day you end up divorcing,cheating and lying to each other either they're aware of it or not and to your kids ). I then promised myself to never get married to a girl if I'm not sure of her love and sincerity, and promised myself to never be unfaithful no matter , but just wait for the right girl until one day...


four years after that alot had happened , I was in a relationship for  two years , with a girl called Mandy beautiful, kind at times impatient and scandalous but  I trusted her she seemed so real , despite  her defaults I loved her , her love  felt so sincere and alive , until the day she disappointed me, tore my heart like  stipes of pièces of paper thrown into the chimney transformed into ashes and scattered into the ocean as if I meant nothing to her. 


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning about 6am , i couldn't sleep so I stood infront of the window and gazed at the beautiful view of nature, which was so amazing it  looked like a fairy tail land full of  doves flying around ,  then I began to  Imagine Mandy at my side with our futur  baby in a beautiful house , then I felt a wired feeling in my tummy as if magical  butterflies were playing,flying around  and tickling my tummy, something in my head was telling me to go for it ,ask her that question every woman wishes to hear one day from the man they love (Will You Marry Me ? I made up my mind , I was ready I had it all planned out, I had already bought the ring , all I had to do was ask  her to marry me. But it had to be special, Something special , do Something speacial i repeated in my head over and over gain. 


I wanted to surprise her , so that morning I called her and told her I was traveling to an urgent buisness trip in the afternoon so she wouldn't be seeing me until the next day at late night . Meanwhile i was calling close friends and family and my best friend James of course , we were friends since childhood  so he had to be there on my special day . 


Anyways my plans were going great , close family check ,close friends check, best friend well unavailable at the moment ,the dude is always on his phone but today i can't get him to answer his phone oh well I'll try back later, engagment ring check , champagne,food,snacks check . Everything was going just great the best day of my life and soon the greatest day of  my life" I said to myself while staring into the mirror in my mom's room in stress and panic,  just wishing for one thing at that's for her to say "YES" 


- Everything is going to be ok said my mom, as she straightened my bow tie 


- I hope ma , I hope "I responded while biting the side of my lips.


- Boy you should stop, before you end up eating your whole lips off and have nothing left to kiss your futur fiancé. "We both laughed ,then went to the car  accompanied with my cousins and aunt , heading  up to Mandy and i apartment.


When we arrived to the apartment Mandy wasn't there yet, which was wierd because she's normally home at that time on Sundays , oh well, I didn't let that bother me she's maybe out with her friends I thought to myself . I still wasn't getting James on the phone  ,nor did he reply to my messages ohh  well that's just his lost , he should've  answered  my calls i thought to myself  


Everyone had arrived , and was standing outside , I was in panick so my mom suggested that we enter in the house and hide until she arrived . 


- You should call her , to check up on her , just in case if she's on her way "my mom whispered to me"   then ordered my cousins to hurry up with the decoration in the apartment.


So I did just that  , first call rings off, second phone call


-Hey bae she answered with a tired voice as if she was running


 -Hey love how are you, what you doing? are you busy ? 


- I'm fine , no not at all just working out a bit


- Oh okay, well I was just  thinking about you, needed to hear your voice


-I miss you so much when are you coming back 


-Tomorrow  night normally, so which gym are you at ?


-Oh I'm not at the gym bar


- So where are you working out then ?


-At home silly duhh


-you're at home? I was in shock at the time surprise, because I made sure to check the house myself and she wasn't there 


- hmmm well , enjoy your work out my moms calling so I'm gonna check what's up ok , I'll call you later bye " i hungup and ran as quick as possible and checked the house again ,but no one was there . Did she lie to me? I asked myself while I walked up and down in the kitchen,why did she have to lie?"


- What did she say Randy


- Uhh she'll be there in awhile 

mom, she's at the gym I said with a guilty tone" my mom touched my cheek and asked


- Are you ok Randy , is there something wrong 


-No mom , I'm just stressed out you know ,all this pressure has me  ,pfff well you know mom.


- Ok , if you say so , and don't worry she'll say yes , and if she doesn't  it's because she's a fool and isn't the one for you , now go drink some water you're getting all sweaty, how do you think she's going to hug you  if you're all sweaty .I "chuckled" then shook my head and we both went in the living room I drank a cup of water as my mom told me too and we all placed ourselves to hide until Mandy arrived.


         30 minuits later...


30 minuits later and still no Mandy , I wonder where could she be, first of all she lied to me,and now she's not home yet 


- I don't think I feel like waiting any longer "i whispered to my dad" 


-  You  need to be patient son she'll be there don't worry , where did she tell you she was?


- Home


-What ?


- She said she was home dad!


- Randy do you have a second house?

​-What, of course not

​- Randy , uhhh sorry to break it to you but , this is home and she's not here


- I not that dad , I know "I said while scraping my head


- Ok no stress, don't worry maybe she has a great explanation, maybe she's on her way to your moms maybe to surprise you ok lets just wait and see what happens 

"My dad always gets to calm me down, during my weirdest situations.


- what if that's not the reason , "I asked my dad with a tear in my eye"


- Well I'm sure she has a good explanation 


- Yeah dad , I think you're right 

I'll just wait a bit longer , hey dad


- Yeah


- Thanks


He smiled and slowly gave me boxes on my shoulders 


                 1 hour later ....



We all see the light of the car arriving infront the yard


- She's here you guys , shhhh be quiet hide my mom whispered with excitement.

Finally !  One of my cousins shouted as if she was frustrated


-Be quiet child "said my mom "


I could see her silhouette from far  coming up to the door , but she doesn't lock the car, not opens the door , suddenly another silhouette approaches towards her , but i recognize that silhouette it's........


As the 2nd silhouette opens the door , everyone stares at me ,shocked I slowly approache the door , I hear giggles ,laughters


- I had a great time ,says Mandy to the silhouette 


- I'm happy you did says a man, the famous silhouette

A mans voice? but that voice and silhouette sounds and looks like my best friend Jame's own ,no it can't be , I didn't want to admit it , they both kiss smacks the door and lays down on the couch  I couldn't believe what I was seeing .


Mandy's mom Amanda , turned on the light ,and said Mandy what are you doing ? then I sadly yelled "out surprise !!!!" Our 8 place table was fill with food ,snacks, gifts and drinks  , a big red  decorated ribbon with the words will you marry me Mandy written on it, and both our families and friends surrounding us , assisting to this embarassing scene , not only for her but also for me and our  parents .  











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Betrayals do hurt

So there i was standing with a bouquet of red roses and the ring in my hands like an idiot. Mouth opened in shock.


- Mandy what,what are you doing  with him, here in your boyfriends house ? whose this man Mandy , her mom asked, then slaps her in the face and yells"you're a disgrace Mandy"


-Wait mame , we can explain ,Randy i'm sorry man ?this is Nothing trust me , she loves you

- Yeah James is right , Mom I can explain, Randy please listen to me, James is right this is Nothing  i ,i, i'm i'm sorry ,i just "sigh" I don't know w...

My cousin Jenny cuts her off and says "You don't know what came over  you ,huh that's what your gonna tell my cousin you don't know what came over you?  Girl you knew exactly what was coming over you ,you're not blind or are   you ? didn't you see it's wasn't Randy that was over you but his best friend? 

"Jenny looked liked she was ready to punch Mandy's  face inside out the way she rolled her eyes  and closed her fingers together as if she was preparing for a boxing match. As for my other cousin Jennifer she was holding a bottle of beer in her hands as if she was going to break it  on Jame's head, and well I can understand her, he was flirting with her for the past month just last week he was  telling me how much she's beauiful and she's his type ,that liar, it was just a cover to steal my girl"

I was so much in shock, a bit paranoid very lost ,  i gazed   at the both of them, with the lowest and most calmest voice i said , good luck together, and congratuations on your angagments , threw the red roses and the engagment ring in Mandy's  face , and walked to the door as i prepare to leave , James has the nerves to try to talk to me .

-Wait Randy ! "he says "

-Who the hell do you think you're talking to

- Come on man don't take it like that , i just , look i know i don't have no explanation to this but , man she loves you okay she talks about you everytime i

- You what huh , you what , " i yell ,as i walk towards him with my hands fixed up into a fist impatiently waiting to reach close to his face and smash his face out

- Look i'm sorry okay, i'm sorry

- You're  sorry ?  is that all you can say , SORRY !? after you've been messing around with my girl, do you know i wanted to marry her man? ohh no how could you " i grab a bottle of whiskey open it and drink straight from the bottle"  you was to busy stealing people's girl you couldn't even pick up the phone to help me plan my engagment surprise nahh hell no there's better helping to do right right ! you know like being the girl in question instead ofcourse .

- Look Randy i know you're upset but please , calm down man calm down

- Look , look around you jealous peice off crap, can't you see what was going to happen here ,it was suppose to be the best day of my life , and soon the greatest day of my life ,  and now  because of you and you selfishness man i will  beat the ...  

-Wait Randy wait !!   " the more he beg me to calm down the more i got more mad , and punched the hell out of his face ,he holds his face and tries to hit me back, so i kicked him in the balls , i yell out with anger and cries " come , come on you coward come on!"    Unfortunately my dad and uncle intervain held me from giving him more whooping and brought me to the car , and drove me to my mom's house.




- Mr.Tone ? Mr.Tone , Mr.Tone! 


- huh, yes, yes

- Oh my god wow , calm down sir your only having a dream

- Oh i'm sorry miss, she held her chess as if she just saw a ghost ,   did i hurt you i asked , my apologies

- No but i guess you was having a bad dream, the way you threw that punch at me , i almost got a face makeover

We both laughed , I know I should apologize to her for my bad attitudes i said to myself   " i looked up at  her and gave her a shy smile"


-Are you feeling okay, are you calm now ? You was deeply asleep huh!


-Uh , I think so, how long have you been here ?


-About 20 minuits, well I came in but you were asleep , so I left but now it's time for your treatment  so I had to wake you,sorry about that 


- Yes  "I snuggled then slowly touched my face


- She turned towards me with a note pad in her hands ," Don't worry Mr.Tone your face will be fine with done ,it will be better .We have contacts with the best doctor that takes care of burns cicatrice and skin problems.


-Does that mean I'm gonna have skin problems?


-Well it depends on your skin type actually , the doctor will give you more informations,if in time to come it's not getting better you we can contact the special dermatologist doctor but that includes surgery.


-Sigh, when does the nightmare end I "I thought to myself",


-Oh and your dinner is right here on the table, when ever  you're ready, and if you need anything don't hesitate on pressing the red bottin,but I'm guessing you know that already," she gave a shy smile and left the room. 



       4  hours later


It's 10 pm , I haven't fallen asleep , my dinner is still on the table, the television is still on mute , I'm still fraustrated, terrorized.


So here i am , in the bathroom, staring at my face in the mirror, my hands are pinkish and whitish, my skin is no longer my skin it's slimey,all the hair on my arms are gone with the fire in my apartment,and what about my apartment,what has become of it? 


My face is as scary as Freddy's  but in weirdest  and more disgusting way.

I have no more hair,my eyebrows are fried up like a rat being electrocuted by public  electic wires, My eyes are red,closed at the edges,bald no lashes like and alien's but smaller, my nose are sucked in and blistered up as for my lips oh my !! 


My body doesn't  have as much burns as my face, few blisters,redness ughhh. I reverse a bit from the mirror and prepare myself to punch it, but stops half way, my hands hurts too much. I drop down and suddenly starts to cry ,the pain is too much , not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.


I leave the bathroom,goes back towards the television, sits on the chair besides the bed, unmute the television. And puts on a channel with music .



              The next day



"Tock,tock,tock" squeak the doors open 


-Good morning Mr.Tone


-Good morning Doc? I open my eyes in shock,it's already morning I said to myself as I turn my head to look at the time".  Wow it's already 9:30 am 


-hmm, I heard it was war in your room yesterday with the nurse huh 


-ugh I'm so embarrassed Doc ,I said things I didn't mean at all. I guess look of my face sccared me .


-That's not a reason to disrespect the workers here, 

"He seats beside me ,takes my hand to take my presure ,


-hmm it's alright , but you need to control yourself 


-I apologize


- It's not to me you have to apologize to the nurse you embarrassed,she'll be helping with your medication in a few  " he twinks his right eye  at me at leaves the room.

I got up off the bed, went to the little table at the side of the window. Sat on the chair and ate my breakfast, 15 minuits later I went in the bathroom, sponged my body slowly because of the pain. Then went and lay down .


"tock, tock, tock". The door knocks " tock, tock, tock" the door knocks again 


-come in 


-Good morning Mr.Tone. "Oh it's the blond nurse, I was really expecting to see the other tall nurse


-Good morning , where's the nurse That took care of me yesterday? 


- Oh she's off today


-Will she be there tomorrow?


-Yes, do you know each other?


-No, but I was quite rude yesterday, I just wish to apologize, I also wants to apologize to all the workers as well, including you I'm sorry 😐 


-It's okay, I can understand you ,you know it's not easy to be someone have everything,and one day lose everything including yourself


-Tell me about it


-Here's your medication


-Oh yeah the killers


-the killers?


-yeah , killers


-Oh as in pain killers 


-Hahaha, oh no , not at all as in killers to kill me faster


-haha,ok I understand now


-It's a joke my grandfather always pulled out, when he had his treatments to take, I miss him so much,he was the funniest person in the family.


-It's great to have good memories about our people,that's good ok I'm done with you for now , in a while Mr.Tone


- I nodded my head, right away I went into the bathroom and looked at my face again















Ps: I'm thinking of changing this part a bit, I find it a little too dead,comparing chapter :2 ...... working on it.(thnx to the sincere feedback of a reading)




I'm still working on this chapter and will soon release the next chapter as well.bear with me pls... 😐 




Hey everyone, edits,updates of the story will soon be released.  By the end of the week yayyyyy I'm so excited , are you??? 

i got to fix and add new suff in chapters today phieww.. will let out a next chapter by thursday















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